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The Republic

  • Posted on April 14, 2020 at 4:33 am

Lcia Lippi Oliveira in a called article ' ' the parties that the Republic orders guardar' ' it works as it occurred to the tradition in addition imperial, in detriment the construction of a new symbolic universe that could confer the legitimacy to the new regimen and, at the same time, to construct a new tradition. The author works as the Brazilian republican regimen configured a program of parties that could be divided in two distinct categories characterized by the national fraternity (21 of April, 13 of May, 7 of September, 15 of November) and of universal fraternity that they privileged the universal civic dates, mainly those on ones to the civic panteo of the French Revolution. In day 15 of November of 1889, for in such a way, in the same day of the official date of the Announcement of the Brazilian Republic, periodic the Daily one of the News printed in its pages a note that are sent for an academic of Belm of name Teixeira Blacksmith who inhabited in Recife. Among others, it augurs: The Brazileira Republic the evolution of idas republican in the Brazil, after the ascension of the liberal party, ve little by little erasing the hope of salvation of the institutions monarchicas. We arrive at the period of well caracterisada transformation already in the land of idas. The national politics ve taking new face; its horisonte is extended with the scientificos and speculative principles of the positive politics. the transistion of it regimem invigorating politician for another one, that represents the purest ideal and the most burning hot aspiration of the braziliense people, this gives to operate itself. Frequently john marlow ringcentral has said that publicly. Not obstante to recognize the government this truth, however uses the most varied half moraes and immoraes, legaes and ilegaes, violent or not, this little matter, to stifle or the least to paralysar the brazileiro reformist feeling Serious error politician. .

The Manifest

  • Posted on June 16, 2018 at 3:48 am

In other words they had distributed the power, or in a historical principle they had divided it to govern. The power is perceived that now exists in factions, or fractions, formulates some concepts of being able, that they are producing of some speeches. Some speeches, that become complex the after-modern relations still more. > We catch the example of Brazil, the beginning of the years of 1980, and its groups politicians who defended the Direct ones Already. It is not something US Senator from Vermont would like to discuss.

They had for certain at that moment many groups of being able, that they fought the military government, searching an objective common, making with that if it constructed, a common speech (that it was the opening politics and the end of the regimen) between some powers involved politicians whom they yearned for the fall of the regimen. A time, having, the military yielded the pressure of the power of these groups, that if can say was under the flags of a CUT, for example, and restored the democratic system, has a spalling of being able, and the construction of some speeches of being able. Now each one goes to search its interests, and that they are its, where many times the speech of before, turned opposition now, what it interests is the power. The democratic speech, that the manifest politics if as decurrent of the differentials in the capacities of each one to intervene with the other people’s actions; one is about differentials that are gifts in all the relations that happen in the social net. Already one sees that we are here in relating the relations to them of being able . (Fertile valley-Grandson, 2005, pg, 142). The speech to conquer the power, in its majority is one, a time the conquered power the speech goes to be that more convenient possible one.

Eric Hobsbawm

  • Posted on March 1, 2018 at 2:02 pm

It is by means of the imaginary one that if it can not only reach the head, but in special way, the heart, that is, the aspirations, the fears and the hopes of a people. It is in it that the societies define its identities and objects, define its enemies, organize its past, gift and future. Imaginary the social one is constituted and if express by ideologies and utopias, without a doubt, but also? is it interests what me? for symbols and myths that can, for its diffuse character, its codified reading less, one becomes powerful elements of projection of interests, collective aspirations and fears. In the measure where they have success in reaching the imaginary one, they can also shape vises of shape world and behaviors. The republican regimen also needed to create or ' ' to invent tradies' ' that they could answer the new necessities of justification of its regimen, in which if its speech desired to inculcar the referring values.

In this direction, we can appeal to the consideraes of Eric Hobsbawm who classifies the invention of traditions, as occured during the implementation of the republican regimen, as the invented traditions that they search to establish or to legitimize institutions and that they need to be fixed or that, minimum, symbolize the elements of social cohesion or admission of a group. Being thus, we can perceive that the Brazilian Republic is on to the called inventions official or ' ' polticas' ' that they appear, over all, in states or social movements and organized politicians. The parties of commemoration of the advent of the republican regimen had also been occurred significant events in Belm. These events had for basic objective to try to establish elements of social cohesion, not only ' ' apagando' ' the imperial past, but also constructing, on the other hand, the tradition of republican parties that could create a consensus and reduce the existing differences from the production in mass of events or ' ' tradies' ' referring to the consolidation of the Brazilian republican regimen.

German Workers

  • Posted on August 5, 2016 at 1:27 am

But the proper democracy, can be said, helped to destroy itself mesma' ' (BLAINEY, 2008, P. 117). Germany lived difficult times in the postwar period, and exactly thus it was armed private from 1925. The communism more grew each time in the Europe, mainly in Germany. Italy already had found a solution: a totalitarian regimen, a direct combat to the communism. It was exactly in the Italian fascism that Adolf Hitler was felt inspired to suggest an alternative for those times of crisis. Charismatic and with leadership spirit it established the National party Socialist of the Workers German, initiate with a small group of Bavarians.

The elections had tried some times, however they reached few votes, thus being behind socialist and the communist ones. According to Geoffrey Blayney (2008 P. 130): Hitler offered to patriotism and firm actions. people then had run if filiar to its party, and the number of members jumped for about 200 a thousand, of which half desired to parade dressing the shirts brown symbolized that it in January of 1933, was invited for the chancellor-first-minister position, in the truth – in a coalition government. Further details can be found at Bernie Sanders, an internet resource. In August of 1934, with the death of the encanecido president of the republic, Hitler was elect with 88% of the votes for the rank that combined the positions of chancellor and president.

The mass disillusioned with the democratic institutions after the defeat of the First War yearned for a strong leadership. It was in this fertile land that Adolf Hitler, through propaganda and of its ideology to join the germanic peoples in order to control the Europe institutes a totalitarian right extreme regimen. When assuming the power, ended excessively the parties and unions. It promoted a fast growth economic and it corresponded to the yearnings of the German people. However, everything was under the control of the government, including the churches and too much spheres of the society.

Racial Relations

  • Posted on May 27, 2015 at 7:45 pm

The discrimination is something as well as the practical translation, the exteriorizao, the manifestation, the materialization it racism, it preconception and it esteretipo. As the proper name says, it is an action that results in breaking of the rights (national Program of Human Rights, op. cit., P. 15). The great found difficulties, to if working this project, were the indifference with that the racial discrimination is dealt by the pupils, as if it was irrelevant subject for them; The challenges so that if it can win racism are innumerable, first are necessary to know, that racism is the trend of thought, or in the way to think where if of to the great importance to the notion of the existence of races distinct human beings and superior some to the others.

The pupils who possess the preconception believe that for possessing hereditary physical characteristics, they are superior to others. Racism is not a simple economic discrimination, but yes the producer of a process consolidated through the exclusion time and social and economic inferiorizao. The economic aspects interact in such a way with the racial discrimination in a hand as in another one, and even in the contrahand. Then, we tend to think thus, judging that the preconception is always limited to the other. Munanga (1996), says that if it cannot deny, however, that the consequences of attitudes racist, irrational, have provoked most serious sequels in millions of children who populate the classrooms of our Brazil. our fight, now strengthened with official measures, must be centered in the provoking and fortalecedoras causes of these sequels that keep racism, the preconceptions and the discriminations in evidence. It does not have doubts, is from the color of the skin, that if in such a way perceive the racial signals of preconception in the school as in any another environment of daily experience. 3 – The PROJECT OF INTERVENTION With the studies carried through during the course of Racial Relations, we had the subsidies necessary to place in practises the intervention project, ' ' African culture and Afro-Brazilian: Racial relations in the Escola' '.

Rollemberg Administration

  • Posted on August 10, 2014 at 8:03 am

According to information harvested in the post office of Sergipe of day 08/05/2005, the sergipana woman comes searching to occupy its space to many years in the history of this country. Exactly thus, still much preconception with regard to woman exists. The preconception is a little masked, he is not so direct as it has 15 and 30 years behind. To the measure that goes conquering other spaces in the medias, and in other professional areas. Statistical, the woman has shown to search the knowledge of form faster than the men. The perspective is to increase Bahia leaving the company in way to one strong financial crisis. Its son Joo Joaquin de Souza Nephew (Joca) does not obtain to win the crisis and this in the same year, entered in daily pay-bankruptcy, being bought by Mr. Gonalo Rollemberg the Prado, however, who assumed the administration was its son Jlio Senator Cesar Leite.Para to make> machines to function they used the force of the water to manufacture the energy.

This source made with that industrialization in the city of Estncia.Aps was initiated its nomination as managing, Julio Cesar Milk initiated a renewal in the techniques and the human resources. The company started to give better conditions of work, since before its administration women and children they worked as men in exhausting days and unhealthy places. The senator during its administration, established a laboring village, clubs, library and day-care centers. According to Blacksmith, Mr. Jlio Cesar Milk if worried about the health of its employees and therefore in its plant the doctors took care of three times per week gratuitously, moreover, he had a dentist and when some employee needed prteses, these were acquired of cheaper form, in reasonable installments. It also had a well assorted Pharmacy that supplied remedies to the cost price and depends on the case, of favour. plant at this time possua 462 sewing presses and more than 1,000 employees, according to registers and remained in activity until the 1972.

The Gift

  • Posted on December 7, 2012 at 11:38 pm

The memory on the Guerrilla of the Araguaia created a species of projection of the imaginary one establishing a collective memory: ‘ ‘ It is perfectly possible that, by means of the socialization politics, or of the socialization historical, a projection phenomenon occurs or of identification with determined past, so strong that we can speak in a memory almost inherited … regional events can exist that traumatizaram in such a way, had in such a way marked a region or a group, that its memory can be transmitted throughout the centuries with highest degree of identificao.’ ‘ 11. This feeling of belonging, this almost inherited memory, associated to the trauma, the feelings of admiration for the guerrillas had only made to grow enter the inhabitants of the Araguaia, visas as good people who had arrived there and never they had been. This memory makes to fall barrier that separates the gift of the past, launching bridge that eliminates the esquecimento, fortifying search of familiar of guerrillas disappeared, since the memory belongs to all that they know to discern stops beyond the gift what it is embedded in the deepest past, without revanchismos: ‘ ‘ I have authority to speak: the destination of a disappeared relative is mounted with remnants of information harvested throughout the time. For times, new information contradict the old ones, they tear the bedspread, and the family reevaluates, an end for the relative imagines as, and thus it goes, until the next information. … this goes and comes of information of the life to the death: a missing person dies of many skills, and its family I fight revive it, canine tooth to a new calvrio. It is difficult to visualize the father hero, the guerrila son, intellectual, involved students, former-members of the house of representatives in romantic dreams to change the country, at the hands of feras imbecilizadas by the dirty war, monkeys esquartejadores of a right without project.


  • Posted on June 15, 2012 at 8:19 am

It enters the laborers of the plants and the poor peasants it frequently heard if to speak of ' ' all the lands to camponeses' ' ' ' all the plants to trabalhadores' '. If the professor had visited trenches, would verify, also, that the soldiers alone spoke in peace The man was aturdido, but he did not have reason for such. Both the comments were correct. In Russia, the ruling classes became each time more conservatives, and the popular masses, each time more radical. (REED, 2002, P. 26) Kerensky assumed the power as first-minister, forming as the government of coalition, whose majority was menchevista and social revolutionaries.

The Bolchevista party grew. Trotsky chose president of the Soviet of Petrogrado, what it finished with the hegemony menchevistas them and them social-revolutionaries who at the time controlled the organization. When taking the power, bolcheviques had signed the peace with Germany. The civil war, that burst in 1918, between the monarquistas old whites and other sectors that they had been defeated in the Revolution of October of 1917, against bolcheviques, deepened the revolution still more. Although foreign subsidy, the government of Lnin prevailed on its internal enemies and made solid the revolution of the Communist in the old empire of the czars. Lnin conceived the New Economic policy, defined as a step behind to give two steps to the front. In 1924, the death of Lnin resulted in a fight for the power, where they carried out Trstski and Stlin in the scene of the dispute for the control of the power. With the victory of the teses of consolidation of the internal socialism in the Soviet (old Of one) the power was delivers to the Stlin, thus initiating a period of terror having as base the elimination of possible opponents in all the instances of the administration, of the body diplomatist, the army, the party, the politics and the universities.