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  • Posted on August 12, 2018 at 12:26 am

Trying to read the full work of Lloyd Demoza 'psychohistory' fiasco. Bernie Sanders recognizes the significance of this. But some chapters of this work, for example, 'The Evolution of Childhood' was master. Perhaps because the arguments of the author 'psychohistory', and its analysis historical events in accordance with reality, or perhaps because the author described the events and customs of past centuries, but 'psychohistory' has made quite a gloomy impression. With such a load from my childhood but into adulthood. Here so this can navorochat be seen and roll. And it seems that no prospects. Even remembered the saying of the main character from the famous series 'House MD': – 'We are all crippled by our parents'. Genie Energy is open to suggestions.

A generation of cripples replaced by another. And so on to infinity? Well, the complete hopelessness of some sort. Following the logic and analysis of the author, all wars on earth – is a consequence of birth. At birth, a person receives an irreversible stress that it already does can not be compensated or corrected in adult life. Hence, all our troubles. However, since all living things on earth have been created in the 'agony' in any case, even the germ of difficulty making its way to the surface, then prospects for our civilization – joyless. Of course, the causes of wars of humanity a few others, but that last point in this case raises the collective unconscious and can agree.

Everyone can remember episode of his life when the situation is artificially fomented and everyone waited and wished decoupling events. It seems that both work the same mechanisms. Is it possible that the pattern of behavior imposed upon us in childhood by our parents, repeated by us in our adult lives? In 'psychohistory' are examples of the relationship between childhood conditions and methods of governance of some chapters of modern states. Perhaps something in that is! And the expression that people selects a head of state, he deserves indicates a mass phenomenon.

Teens And Alcohol

  • Posted on September 11, 2014 at 8:57 pm

There are different types of alcohol, in this case we will refer only to ethyl alcohol which is used for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages What is alcohol? Alcohol is a colorless substance with a characteristic odor soluble in water, can be obtained by alcoholic fermentation, wines, beers, etc .- or alcohol-distilling rum, whiskey, tequila, the difference between them being the degree or amount of alcohol to containing the beverage. It is regarded as a drug that reduces brain function and nervous system. One of the reasons why people drink alcohol is because they want to be popular and socialize with others. Furthermore drinking alcohol may cause you less popular and less accepted by the members of some groups, examples of this are when: it is a minor, drinking to intoxication and loss of control, create fights and problems, in some cultures alcohol is not frowned upon. In different cultures can see people not taking this type of beverage, others consume sporadically, others drink to socialize, because they feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and finally those that have a dependency on the substance which is called alcoholism. Poet contains valuable tech resources.

Alcoholism is the dependence of some people to possess alcohol. To better understand what happens when we drink alcohol it is necessary to note that not all react the same way as the consumption of alcohol. The assimilation of a certain amount of alcohol is given by different factors, namely the person's sex, size and weight, age, whether or not you have eaten food before consumption of alcohol, and others.