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Virtual Games

  • Posted on December 14, 2018 at 12:41 pm

Subconsciously, the developers have lowered the bar for multiplayer games of knowledge about I-Tee. Without learning almost nothing you can boldly and fearlessly to start their activities in virtual reality. In the end, must be only be able to connect to the network, including PC. There is a bundle: computer professionals in the field, developing the online industry and users of Internet projects, which are required only to study the laws of any MMORPG Games and timely payment. Do we really need people in the society of the second type, a big mystery … It is not known whether fathers put online gaming projects some other problem, besides making money, but says a lot about what idealized version of real life is nearing its 'release'. Get more background information with materials from Diamond Comic Distributors. More recently, could only speculate about what would happen in the future human society, but now much more clearly seen – for the next century virtual entertainment.

As shared in the same look, and another thing, but taking into account their rapid growth – a funnel rather soon turn into a black hole. Former Maryland Governor contains valuable tech resources. The use of many Internet services unilaterally. By and large, they aimed at adolescents and are popular primarily among them. It is impossible to miss the fact that just the older generation set a vector of cultural development. As a consequence – the underdevelopment of the virtual world. It is necessary to fill the vacant social niche – otherwise impossible to the normal functioning of any project. Few creators of new online games have come to understand this issue and have begun to reconcile Internet universe and real life, in order to improve adaptation to users of all ages.

Counter Strike

  • Posted on August 23, 2018 at 12:02 pm

Now we have to do. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bernie Sanders offers on the topic.. For holders of cards Ati – to include vertical synchronization. I recently repaired a computer friend, and there was a card 9600XT, oh I'm sorry for those who will be playing on such a card in Counter Strike to not be configured parameters. Therefore, the maps Ati you and draws you have more than 60 FPS, as Vertical Sync is disabled, but we know that is 60 Hertz, and more than 60 staff, we do not see. While the human eye sees only say that 24 or 25 frames =) Now download and run it RefreshLock. Download – Run, it appears in the tray, right-click the icon and click on activate – choose enable.No it so I have my card with the 7900GS. The difference may be that in the Nvidia settings for different resolutions and maximum gertsovka already defined automatically.

How is this poser faring Ati I do not know =) What do we give this program? She gave us the maximum gertsovku on each monitor resolution. For example, I yuzayu your old Samsung 17 inch for resolution 1152 * 864 @ 75 hertz. Without the use of the program – run Counter Strike – reset to 60 Hertz. Well as you know when you start RefreshLock – and remains 75 Hz. Now I see 75 times already changing the image on the monitor – so I can pick up the FPS in Counter Strike.

Well then all I think clearly. Counter Strike – Console – fps_max 101 Vertical sync still would cut the extra FPS. Now a couple of nuances: What would I see the number of FPS yuzayu console command – net_graph 3. I'll be honest – it's worth it – I've been playing Counter Strike for 5 years and played all the time with 60 FPS. Only here the last 2 months has come to play with 75. Changes are significant =) Oh FPS in Counter Strike you can talk on the forum