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Back Coalition

  • Posted on November 17, 2014 at 3:13 pm

It is liberating, redemptive, because in the beginning was the deed. “Because every act represents a combination of thought/idea and will, illustrates the 4 that everything exists and also any act, whether now mental or physical nature, requires a conscious thought!” (see Appendix 5) According to Empire stone is “the highest deed work on ourselves”. “We are in this life has been reborn to something to t u n, a deed do (…)” Work to yourself is the finest work that a human being can make. Credit: Martin O’Malley-2011. “Note: because you can make the 4 in two ways from the 2 (2 + 2 = 4 and 2 x 2 = 4) refer to some as unlucky number.” In the neo-paganism she is (at least in the form of a) four-leafed clover leaf) in turn as a good omen. -5-“The mysterious five” cabalistic: religion and wisdom graphically: pentacle Tarot: “The Hierophant” (male) the 5 as “quabbalistische number of perfection” (Bardon), includes the knowledge of the all-encompassing “unit”, the knowledge of the physical polarity, the knowledge of the Holy Trinity, the knowledge to the relations of the world and, as the highest of all knowledge, self-knowledge! The 5 in this respect not for nothing is regarded as number (enlightened) Illuminati, Rosicrucians and many other occult lodges. Often, the 5 is called also “number of the occult”.

This correspondence can be found in the symbol of the occult: the pentacle. E.R.. Carmin noticed this: “mythological is the sign of people liberating themselves from any divine guardianship as the Supreme being, that represents this hexagon drawn in a continuous line also stylized known in old Babylonian times. It is – like the five-petalled rose of the Rosicrucians- Characters of the adepts are considering it through their knowledge of the conditions and laws of the world depicted mostly as the mathematics just are. “” Cabalistic stands the 5 for religion, in the sense of “Re ligio”, so the “Back Coalition” with God.

The Soothsayer

  • Posted on April 24, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Therefore, many psychics ask for aid. Photos are like, also names and/or dates of birth with birth time can be helpful. Now the real work begins. The Soothsayer will provide focus and his five senses on reception. All need significantly more training than that ordinary people find it.

The media will now be careful what it sees, hears, smells, tastes, feels and classify these perceptions in the context of the question. Sometimes your own body sensations of the Prophet, such as, for example, his experience that pain in his left knee with money problems always have to do be involved. At least here we are about a problem of divination, which should never be underestimated even and especially not by the medium itself: assuming the world image of the matrix, in which everything is stored, is true, so must all perceptions with regard to a particular action by a filter. The filter is in the body and in the thinking of the respective medium. Two simple examples: The Personally, psychic fears cancers that could be detected too late.

Now he takes a significant health impairment in the seeking advice. By his own fear of fatal diseases he is now vulnerable to color the interpretation of his perception”. Or: Psychics are often confronted with complex relationship issues that are beyond social norms. They have a strong image of the standards themselves but about marital fidelity, they are in acute danger, to evaluate their perceptions, rather than simply continue to give. According to falsify the result will be. To counter such problems, it uses various tools, such as, for example, fortune telling cards. More or less specific meanings associated with the card. Spreads provide an additional structure. You can mix the seeking advice in addition even the cards, the possibility of an influence by the fortune teller seems relatively small. So one is relatively safe, but their details severely restricted statement possible. It is now scientifically proven that the mind according to the function of the left brain hemisphere, often contrary to intuition, located in the right half of the brain works. The intuition now perceives an image, the mind can not assign on the basis of his experience, creates a conflict that can not be overcome without any training of the medium. A completely wrong result can be caused by the influence of the mind. Techniques such as the remote viewing, like translated with remote perception, developed with the help of brain researchers and Hochsensitiven, to counteract this conflict. The so-called technical remote viewing was developed in the 1990s in strict secrecy by the CIA. The mind of the media specifically engaged in here is using an interviewer”the systematic description of perceptions, to the five senses to make similarly free, freely to receive impressions. The technique of systematic pinpointing map”of the target in the matrix is applied. The Claim of the project, which was later stopped by the US Congress, was high: you wanted to peek among other things politicians and arms projects in other Nations. The coach of that time today to teach on the open market and have trained a great number of international students. People who seek advice from a psychic, the following is recommended: take time to formulate your question previously. Depending on concrete you ask more specific you can get answer. Very important: ask not everything at once. Sort their issues. The diviners of your confidence should be smart enough, formulate your problem to collect differentiated and networked thinking people and all its life forms can accept basically only once friendly.