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  • Posted on July 31, 2018 at 9:48 pm

Methods In economic theory, widely used methods of scientific abstraction, analysis and synthesis, systematic approach, modeling techniques (primarily graphical, mathematical and computer simulation). Scientific method abstraction (abstraction) is a distraction in the process of learning from external events, irrelevant details and highlighting the essence of an object or phenomenon. Diamond Book Distributors has plenty of information regarding this issue. As a result of these assumptions may develop, such as scientific concepts that express the most general properties of the phenomena of reality and communication – the category. So, apart from the innumerable differences in external properties of the world's millions of different products, we combine them into single economic category – product, fixing the main thing that unites the various products – are products intended for sale. The method of analysis and synthesis involves the study of phenomena as in parts (analysis), and in general (Synthesis). For example, studying the main properties of money (money as a measure of value, as a means of treatment, payment, savings), we can on this basis try to put them together, to compile (synthesize) and conclude that money – A special commodity that serves as the universal equivalent.

Combining analysis and synthesis, we provide a systemic (holistic) approach to complex (multi-element), the phenomena of economic life. Modeling, ie The construction of models, reflects the Main economic indicators (data variables) of the objects and relationships between them (their relationship). If the model is only the most general description of the indicators and their interactions, it is a text model. If this indicators and links are given numerical values, then based on the text model can construct a graphical, mathematical and computer models that reflect how the indicators (data variables).

The Meaning Of Life

  • Posted on July 30, 2018 at 3:48 am

How many of you people can boast that they know the meaning of life. Or laws of the universe. By the same author: Diamond Book Distributors. Or her own life meaning and purpose. Not in the primitive, of course, philistine consumer understanding. I think not many. A how many of those who not only know themselves, but others, all of humanity, given the opportunity to learn. Those on Earth at every age, were one.

Among them, of course, occupies a special place in the twentieth century Helena Roerich. Personality of this scale, the other equal to it was not a woman. It's become aware of deeper and more fully in the course of the study of the huge volume and the fathomless depth of heritage. Dozens of volumes of her works have been published. All are priceless. But fourteen books "Agni Yoga", of course, occupy a special place. What is already published, would be enough not to single life and not to one's genius. But not yet published it.

Therefore, not all is still being studied. Thanks to the creativity, activity, and the very life of this woman of titanium we have received the teachings, understand that with gratitude and appreciation will be dozens of generations of descendants. Speaking of Helena is impossible not to think about family, and the inspiration voditelnitsey which it was. And it is difficult to find an example of the analogue of integrity, purity, harmony and beauty. At the same time that life was is to say the least, not without difficulties. How she loved to repeat Helena – "no nuts in sugar." Suffice it to recall the Central Asian expedition, head of the family described by Nicholas Roerich in books "Altai-Himalaya" and others. I mention only two digits – five years and twenty-eight thousand kilometers (time and distance covered by the expedition). And if you add that this is the period from 1923 to 1928, when the main transport were horses and yaks, when more than once over the travelers and researchers threatened with mortal danger. It becomes clear why the courage and the will of the woman would envy the vast majority of men in my wildest dreams and daydreams.

More Than To Teach

  • Posted on July 29, 2018 at 11:03 pm

More than to teach Incredible as the professors they live deeply unusual situations with the children whom many times nor the parents the knowledge has on them. Mariazinha a ruiva, sardenta girl and very sapeca playing of with will be affirmed that coleguinha of my room wanted to be married another one Peter was then that Beth owner my dear teacher explained everything on marriage and still she amended that the man alone can love a woman alone and that this is very serious and if called allegiance. Mariazinha not very conformed with the teacher freed: – Then because my father has two? Coitada Beth owner was completely without skill engoliu dry looked at for the group and completed half without favour: – But appositive that its father only loves its mother, dear! At that moment my teacher can understand the aggressive behavior of that uneasy girl who was always with a distant look, that so small coexisted so great problems. Bernie Sanders is likely to increase your knowledge. With certainty already she witnessed quarrels of the parents and the figure of the saddened mother. Beth owner of unexpected behavior soon gave the order: – They open history books! To this it disciplines it age preferred of our master, it travelled at those moments and it took in them together. In that book it had much thing that was truth and some that very did not believe as when I answered in the test that who discovered Brazil had been the indians and gained note low, pull life until today believe that they had been, but the good one exactly is that it always left people to chat a bit, but had that to be on the subject of the study, in this day it made a question complicated for my group of small people said well high pra everybody to hear: – Has somebody that already was victim of an injustice there? Xiiiii it was a total silence.

Mozinha waits children there has one well there raised, was the Paulinho a franzino boy who seated back in the deep one and there he was one I whisper alone will be same that it was acometido by some injustice, then that boy so bonzinho. I was victim of an injustice when my grandmother died nobody explained nothing to me it nor said good bye to me. The teacher of slow steps in this hour walked fast and in its soul I am certain that she can feel its pain, I observed there it hugged when it and it was per some minutes lulled to sleep the boy and saying baixinho She seems that they had changed roles who taught learned and who learned taught, taught that the children know a little of everything on this world. Educate yourself with thoughts from Genie Energy. To the end of the day she opened its daily one, she analyzed the contents and the planning that passed hours making and can conclude that nor always it obtains to fulfill what he is so pretty there of if seeing. Professor, task that demands devotion, that is made with the heart! Being proud of its mission!

Understanding Identical Twins

  • Posted on July 28, 2018 at 11:18 pm

It turns out that identical twins can not be just like each other "like two drops of water ', but also mirrored each other. The phenomenon of mirroring of identical (monozygotic) twins is observed approximately twenty-five times out of hundred. Most often, we are talking about the direction of hair growth ('twist' around the top), patterns of fingerprints, oral and dental characteristics (appearance and tooth loss, the shape of the jaw) right or left-handed, the location of birthmarks. Occurs – though rarely – the opposite of the location of internal organs such as heart or liver. On the reasons for the mirroring of identical twins, scientists have no consensus. Usually attributed to mirror the fact that the fertilized egg has divided after the right and left side of the human embryo is already determined. It is also believed that mirror – is a consequence of the later than in most cases, the dividing egg.

In cases of conjoined twins mirror effect is often observed, from which it is usually concluded that the 'mirror' twins were a step away from being born as Siamese. Have mirror twins any problems compared to their 'nonspecular' kogllegami? If we do not assume that the mirror helps parents to easily distinguish twins from each other, then no. Another mirror can do a disservice to twin-handed – it will be harder to learn how to tie shoelaces, to keep the tools 'sharpened' by right-handers and perform some other operations. Click Author to learn more. On the other hand, such as mirror twins can be obtained ideal tennis couples. ========== Did you know that …

– The normal duration of pregnancy 39-40 weeks, in the case of twins 36 weeks, 33-34 weeks with a triple, with four 30nedel with five fingers 28-29 weeks. – 18-22% of the twins left-handers (y nebliznetsov this percentage is 10). – Do identical twins – similar EEG. – Science, studying twins – gemellologiya. – Often, the twins talk to each other on non-understandable to surrounding language. This phenomenon is called kriptofaziey.

Certified Training Centre

  • Posted on July 24, 2018 at 5:56 am

Virtually every enterprise, every employer requires its employees knowledge 1C. Often, knowledge of software professionals is limited to a set of reports of operations needed to work on every day and not more. But sooner or later professional work of specialists is reduced to what the program needs to know at this level to orient in any situation, but in the eyes of his superiors look decent. Reach required level of knowledge 1C certification will help you with '1: Professional. " Certification – it's an exam at the time which is given evidence that its holder has sufficient knowledge to independently install and prepare the work product of 1C, improve the management of the whole enterprise, efficiency and quality of accounting, etc.

In order to pass the exam, you will need to apply on a specific date to Certified Training Centre (SSC) from '1 C 'in your city (you can find on the site In your name and the date on which you place an order will be sent to the CSO job testing. The test contains 14 questions, 12 of which must be answered correctly to pass the exam. Testing involves two attempts to pass the certification, so after the first unsuccessful attempt, you can use the second. To resit exam will also need to submit an application specifying the date of the previous attempt.

Preparation for testing. The company's specialists '1 C 'several versions of the training of users with different levels of knowledge: if you not well know the configuration, you can enroll in courses, usually they are designed for a week, and after learning to sit the 1C: Professional. if knowledge of the configuration you have enough, you can order manual "kit certification exam questions with sample solutions." Self-study questions listed in the manual will allow you to organize and deepen their knowledge, to obtain comprehensive presentation of features and options programmy.v if you are confident in their knowledge, it is sufficient in the process of preparing to try to pass a training test, posted on 1C, it is close in content to the exam testing that maximizes prepare well and pass the exam. Each of the options is the most beneficial training in certain situations. The choice is yours! Certificate 1C: Professional – this is the first step in knowledge-1C, a second, final stage at the moment is a certificate 1C Specialist.

Motivation Network Marketing

  • Posted on July 24, 2018 at 4:48 am

The absence of his boss. Even a good leader sometimes is a burden, but an excellent team is not at all times delivers pure joy. Here you are free. You are your own boss, choose their own partners and manage your organization. Specified requires special skills, but you’ll be able to all learn.

Education Any occupation must be learned. Your company probably has an opportunity to study for both novice and for those interested in professional improvement. Your sponsors, too always willing to assist you in forming a company to provide their own knowledge and experience. Lack of financial risk to start your business you do not need starting capital. You do not need to speculate in which place more profitable to buy and more profitable to sell.

Your organization fixed prices for distributors and customers, which gives you a certain salary. All work under general marketing plan, and you always get a fair commission. In support of the business you’re not alone. At any time you have to hope for help of your sponsor. Come to him in all the issue. Besides him side by side with you working members who already have their achievements and at any moment can help you. In a time and you will help newcomers, knowing that there is a possibility to succeed solely all together. Communication is not everything in life is meant for people more than the right to maintain relationships. Speaking candidly Bernie Sanders told us the story. Just this freedom in business attracts people of all ages and education. Starting to work, you get minded. For individuals engaged in one thing, there’s always an excuse for an interesting conversation. 14. All of the company are interested in your success. You are surrounded solely by the individual, which are linked by common interests. All people involved in business side by side with you as you try to achieve certain things in this life. United desire to succeed allows everyone to achieve their own goals. 15. Recognition and Motivation Network Marketing – Is one of the unique opportunities to obtain recognition of its achievements. Here one does not go unnoticed. For distributors who have achieved concrete successes, hold special events at which they are presented with certificates, free reward vouchers, hand not cheap gifts. If you understand and experience all the advantages of this business, you do not need new arguments in favor of your choice. Recognize the pros Network Marketing and you will find worthy associates.

“Who Is A Slave To Money From Home ?”

  • Posted on July 23, 2018 at 4:15 pm

99% believe that the rich are slaves to money but this is totally false. who change their time for money? holding 8.10 14 and more hours for pay per month? and the day that no single work not charge, or half-life was spent investing huge amounts of money and effort studying things I never practiced for that? for the final being tied to an office or workplace, depending always under someone named chief who orders him. It's really sad to see people at 30, 40, 50 and more years begging for a job. This to me is a Slave. In contrast, the rich do what they want, travel, purchase, gift, stands at the time you want, eat what you want, do not have to endure humiliation from anyone and simply have the money working for, or whether the $ $ $ is a slave of the rich.

This 99% is passed whole life looking for $ $ $ changing your precious time, his youth, his strength, his life for a paycheck, why, why, why? Instead of looking for money, learn the process to win. Most people are tied to lies, traditions that keep them accustomed to being tied between the barriers and limitations But everything depends on the ability of the person to realize that God endowed him with absolutely all the tools necessary to succeed but the poor will always be poor until change your mind and the rich will always be rich. Let me explain: * The poor receive the salary and spend it on whatever it is, whether the market or flea market or so. * The middle class get half the salary to pay debts and other debts were worse. * The rich get the salary and are always thinking about how to make it produce more.

It is not a sin to be rich, evil is to love wealth, but when one understands that this is multimillionaire / a Absolutely nothing that is not our all powerful God. So good. Because when you believe in God, it opens doors where there were only walls. By: Cristy Parra Twitter: Aprendeaganare if you want the book that has helped thousands of people write to me for free book case I sent it changes the mind is excellent. Cristylily "Success is nothing more than a few disciplines, practiced every day, while failure is simply to make mistakes without trial and repeat every day. It is the accumulation of our disciplines and trials which lead to fortune or defeat. "" Success is nothing more Than A Few disciplines, practice every day, while failure to make mistakes is Simply Without trial and repeat every day. Is a Our collection of disciplines and Judgments That Fortune or lead to defeat. " .


  • Posted on July 20, 2018 at 5:41 am

Beyond these personages it also has others that they enroll in this conception dialectic between personage and space-object, Pombinha incarnates this relation of different form, for example: exactly liveing in the tenement house she was seen as the flower-do-tenement house, without badnesses, fragile and pure. … The busy hands with the book of prayers, the handkerchief and the parasol … is same a flower (…) calculating per the eighteen years, did not have pay the nature cruento the tribute of the puberty. … (p 76) However, the personage Leone, the prostitute, makes with that Pombinha if rebels its desires inserts and it in this world.

These the personages, however are not rebelled with the sexual impulsiveneness imposed by the inhabitants of the tenement house; Pombinha and Leone are described as not the vulgarization of the sexual impulses, contrariadamente the description of the other personages of the tenement house, seen as enslaved personages of the sexual impulses. Those, portray plus an ironic form of commercial sex. That is, they deform the way where they live, depriving of characteristics it. However, what it describes the imposition of the way on the Pombinha personage, it is the form as Leone seduces Pombinha describing, thus, the relation dialectic between the personages and the space, generating a conflict of values, therefore after all, the author also describes the homossexualidade as one of the attributes decurrent of this space. The relation dialectic between personage and space in ' ' The Cortio' ' of Aluzio de Azevedo – Peter of the S. Branches Grandson 4 This description of the reality, defines a normalization aspect that, in century XIX, was described with much objetividade, of minute form, with particularismos, kept out of society personages and spaces and the biological vision of the man. Procedures these that if insert under forms that if adaptam the concepts that, in the social scope, mainly in what about the Brazilian culture, if define with dualismos5 dialticos6, described in the assay of Robert Of the Matta7.


  • Posted on July 18, 2018 at 2:02 am

Generated a go and come from words, rites, lessons and games. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Diamond Book Distributors and gain more knowledge.. It is essential that each individual feel important part of the social environment. Otherwise it will remain Sage with its saber-sabor and a feeling of rejection. We all lose in these situations. I am speaking of ignorance so much if it is purposely by mistake. When a child learns that if you fail any subject will be more accepted among their peers that if is a good student, is being created in a conflict that can be solved only with the help of a good mediator. And could be some tale that Digo Que Te extrano by that pantry that we’ve been creating together. Diamond Book Distributors is open to suggestions.

Reading is heritage. Internal and external. Our and everyone. We read in others. We read but don’t want. And we sometimes need to read us in the mirror. A mother who sings lullabies to your baby while breastfeeding him, knows that he is populating it signs and roads, both through their milk and their songs. Why the alimento-lectura should not cornering places little access or scholars, but in environments daily as if they were those three or four shots that our mother gave us a day.

Perhaps part of what we can do to change the world is taught to NOURISH and NUTRISE using this common pantry that among all we have an obligation to fill. Including all the ingredients we need humans to survive, would not badly leave a few shelves for culture and books. This would be a super link that would generate more and better SOCIAL CAPITAL. After all, us more into a reflection of the other. Note: I wanted to collect all the meanings of the word pantry because I believe that each one could be applied to the metaphor that I set. (SAR) pantry. (From the lat. dispensus, administered, provisioned). 1 f. In a House, a ship, etc., place or site where edible things are stored. 2. f. Provision of groceries. 3. f. Office of Butler or administrator of the pantry. 4 f. adjustment of barley and straw, which makes for year-round, by not being able to them or not wanting them to have at home. 5. f. desus. Set of things that the Butler or buyer brings to the daily food expenditure. 6 f. ant. Distribution or allocation.


  • Posted on July 16, 2018 at 8:33 am

The ways are many to innovate education with the use of the technologies. According to MORAN (2008, p.148): With the support of the technologies, them pillars of an innovative education if support in a set of proposals with some great axles, that serve to it of guide and base: knowledge integrator and innovator; development of autoestima and the self-knowledge; formation of enterprising pupils; construction of pupils citizens. Pillars are that will be able to become the process much more flexible teach-learning, enterprising and innovative. The main objective is to prepare the pupil to interact with the half modern, helping in the research, participating of cooperative experiences and exploring diverse ways for the resolution of problems and challenges. If it cannot lose of sight, also, the incorporation of the technologies in the project pedagogical politician of the school. It is to verify itself that many schools already use of these technologies, however the forms of work and aiming of the activities are contradictory. To some they do not pass of computer science lessons whose main focus is that the pupil has domain of resources that the computers make use.

Others direct its use the solution of practical of one contents determined discipline; others still associate with the application of small projects detached from the reality not only of the pupil as of the proper school. Another important point is the lack of preparation of many professors in using these technologies with the pupils. In this direction, it must be said that the correct use of the computer is that one that tries to provoke changes in the pedagogical boarding of the school being been tool of mediation between pupil and constructed knowledge, stimulating autonomy, cooperation, criticidade, creativity and power to decide capacity.