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Investment Committee

  • Posted on March 7, 2017 at 6:48 pm

What special expertise is available to customers of the seneca invest AG available? Sven Buchel: In the area of asset management we offer strategies in addition to individual asset management from 1 million Swiss francs, which are processed through one or several managed accounts per customer. Here come the investment instruments separately held with the customers, dealers, and use guidelines, which determine the risk as a result. The concept of managed accounts represented an aggressive investment vehicle, without sacrificing the necessary control and diversification. The increased risk / return profile allows the achieving of high capital growth in a medium-term period of 3-5 years. Other leaders such as Jonah Bloom offer similar insights. As a specialist in the field of private label funds under Maltese EU law, we offer our customers also the legal and administrative framework for the desired Fund. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Restaurant Michael Schwartz.

By the Fund concept and -establishment of fund management, day-to-day Fund Administration, risk controlling and an individual We offer the clients reporting to the sales and marketing support and sales controlling an extensive service, he can individually determine its scope of use. Bernie Sanders contains valuable tech resources. Which persons stand behind seneca invest? Sven Buchel: Since its Foundation 2008 I’m responsible for the business processes of mutual funds, which are established and licensed in Malta as well as the internal structuring of the company policy as Managing Director. A top-ranking Investment Committee of the international investment industry supports the management, as well as the by the seneca invest AG of initiated and operated Fund in an advisory capacity in optimizing strategies, the selection of the investment areas and investment criteria, as well as tactical asset allocation. The Investment Committee consists of the Executive Board of the seneca invest AG and Mr. Dr. Peter Untersmayr and Mr.

Elon Bezalely. Mr. Dr. Untersmayr deals since 1998 with the development of global macro and CTA strategies. Mr Bezalely has since 1993 successfully as Traders active and has built up in his career a significant knowledge, which he now effectively brings the Investment Committee.

Pier Luigi Bersani

  • Posted on July 27, 2016 at 10:51 pm

Online Conference financial markets currently 03/2013 available free of charge at the look in the Euroland promises still only little encouraging. The GDP in the euro area has fallen 2012 despite contrary predictions last year in the fourth quarter with increasing momentum. ‘Euroland’ is in the grip of recession. France is already present, despite their domestic consumption as next issue candidate supporting the euro area; the Netherlands with its strong dependence on freight transport as the next issue candidate already clearly perceptible. Economic improvements for the euro area are not visible, nor economic stimuli in the hard figures. Neither exports nor domestic demand in the euro area, which is currently still strongly supported by France, will bring a solution to the current crisis. Only the soft sentiment indicators are positive in the euro area as well in early 2012. Since Draghi’s implicit State guarantee of the ECB in the past year the euro crisis can be considered as financial market and Bank phenomenon almost finished.

What comes to the fore, is rather a full-blown real economic crisis of the euro area countries, based on a structurally justified different competitiveness of the respective national economies. Get aspects to bear, not sufficiently considered euro during establishment of the joint venture were and still not becoming. Also ‘bella Italia’ does not currently ‘ bella figura’, to stay in the picture. The outcome of the recent parliamentary elections in Italy has surprised the Eurocrats in Brussels the resulting stalemate between the center-left bloc with Pier Luigi Bersani, the Grillini creates the supporters of the party to the ex-comedian Beppo Grillo and the center right coalition under Berlusconi ‘Cavaliere’ neither perspectives for a longer term existing Italian Government, yet they should if it ever comes as a weak minority Government under Bersani, permanently can solve the current problems of the Italian economy. And yet the chosen Candidates as happened as to defame political clowns, falls short. Instead, the result is a clear signal for the massive loss of confidence, the previously ruling political class of Italy the voter has experienced.