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Integrating Student

  • Posted on March 14, 2018 at 10:26 pm

The April 30 at the Casona de San Marcos held the 12th anniversary of the pro-castrista student integration grouping. Twelve years of dealing with student struggles and corporativizar, the fascist manner, how Group found in its path and distort Marxism. The meeting was in charge of a Bureau comprised of warlords of groupings bureaucratically controlled by IE. Among popular artists present were Julio Humala and Duo Peru; latter his vocals (Willy Barreto), who proclaimed Marxist, played before on the birthday of the reactionary focus puller Victor Polay Campos in the Moyobamba Club in 2009. Student integration, grouping of former students and pro-castristas, celebrated its twelfth anniversary through a meeting that proved clearly a grouping that unfolds in the legality and that under the pretext of the unit converge with known more reactionary and anti-communist parties of the legal left. Since its inception, this group has undertaken work highly bureaucratic in the student movement and has served, in recent years, of support to the reactionary bureaucratic shell of patriarrojistas claiming today as leaders of which were registered in public records with the name of FEP (Federation of Peru students).

Double discourse and demagogy of their leaders have only served to damage the classist work today the real consequential students embark on in classist reconstitution of the FEP. The history of this group back at the end of the 1990s: the crisis of official left, the breakdown of the State and the betrayal of the people’s war by his leadership allowed them to break through in the University movement, but this group was not born in order to reconstitute the classist student movement dispersed and in retreat, but in order to kill him. Although at the beginning they not converged with the official left for the bad reputation that it had before the masses, his springboard to fame was his alliance with the right directed by Toledo, reason for the which, according to them, were able to defeat dictatorship.

Retrieve Avoid

  • Posted on April 22, 2015 at 4:27 pm

Many people go through the ruptures, it is part of the life course. Break can cause you to feel many emotions painful as the sadness and depression. You miss your partner and what you think is what you can do to win back your partner. There are plenty of advice on how to handle a breakup and how you can retrieve to your ex. To read all these tips, and also listening to the advice of your friends remind you that common sense and courtesy can help a lot to recover your partner. That you can do to win back your partner.

One of the things that will help you greatly when it comes to retrieve your partner is avoidance. By this I mean avoid games, avoid what you want to say and avoid outbursts of anger. Games can often be counterproductive, and if you’re really trying to regain your partner only achieve otherwise. Add to your understanding with Dr. Mark Hyman. Yes, you can feel powerful, because you know that you’re manipulating someone. However nothing acquired through gain-this is truth, and is interpondra on your way to the end. In addition, if you are leaving know to your ex that you are dating someone may think that forgot the relationship quickly, then really there will be nothing to do in the relationship. This movement to retrieve your partner definitely is counterproductive.

Being bad surely not will earn points when you try to retrieve your partner. While the rupture has caused you so much pain and you can act more angry than normal. Try to keep this excitement under control. After all, if you are trying to win back your ex, it shows that you’re willing to forgive. If you’re not willing to forgive your ex then maybe the relationship has ended. To retrieve your partner have to keep emotions under control if you really want to recover your partner then keep your emotions under control is an absolute necessity. Wild outbursts of cholera, recalling the arguments at every opportunity does not bode well. Just think about it. Would you like to be near someone as well? Think of the old saying trafficking to others as you would like to be treated acts in result and let your ex see your good side. Let your ex remember the attraction that I felt for you when are conocieron. Also gives you a bit of space to your ex and you lend less. Although many of us have suffered a rupture must be assured that recover your partner definitely is possible!.