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Progress Chileno

  • Posted on October 19, 2017 at 6:11 am

Chilean progress is due to Pinochet JOSE BRECHNER in an era that leftism is fashionable and be conservative adjoins the sacrilege, remember to Pinochet as the author of the Chilean progress goes beyond populist tolerance. But that is the reality. Pinochet was the architect of the most significant change that has occurred in Chile in 50 years, making it an example of evolution for its neighbors, transporting it to be the only country in the region that lies in developing while others remain in underdevelopment. Salvador Allende came to power with just 33 percent of the votes. He had to two-thirds of the country against her and decided to implement radical changes which Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales intended to resemble. It was inevitable that it falls with an impassable barrier in the opposition. It is fair and valid question the way with which the repressive measures faced by Chileans and unnecessary deaths caused by the regime were imposed.

But no one can refute that economic advancement He managed to Chile thanks to Pinochet. The greater influence in the political factor is always economic. If pockets of the town are filled, the Government is wanted, if they emptied is repudiated. Pinochet did what no one dared: exit of protectionism and promote international competition. The results are evident.

Chile is at the forefront of the countries of the Southern Cone in economic and social development. It retains a stable democracy that regardless of who assumes the Government is respected and, being a leftist regime, Bachelet’s can afford to identify with social-democracy. The neoliberal economic system remains unchangeable, because in a nutshell: works. The proposal of Pinochet Chilean industrialists was very simple. He told them that if they could not compete with their peers in the rest of the world, was better to close their factories. The Government with the banking sector was responsible for improving the financial system, providing soft loans to entrepreneurs to modernize their machinery and the country was lifted.

The Article

  • Posted on March 2, 2017 at 8:02 am

Currently spend an average of $80 and sometimes a little more and other less, so you’re saving $70, improving, right? (5) Expenses in monthly hairdresser. What better to go to a hairdresser and dry you hair, nails, fix you make you hair removal, get your eyebrows, paint your hair, etc, but what is there in your Pocket? You have enough money for: drying: $15 each time, twice per week = $120 depending on your hair. Express manicure and pedicure: $16 every 15 days = $32 dye: $50 (the blondes should retouch every 15 days, that means more money) eyebrow waxing: $8, twice a month = $16 body depilation: $30 in my case Total approx: $250 a month. This is just a simple sample of a monthly beauty routine, but this may extend much more in treatments during the manicure and pedicure, put some gel, retouching of reflections or Wicks, radical change of colour, treatments, special shampoos, facial or body massage, etc, in the case of epilation that is full body and so on this can easily reach $ 450-500. In my case, with respect to the dried alternate between wear it natural and better it, as I have not yet found who dry me better hair that I myself, do not pay for this service, so saving $120 with manicure and pedicure, try to keep them also what lasts me a little more than time, I have my own kit at home and in some cases myself me change coloruse creams and filers, so instead of going every 15 days sometimes every 20 days, I’m saving $8 a month. Once taken out my eyebrows I try to keep them myself so they last me longer, sack them I only 1 time per month and saving $8 referrer to dye as I have a uniform color, so buy a good brand, which brings applicator dye and myself I do it at home, so I only spend $15, thus saving $35 in total of $250, making a balance sheet spending only $80 saving $170, not bad. Adding all saved amounts have: 1) gifts to my friends: $35 2) purchase of phone cards: $20 3) list of supermarket: $55 4) food in restaurants: $70 5) hairdressing costs: $170 Total $350 mission accomplished; Friend this money can use it for what you want, investments, savings, purchase other items you need for truth or simply for your financial security, if you want to obtain more finance tips I recommend you to read this blog Seguridad-Financiera original author and source of the article.

Cuts Of Freedom Security & Democracy

  • Posted on April 4, 2016 at 12:13 pm

In 2007, more than 500 news media were censored, according to the international organization Reporters without borders report. Censorship was even more fierce online, especially in discussion forums and blogs. China took the Palm, because, apart from other outrages, it closed 2,500 web, blogs, and forums while celebrating the Congress of the Communist Party of China. For more specific information, check out Zhang Lei Yale. In Syria, the Government made it impossible on the Internet access to social networking site Facebook, as well as the telephone network Skype and Hotmail e-mail service. And in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, the dictatorial military junta which sojuzga the country, simply cut off Internet access to avoid to leave information to foreign countries. For more information see Dr. Mark Hyman. There is more, but we lack space.

One might think that the retreat of freedoms occurs in little developed or emerging countries. No such attacks on freedom are part of a broader threat, who is wielding the war against terrorism as justification for convert us all into suspects. In the Germany governed by angela Merkel, as head of an conservadora-socialdemocrata Coalition, a law is promulgated urgently to prevent terrorist attacks that will allow save during half a year the names of those who call by phone and to whom, from where and for how long. In addition, next year, the Government may spy the contents of the hard drives of all computers without judicial authorization provided that you win, although the Coalition ruling to this desire called exceptional situations. Also cease to exist the secrets professionals for lawyers, doctors and journalists. In the United Kingdom, since beginning of year is has launched massive recording of phone calls from fixed or mobile data (names, duration, from where, who). Who assures us that, in the name of the war on terrorism, it later not espionaran no more calls? Since beginning of January, also massively registers Internet access, duration of navigation, IP address, contacts and matters of the mails.

Revolutionary Party

  • Posted on December 14, 2015 at 3:56 pm

The institutional Revolutionary Party has as its candidate Rodrigo Medina in the State of Nuevo Leon, this person could be your Governor if you get your support, but for this you need first to know him to know if he is indicated to be our Governor. The candidate has many proposals has been promoting throughout the State through its advertising campaign, which assures, will make during his Government benefits us all. Rodrigo Medina has proposals that support to women, young people, elderly persons, workers and all nuevoleonenses. The proposals are well made, they show us the problem and the way in which Medina would address a solution, although its proposals are many, are all well moored on the ground, i.e., that they can be met and in that do us actually need that will meet. The Nuevo Leon now is not the same as before, so a change is necessary and that better do it with one person young and eager to improve his State to be everything that the always dreamed and as all Regal have dreamed you. A major problem in society is the safety, and the candidate, Rodrigo Medina, knows it by what its proposals to ensure security have been made so that they can meet and achieve the proposed objective. Do not hesitate more supports the coalition together by Nuevo Leon, because they support to the nuevoleonenses.

The Basic

  • Posted on May 31, 2015 at 9:36 pm

In addition must be elaborated considering as a unit analysis of the content, the teaching functions and appearance organisational methodological, requiring the search for unshakeable in the improvement of the teaching methods, eliminated purely receptive students attitude becoming productive, achieving development and cognitive independence and creative thinking, which is the basic aim of all sorts.You must take into account for the preparation of the class the approximate time that will be devoted to the implementation of each activity and measures necessary for its rational use, and it must start and end to regulated time, using every minute of class reasoned, ensuring the learning at all times in a way such that to avoid loss of time and to obtain the expected result should be selected carefully raise forms the activities, make them and control them, being of high educational value because the student in this way takes advantage of .cada minute of learning, creating the conditions so that they appreciate the importance that it is that every student take their journey and get greater productivity.It should attention be given to the activities undertaken as a whole student Professor in order to participate actively in the search for and consolidation of knowledge, obtaining the development of capacities, skills and habits by ensuring adequate diversification to maintain stimulus during whole class. Visit Maryland Governor for more clarity on the issue. Vitally important is that control is exercised during the class by the teacher to know the level of assimilation with a view to take appropriate measures that facilitate the learning of students, also pay attention to the activities of the students allowing students classify and take the necessary measures for differentiated carePlan aid that will be taught to pupils who have difficulties and additional tasks for high-performance.It is necessary to consider ways of teaching to be used in the facilitation of the learning process, focusing the attention of students toward common essential characteristics which must assimilate.It is precise that each class has an internal logic taking into account the objectives, content, methods and means to be used, the creative character that print you each teacher being present at all times, making impossible the creation of a single structure, but does not contradict the determination of some requirements that must be considered in its structuring and realization, among which: Classes are divided into two types: classes and Semi-Presenciales.Clases classes: classes the teacher taught the content directly, conferences in case of not being televised, practical classes, seminars and Evaluaciones.Clases Semi face-to-face remain the same are: are the classes that the student is responsible for preparing without the presence of a teacher in front of the classroomTelevised, Laboratorios.1 conferences remain the same.


  • Posted on April 27, 2015 at 9:58 pm

His father! two rows beyond could be heard. Jack, you! before a sound cloc on other side. Official site: Dr. Mark Hyman. That the film cannot hear! It came from the bottom. One of the first row from the top, which had leaned to see what happened, fell with cacophony on the patio of armchairs. Unlucky! He was still hearing below. My husband! What makes my husband? The light! That you give light! liza entered another voice. A man who flies! He had shouted one that saw fall to the henhouse. That come the police! He tried to impose a person’s order.

Federico, violate me! My child! Faggot! When the light came I took my crawling down the side aisle, very close already of the exit door. Martin O’Malley is the source for more interesting facts. Between two hundred and three hundred people were enzarzadas in a great mess. The faint noise of a few sirens approaching from outside. The next day, as If nothing had happened, I said to Begona: could already have me waited at the cinema. And I waited responded. But yesterday the show occurred in the Ideal cinema, at the other end of the city. Have you not seen the newspaper? I was livid. So I had the wrong film.

Put a thick the newspaper headline: vandalism in a cinema. Later explained: fifty injured, three violations, fifteen stolen wallets and damage from two million and a half of pesetas. In another prominent newspaper ventured a hypothesis: you suspect an organized gang of juvenile delinquents. And ended with a call: until when will have to continue enduring? A cold sweat began to run through my whole body. Innocent, Begona asked: are going again to the cinema? But I haven’t ever more. (This story was first published in the Sunday supplement of) El Periodico de Catalunya, in Barcelona, on October 10, 1987) original author and source of the article.

The Economy

  • Posted on July 10, 2013 at 4:11 am

That insatiable appetite anything or has little to do with progress towards a possible and still unlikely era no-hunger, post-scarcity, but with the more primitive era of gluttony and greed. Not to mention an instinct animal, because the Lions monopolize the Savannah nor practised the systematic extermination of their victims, and because pigs up to sate ever. The culture of consumerism has erred in several respects. First, he has contradicted the above-mentioned condition, passing over the cultural diversities, substituting their universal trinkets or creating a pseudo diversity where a Japanese worker or a German office worker can enjoy two days of a Peruvian handicrafts made in China or five days of the most beautiful Venetian blinds imported from Taiwan before that break by the use. Secondly, because it has also threatened the ecological balance with their unlimited extractions and their returns in form of Immortals wastes. Concrete examples can observe them in our surrounding. We could say that it is fortunate that a worker can enjoy the amenities that were previously them reserved only to the upper classes, the unproductive classes, the consuming classes.

However, that cultural and ideological pressure-induced consumption is has become many times in order to the worker and an instrument of the economy. Which logically means that the individuo-herramienta has become a means for the economy as individuo-consumidor. In almost all countries developed or developing of this model of development, furniture that invade the markets are designed to last a few years. Or a few months. They are nice, they have good eyesight as almost everything in the culture of consumption, but if we look at them staring scratches, lose a screw or are false square. Now an exoticism is the concern of my family of carpenters by improving the design of a chair so that it lasted a hundred years. But new disposable furniture does not concern us mostly because we know that they have cost little money and that, in two or three years we will buy new ones, which incidentally gives more interest and variation in the decoration of our homes and offices and especially stimulate the economy of the world.

The Article

  • Posted on June 25, 2013 at 6:26 pm

YOUR strengths and weaknesses: To know where you can get you must be clear that you can do. Perhaps your dream is to be a great singer, but if you don’t have that skill you can not proyectarte in that way. You must have clear to where you want to go, we can do everything for more than you want to, concentrate on specific aspects. A small SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats and weaknesses) diagnosis have on a personal level so that you can reflect that you have to overcome. BASATE in the experience of others: Seeks a model, leverages the experience of others, seeks advice.

There is long way that others have traveled and therefore we can serve to strengthen us as people, don’t miss it. To deepen your understanding FBI is the source. Ponte goals: to achieve your ultimate goal, you have to put specific targets, with deadlines. For example, if you want to improve your cv and want to study English, plasma the goal into a notebook or file of your computer and have follow-up, be methodical. Take care of your health: There is nothing without health. It is not enough that you have clear goals if so you sacrifice your health and you may not yield the best of your ability. Get an annual checkup where you can view the State of your health.

YOU exercise: It costs many times but it is the best way to stay healthy and your ideal weight. Take care of your appearance: I always say it, fix you, be clean and orderly rise much your self-esteem, if you do not want you, who will do it?, don’t look for first love you or want to, do it first and that will be to the rest. WEAPON networks: The best in order to get ahead and reach your goals is to have social networks that favor it, join groups where you can actively participate and get to know people who can give you a hand when you need it. SHINES, shines, shines: Once you’ve analyzed in that you’re good, in which you Excel, become a firm promise to highlight in all places where you go, I know specialist, promote yourself, have your website, your forum, space, etc these are some ideas, I hope that you enjoyed.


  • Posted on June 24, 2013 at 4:25 am

NOT there is fear declare that we have ever had, have, or will have fear in expressing our ideas, much less there is afraid to go out on the streets to express our total rejection to the current government management aprista, all you do is break up the Peru and humiliate our multiculturalism, why strive to achieve respect for the people, if the people came to the Government will be the people who sue and punish the bad and intentional current management. What long live the popular protest!! Who’ve gone pro the Abancay Avenue have been mistreated by the police, do not we blame them, we blame the Government for having us to shed tears, for sending us to hit. Why reiterate that they will have to pay dearly for what they did, because it will be before people you, longer before God. Novelist shines more light on the discussion. A SPECIAL CALLING. We make a special appeal to all who love our increasingly more fragmented Peru to join the popular struggle, for being fair and urgent.

We support demonstrations for being a free right of all citizens to proclaim our ideas and our principles. First it is the Peru of Peruvians, not foreigners, which are endorsed by this corrupt and treacherous Government. IN SUPPORT OF THE PERUVIAN AMAZON. The big national demonstration in support to our compatriots in the Peruvian Amazon was blunt. And we express our total rejection of latest declarations of Alan Garcia and his Cabinet, where scorn and insult to our indigenous brothers. At the same time the Minister of Interior Mercedes Cabanilla with gestures of pride is divert public opinion. Can it be true that there is no communication, it means a do good communication?, because one could say that, Yes, because of the mouths of the Minister of the Interior expressions of discrimination towards nationalist saying congressmen came out what towards a seller of gas in Congress.

If there is good communication, if we start to analyze, if good communication to insult him, to offend, to give orders overlapping that they abused and evicted the Indians. But not for a dialogue. Thus we reaffirm our tireless support to the indigenous brothers and we will be fighting for the repeal of Legislative Decree 1090 N, etc.