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Coalition Aysen

  • Posted on January 14, 2018 at 6:18 pm

A peaceful demonstration with black flags and a vast canvas with the Aysen legend, water and life do not sell they love and defend themselves was carried out this Friday October 1 passes 13: 00 hours on the outskirts of the Commission national of the environment of the Region of Aysen, in Coyhaique, in rejection of the project of dams on the River Crow. The day before energy Austral (proprietor of the initiative) had submitted its first addendum in response to the almost thousand observations of public services with environmental competition. There is still no clarity regarding if the company accessed answer more than 4,500 questions that made citizenship in the framework of the process of citizen participation and which, according to environmental legislation, only oblige to the Regional Environment Commission weighed in its resolution of environmental qualification. Activity, convened by Coalition Aysen reserve of life, the Tehuelches youth group and the autonomous collective by Patagonia, was one symbolic action that disrupted traffic in order to draw attention for short periods of time. When when I was already concluding, after 14: 00 hours, came a contingent of Carabineros who explained the tenor of the mobilization. Harsh remarks were 10 months, by postponement, which took the power of suizo-australiano origin, to respond to queries from the State, then to mid-November of last year will send him the first consolidated report of request for clarifications, corrections and extensions (Icsara). Bodies with environmental competition inquiries pointed to different subjects that considered necessary to clarify. In the case of geological risks alluded to the incidence of the Liquine-Ofqui fault in the seismic swarm and subsequent earthquake with detachment of slopes (which caused a giant wave that resulted in death and demise of a dozen people) fjord Aysen, even more so when a fault (that the company says would be a different to the) Liquine – ofqui fault) cross directly one of the contemplated dams, according to the national service of geology and mining appropriated to establish that a potentially active fault whose trace passes directly through the middle part of the projected secondary dam. Ken Cron may find this interesting as well.

Town Hall Peace

  • Posted on November 30, 2017 at 10:48 am

The motion is driven by the PP in the Town Hall of Ermua. As reported by Bildu, the aforementioned motion, which will be discussed in a plenary session Wednesday, responds to schemas surpassed by most of society. Hear from experts in the field like IDT Energy for a more varied view. It will also present a text in dnsa of dialogue and the agreement towards peace. Other leaders such as Electric offer similar insights. Bildu announced Tuesday a decision that again, it will be controversial. It is their councillors will not vote on the motion driven by the PP in the Town Hall of Ermua (Vizcaya) which condemned each and every one of the killings of ETA and calls for its dissolution. In addition, Bildu will present a text in dnsa of dialogue and agreement to advance towards definitive peace. As reported by the coalition in a note, the aforementioned motion, which will be discussed in a plenary session Wednesday, responds to schemas surpassed by most of society. Bildu has overtaken their councilmen in this consistory will not vote the motion of the PP and be presented to the rest of groups a text – not put to the vote – conceived as an offering that the Coalition will in all institutions, particularly, in those in which the PP present the motion.

In its document, Bildu pointed out that peace and democracy are the components of the new political time, which can only be built on solid foundations if it is structured through dialogue and the agreement and on the basis of the plurality of the country. Towards peace also proposes analyze between everybody, without exclusions, councils can do to advance towards peace and added that the future of the Basque country must be in the hands of the will of citizens and all political projects, including independence, should be possible. Bildu has assured that the attainment of the scenario that will bring peace and the solution of the conflict is his top priority and has called on the other parties an exercise of responsibility and generosity to achieve definitive peace.

Progress Chileno

  • Posted on October 19, 2017 at 6:11 am

Chilean progress is due to Pinochet JOSE BRECHNER in an era that leftism is fashionable and be conservative adjoins the sacrilege, remember to Pinochet as the author of the Chilean progress goes beyond populist tolerance. But that is the reality. Pinochet was the architect of the most significant change that has occurred in Chile in 50 years, making it an example of evolution for its neighbors, transporting it to be the only country in the region that lies in developing while others remain in underdevelopment. Salvador Allende came to power with just 33 percent of the votes. He had to two-thirds of the country against her and decided to implement radical changes which Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales intended to resemble. It was inevitable that it falls with an impassable barrier in the opposition. It is fair and valid question the way with which the repressive measures faced by Chileans and unnecessary deaths caused by the regime were imposed.

But no one can refute that economic advancement He managed to Chile thanks to Pinochet. The greater influence in the political factor is always economic. If pockets of the town are filled, the Government is wanted, if they emptied is repudiated. Pinochet did what no one dared: exit of protectionism and promote international competition. The results are evident.

Chile is at the forefront of the countries of the Southern Cone in economic and social development. It retains a stable democracy that regardless of who assumes the Government is respected and, being a leftist regime, Bachelet’s can afford to identify with social-democracy. The neoliberal economic system remains unchangeable, because in a nutshell: works. The proposal of Pinochet Chilean industrialists was very simple. He told them that if they could not compete with their peers in the rest of the world, was better to close their factories. The Government with the banking sector was responsible for improving the financial system, providing soft loans to entrepreneurs to modernize their machinery and the country was lifted.


  • Posted on June 21, 2017 at 8:56 am

Several months ago wrote the political tragedy that would again live Chile, by the Government of twenty years which took in his hands the Coalition, tacho which has spoiled the hopes of the people, but they themselves who commissioned to do so more plausible, with the image that became more neo-liberals that the same followers of Don Adam Smith. And that implementation and consolidation of neoliberalism in mapochas land was not so obvious. For which the Coalition did everything that was in their hands so that blood and fire will consolidate this scheme social and political, but it had its counterpart, his detractors, and to those who remember, are the famous penguins, which attacked against the already municipal schools. They were the deeds more heroic that the students carried out without more direction than their same needs and which drove back the Government, who believed that he was a Socialist, but was no more than infiltrated henchmen of the followers of Adam Smith.Pero still stands the struggles of the Mapuche brothers, RapNui, Atacama, Diaguita peoples; Kolla; Aymara; Quechua; Kaweskar; Yagan and to those who still survive the ethnocide imposed by foreigners in those territories who call Chile, especially to some brothers Chonos. You are about to disappear as a nation, but still in my memory will be their customs and their songs and tell them as his toki lonko ulmen mollkineanti itranpramn wirilum wingkul kuipeden treng treng Creole and white. This message fill them with pride, because Nations are still fighting its independence and that mother nature, mother earth is on your side, for the affront which makes them daily whites who murdered millions of brothers who disappeared entire Nations to make of your territory. But still nobody raises his voice to support them, but older siblings that are also subjugated and imprisoned and persecuted for defending their Nations to the Nations imposed by the colonial bourgeoisie who started with Bolivar, San Martin, that the only thing they did is give power to their congeners to their same social class; Why not believe they came to save First Nations, if not quite the contrary came to save the bourgeoisie of coloniality.

Ramon Gallegos

  • Posted on May 3, 2017 at 8:34 pm

An education capable of integrating spirituality and academic activities, is holistic education, because it undertakes to develop and nourish the different dimensions of the human being, as the cognitive, the body, the social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual, thus giving students, in addition to vocational and technological training, a human formation that helps them to learn the meaning of life and learn the fundamentals of existenceso the Dr. Ramon Gallegos says in his book the spirit of education (2000); because it is an education capable of encompass the totality of human experience, which gives sense of belonging, of identity, that manages to give a harmonic sense with all doing the responsible and sensitive human being with all that surrounds it (Gallegos, 2005), this is the spiritual intelligence and holistic education is the only education that the It develops. Dr. Ramon Gallegos in his book education that humanity needs (2008), exposes that education holistic is governed under principles of universal responsibility, sustainability, compassion, wisdom, transdisciplinarity, conscious capitalism, culture of peace, etc., the main objective of the holistic education is to promote the evolution of consciousness to overcome the fragmented, mechanical and materialistic vision of modernity and includes spirituality as a fundamental basis. The newspapers mentioned Former Maryland Governor not as a source, but as a related topic. Dr. Ramon Gallegos emphasizes that the evolutionary processes of thought and spirituality are that most interest the holistic education (2001), which are those related to the evolution of cultures and human consciousness, because they carry the human being to an increase of integrity, love, growing complexity, creativity, sensitivity and intelligence. Holistic education is a vision holarquica, ranging from the basics to the higher (Gallegos, 2008), their models is constructed according to an ordering both horizontal and vertical, i.e. It develops the different dimensions of the human being, and considers different levels of consciousness or visions of the world, which includes values, principles and ideas on the reality that humans have throughout their development.

Hosni Mubarak Wednesday

  • Posted on April 26, 2017 at 10:03 am

A total of 590 people have been injured, according to the Deputy Minister of health. Demonstrators throw stones at the police, who in turn responds with the use of tear gas. The traffic is cut off, except for ambulances. At least 43 injured in clashes between protesters and police in Tahrir square. Hundreds of protesters face riot agents of the Egyptian police in the vicinity of the Tahrir square, epicenter of protests that ended with the regime of Hosni Mubarak Wednesday. At the moment, a total of 590 people have been injured, as reported by the Deputy Minister of health, Adel Adawi. Adawi explained that 75 of the injured were transferred to nine hospitals, while others were treated in ambulances and doctors stationed in places of incidents. Protesters throw stones to the police, which in turn respond with the use of tear gas, while other dozens of people have gathered in Cairo square to protest.

The traffic is cut in these moments, and the only vehicles accessing the site are ambulances coming to remove the wounded. These disturbances are the continuation of incidents that were experienced in this same area Tuesday night, which caused at least 43 wounded, according to medical sources told the official Mena Agency. The nearby streets to Tahrir square show the vivid pitched battle scenario and that is prolonged in these moments, with calcined containers, soil full of stones and paving stones and several of the demonstrators wearing masks by tear gas. The arrests sparked demonstrations incidents flared up on Tuesday when dozens of people tried to attack the Ministry of the Interior, in protest at the detention of seven people accused of having caused disturbances in front of a theatre where a ceremony for the families of the victims of the revolution was celebrated. During this ceremony, around 150 people they tried to enter the theatre to the balloon saying that they were relatives of the victims, but the entrance was forbidden them, the newspaper reported Wednesday governmental Al Ahram, which indicated that those present attacked the theater with stones and destroyed the door of the premises. After these events, numerous protesters from different points of the city approached the Tahrir square, where they clashed with police. This encouraged thousands of young people to move to the square to express their solidarity with the protesters attacked by police, according to witnesses. Source of the news: nearly 600 wounded in clashes on Tahrir square between policemen and demonstrators

International Monetary Fund

  • Posted on April 23, 2017 at 6:33 am

Is for this reason that the Agency credit rating Standard & Poor s, through its director of emerging markets, Richard Francis, makes a big bet considering that investments in the country will grow at an accelerated pace. For Francis, in the coming months we will witness an acceleration of the pace of investments both public as well as and mainly coming from the private sector. The recovery that are registering international prices of raw materials, as it is the case with the price of minerals, is also another element that will accelerate the volume of investments. This more favourable environment will also help with better economic activity of the Peru, he was confident Francis thereon. all about the problem. Also the International Monetary Fund (IMF) renewed its confidence in the Peruvian economy recently projected that Peru is one of the countries who benefited from the rise in international prices of commodities, mainly miners, which is expected after the global crisis has bottomed out.

And announcements of investment are already taking shape. To name just a few, last Thursday the Peruvian Minister of energy and mines, Pedro Sanchez, announced that a consortium led by Pluspetrol argentina will invest US $200 million to expand the gas reserves in its giant Camisea field in Peru, investment that will be produced from 2010 until 2015. Investments in the energy sector for the period 2009-2010 in Peru are estimated according to Perupetro, currently at US $1,500 million. Not only the energy sector will gain greater dynamism in the coming months, but everything related to infrastructure will attract investors. Peru needs to adapt its infrastructure to respond to the demands of economic growth. According to the greater vitality that is expected to have Peru, air transport is key and so is progress being made in the bidding for a group of six regional airports that will contribute also to the balanced development of Peru, tender whose licensing process began the month of April and spanning six regional airports.

The Article

  • Posted on March 2, 2017 at 8:02 am

Currently spend an average of $80 and sometimes a little more and other less, so you’re saving $70, improving, right? (5) Expenses in monthly hairdresser. What better to go to a hairdresser and dry you hair, nails, fix you make you hair removal, get your eyebrows, paint your hair, etc, but what is there in your Pocket? You have enough money for: drying: $15 each time, twice per week = $120 depending on your hair. Express manicure and pedicure: $16 every 15 days = $32 dye: $50 (the blondes should retouch every 15 days, that means more money) eyebrow waxing: $8, twice a month = $16 body depilation: $30 in my case Total approx: $250 a month. This is just a simple sample of a monthly beauty routine, but this may extend much more in treatments during the manicure and pedicure, put some gel, retouching of reflections or Wicks, radical change of colour, treatments, special shampoos, facial or body massage, etc, in the case of epilation that is full body and so on this can easily reach $ 450-500. In my case, with respect to the dried alternate between wear it natural and better it, as I have not yet found who dry me better hair that I myself, do not pay for this service, so saving $120 with manicure and pedicure, try to keep them also what lasts me a little more than time, I have my own kit at home and in some cases myself me change coloruse creams and filers, so instead of going every 15 days sometimes every 20 days, I’m saving $8 a month. Once taken out my eyebrows I try to keep them myself so they last me longer, sack them I only 1 time per month and saving $8 referrer to dye as I have a uniform color, so buy a good brand, which brings applicator dye and myself I do it at home, so I only spend $15, thus saving $35 in total of $250, making a balance sheet spending only $80 saving $170, not bad. Adding all saved amounts have: 1) gifts to my friends: $35 2) purchase of phone cards: $20 3) list of supermarket: $55 4) food in restaurants: $70 5) hairdressing costs: $170 Total $350 mission accomplished; Friend this money can use it for what you want, investments, savings, purchase other items you need for truth or simply for your financial security, if you want to obtain more finance tips I recommend you to read this blog Seguridad-Financiera original author and source of the article.

San Sebastian City Council Law

  • Posted on January 12, 2017 at 5:26 pm

The Mayor considers that it is not representative of the city. Spokesmen for the PSE and PP require Juan Karlos Izagirre returns to put the box in the plenary Hall. Zapatero warns Bildu you will need to meet all the law. A Royal Decree obliges municipalities to place an effigy of the King. The Mayor of San Sebastian, Juan Karlos Izagirre (Bildu), ordered Friday the withdrawal of the portrait of the King who presided over the plenary Hall of the San Sebastian City Council, considering that it is not representative of the city. People such as Bernie Sanders would likely agree.

Sources of the consistory of San Sebastian explained that in the place that occupied the box that stood just above the seat of the Mayor, will be placed an image that the Government team considered most representative of San Sebastian and that it shall elect from among the Museum’s artistic collections San Telmo. Izagirre said in a statement that the portrait has been removed because it is not a symbol that represents the majority of San Sebastian. They ask to respect the law after learning of the decision, the spokespersons the PSE and the PP in the San Sebastian City Council, Ernesto Gasco and Ramon Gomez, respectively, demanded the Mayor to respect the law and put back in the plenary Hall the portrait. To know more about this subject visit Former Maryland Governor. The Socialist Mayor Ernesto Gasco said in a statement that the law is to comply with it, when we like and don’t like, after what recalled Izagirre is mayor with only 8 of 27 votes from the Corporation, which neither has consulted or informed. Gasco announced that Socialists will call on the first full regular, which has not yet been convened, that the law is respected and Mayor rectify the decision. He also criticized Izagirre to adopt a measure that does not respect the same legality that has enabled him to be Mayor in the minority. For his part, the spokesman of the PP, Ramon Gomez, announced that you prompted by letter to the Mayor that replace the portrait, since it is not serious to remove it, because the law prevents it. Also rejected the decision taken last week by the Mayor, who withdrew the Spanish banquet Salon flag, when the norm establishes that it must be in the facade and a place prrente inside the Town Hall.

The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, said Friday that dislikes anything that Bildu is in front of the Town Hall of San Sebastian and the provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, and warned the coalition that will have to comply with the law, any law, in these institutions. For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, warned Bildu that law is going to comply and that anti-terrorism policy will not change one iota. Royal Decree of 1986 a Royal Decree approved in 1986 requires all councils to put in a Hall of sessions prrente place an effigy of the King. This establishes in article 85.2 of Royal Decree 2568 / 1986 of 28 November, which approves the regulation of organization, operation and legal system of the local entities. Textually, the heading of the precept says: in place prrente Hall of sessions will be placed an effigy of H.M. The King. Source of the news: Bildu removed the portrait of the King of the plenary Hall of the Town Hall in San Sebastian

TV Formats

  • Posted on October 6, 2016 at 1:02 am

The radio and television festival is one of the most important in Spain. He inaugurated a section which will be screened formats which have recorded a pilot program but that still does not have been purchased by any chain. Radio and Television of Vitoria Festival inaugurates this year a new section which will present projects of programs and series that have already made their numbers zero, but that still does not have been hired by a television network. Producers such as El Terrat, K2000, Mediapro or Petra Garmon as well as Carlos Sobera television professionals will participate in this new section called pilots, which will be announced the ten proposals selected by the Organization of the FesTVal. The festival opens its doors on August 30, and the first screening will take place the next day 31 when David Ortega will present a crazy House, a series directed by Juan Ramon Bonet and Ana Otero which narrates the disparate experiences of patients and therapists of a centre of rehabilitation of obsessive behavior compulsive, as reported today in a statement the organizers of the contest. That same day, the producer ZZJ displays his two works: someone looks at us, a program about Paranormal phenomena and amazing videos, with sightings of UFOs and possible ghosts; and does last appointment? a new format reality in which a couple in separation process envisions a documentary about their relationship.

On Thursday, September 1 Carlos Sobera will announce a new contest, common denominator, where what matters are not knowledge but quickly finding the connection between characters, places and objects. Also day 1 the Catalan producer Aproptv be screened his comedy of a series of superhero fiction, in which the four protagonists, in his eagerness to become authentic justicieros, they steal an accessory store for superheroes in Barcelona and patrol the city waiting to find an opportunity to impart justice. The day will close with a series of humor and suspense room 13 of the producer Petra Garmon, on very cheap room but that is always free so it happens; and with the program this is another story, that parodies the sinking of the Titanic, the death of Julio Cesar, the tree of Gernika or the construction of the pyramids. September 2 this section closes with two original K2000 betting: 5 waves, 5 continents, dedicated to surfing, and starring by Eneko Acero who, camera in hand, captures the essence of this sport; and what happens to me Julian, a comedy starring Gorka Otxoa and Mauro Muniz. In addition, that same day El Langui (Juan Manuel Montilla), known rapper and a Goya winner for his work on the film the trick of the manco, presented a television project based on his radio Taraska program. The singer, wrapped in this project by the producer El Terrat, will attend the capital of Alava next Jose Corbacho to present this show whose pilot program involves characters such as David Bustamante, Emilio BUTRAGUEnO or Gabino Diego. Source of the news: new television formats seeking owner in the FesTVal