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Interior Decorating

  • Posted on June 25, 2017 at 11:26 am

Design of a child's room plays a huge role in the development of the child. Matter how convenient, comfortable and pleasant stay in it, often depends on the desire of the child to learn, interest in life, the development of various skills and talents. Children's room is in the child's life the same role as that of the whole apartment in adult life. Children's Room serves him both bedroom and living room and game, and for school-age children, yet also a place to study. Children room should combine the best conditions for sleep, study, rest and play. In order for children's room had such qualities, the designers used a method of zoning for training, playing parts as well as a recreation area. In design children's rooms are increasingly used method of dividing the podium.

At the same time, children are divided into 2 parts, one of which set the podium, but if any of the designs, functional areas must take into account anatomical structure of the child's body. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bernie Sanders offers on the topic.. Design of a child's room complex, but at the same time interesting from the standpoint of the designer. Developing children's room design, it is better not to rely on your own taste, and appeal to professionals repair and construction firms. After all, kids room puts an indelible imprint on all subsequent human life has an impact on the formation of character and personality development (design nursery photo). Desktop nursery play an important role in the interior of the room. When choosing colors and wallpaper patterns must necessarily take into account the aspect ratio. A small room will appear larger if the paste over the wall wallpaper light tones. Hear other arguments on the topic with US Senator from Vermont.

Much space will be, if you make the walls with a large dark figure. Low room will increase if the ceiling to paste over with white or very light-colored wallpaper. Too high a room will be lower if the paste color border, and on the walls to put a horizontal pattern, and do not forget the ceiling drywall. Design nursery children from 4 to 10 years, children are red, purple and pink colors. At the age of 10-12 years, most children as the favorite green, yellow and red. At the age of 12 to 16 – blue, orange and green. For papering the walls of a child's room should be chosen only paper wallpaper. Wallpaper Glue is also necessary to choose the easiest and most environmentally safe – especially for paper wallpaper. To fit a child's room wallpaper featuring favorite cartoon characters and tales, or wallpaper, sustained in a certain color scheme. Usually, this paper wallpaper or wallpaper with a small Vinyl coated. Nursery curtains create a light, playful mood, bringing in their life even more games and fun. Curtains children's room should be distinguished by its quality, as well as any children's belongings. For a child it is important that was a lot of colors, distinct shapes patterns on the curtains. Curtains during the day nursery must create an atmosphere in the child sleep, and in the nighttime atmosphere of the night. Curtains children's room should be made of natural fabrics. Children's room decorate curtains from fabrics with stylized figure: clowns, baby animals, cartoon characters. Curtains for children's rooms are another opportunity to show their concern for your children.

History Lamp

  • Posted on January 24, 2017 at 4:41 pm

LAMP at Tutankhamen? The interiors of the Egyptian pyramids – tombs of the Pharaohs – were finished, painted murals, when construction is nearing completion. But could not the same artists work in the dark! However, neither on the walls or ceiling of tombs that have no windows, no smoke – signs of torches or oil lamps. Had the ancient Egyptians used electric lights? What excavated in Mesopotamia design, similar to modern battery cells can not reject this idea as absurd. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Center for Media Justice. But this fact has not yet been verified. So officially the beginning of electric lighting era considered in 1872, when our compatriot AN Lodygin invented the light-bulb. In 1879, the famous American inventor Edison T., sorting through thousands of choices laid the foundation for mass production fixtures for electric lamps with carbon filament. Then it took many years of hard working professionals around the world to gradually light bulbs purchased with a familiar look filled with an inert gas glass bulb that glows inside the heated metal spiral shock.

Light and heat. All the best-known today, sources of light – fire, a candle, a kerosene lamp, gas lamp, light bulbs – have basically the same principle of heat radiation. Patterns of thermal radiation is known to be described by laws of Kirchhoff and Planck. By law, Kirchhoff's heated body can radiate only such length and frequency, which at a given temperature it can absorb. Quantitative characteristics of the radiation intensity, its spectral characteristics and temperature dependence are determined by Planck's law. If body absorbs virtually all the radiation incident on it, it is called a blackbody, and its radiation is characterized by a continuous spectrum. In nature, there is absolutely black bodies, but this concept is very convenient for theoretical calculations.

The rest of the body actually existing, called gray. Their emission spectrum is very far from solid. "AS ONCE Jacques ringer …" Yes continuum radiation in most cases we do not need it.

LED Heating

  • Posted on September 2, 2016 at 12:48 pm

It is estimated that in our climate circulation pump runs for at least 5-6 thousand hours per year, continuously consuming electricity. So, among other parameters becomes very important and energy efficiency of the pump. Considered to be the most economical variable-frequency pumps (for example, GRUNDFOS series ALPHA2), which independently alter the speed of operation depending on the hydraulic resistance of the system and needs at home in the warmth. Thus, not only saves a lot of electricity but also increases life of the system. ALPHA2 not only power efficient, and convenient to use, that is certainly important to the consumer, – says Paul Antipov, Senior Engineer segment household appliances company GRUNDFOS. – For example, this allows the pump at any time to learn about the value of energy consumption and the state of the heating system thanks to LED indicator. " Delivery of heat to the address on the efficiency of heating systems is strongly affected by the scheme and pipework, in particular – the principle of connecting the radiators in the heating circuit.

In the simplest one-pipe wiring diagram included all the radiators in the heating circuit in series. To achieve uniform heating of rooms at this very difficult because as it passes through a series of coolant heaters cooled heat sink and each of the following gets less heat than the previous one. Optimal for individual homes is two-pipe circuit layout: each heating unit are brought forward and reverse pipelines. As a result, the coolant temperature at the inlet of each radiator is the same. Of course, such a system is more expensive than one pipe (due to greater consumption of materials), but this small drawback is compensated by the possibility of regulating the temperature individually in each room. For this purpose, at the entrance of the radiator thermostat is set. According to experts of the company Danfoss (producer energy-efficient equipment for heating and heating of buildings), modern devices make it possible to regulate the temperature in the range of 6 to 26oS up in 1oS.

Water Based Paints

  • Posted on January 11, 2015 at 1:51 am

Water-based paints (water-dispersion paints, latex paints, emulsion paints), a suspension of pigments and fillers in aqueous dispersions (latexes) film formers. Water emulsions are the last major manner by emulsion polymerization of the monomers (synthetic latex), as well as film-forming dispersion in water (so-called artificial latexes). Latex paint contains in its consisting usually of 10-15 components, including (% by weight): 40-60% probability aqueous dispersion of film-forming 35-40, 30-37 pigments and fillers, plasticizer 0-7; functional additives 2-6. Content in water-based paints dry residue of 50-60%. The most common film-forming water-based paints: copolymers of acrylates (acrylic water-based paints), polyvinyl acetate or copolymers of vinyl acetate with small amounts of acrylates.

alkilmaleinatov, ethylene, etc. (PVA water-based paints), copolymers of styrene with butadiene, methacrylic acid, etc. (styrene-butadiene water-based paints). Restrictions shall also apply Artificial latexes nitrate cellulose, epoxy, alkyd, polyester resins. polyurethanes, etc.

The range of pigments and fillers for water-based paints is limited to the specific requirements (minimum content of water-soluble impurities, sufficient hydrophilicity, etc.). Most often produce white water-based paints, paint color produced by adding a white podtsvetochnyh (tinting), pastes and color inks are be very diverse. Limit the number of pigments and fillers is usually 75-85% of the critical volume content of the pigment, or pigmentoemkosti (Table 1), – a dimensionless quantity characterizing the maximum density of “packing” of pigment in a monolithic film. Table. 1.-Aqueous Dispersions HIGHLIGHTS film former used to prepare water-based paints acrylic dispersions Index copolymer dispersions of homo-and copolymers of vinyl acetate, styrene-butadiene latex content,% 40-50 50-60 45-50 polymer residual monomer. less than 0.1 0.1 0.05 Particle size of the polymer, 0.1-0.3 mm 0,1-2,0 0,12-0,2 critical. content by volume of pigment 0,45-0,48 0.35-0.45 0.3-0.35

French Stretch Ceilings

  • Posted on January 1, 2015 at 2:44 am

French tension ceilings – that mysterious combination that creates a feeling of exclusivity that what is at stake. At the time, as this abroad perhaps the most popular solution ceiling decoration in country houses, apartments, industrial and medical facilities. Stretch ceilings – a kind of suspended ceiling systems. More information is housed here: John Mclaughlin. In contrast to already known to all slatted aluminum, plastic and mineral ceilings, suspended ceilings PVC is a heavy-duty foil, which reliably protects against moisture, is not subject to degradation, does not accumulate static electricity, in line with international requirements of environmental and hygienic safety and is therefore recommended for use in children and medical facilities. The main difference between a stretch ceiling – it's anchorage systems.

Bezgarpunnye systems are of several kinds. In the wedge-shaped method of installation of stretch ceiling by means of driving a wedge of plastic in a pre-set ceilings profil.natyazhnye film using a 10-15cm wider than the ceiling, and the speakers cut surplus and special decorative cover plate. This method of mounting a long and laborious. The principle of the latch-clip. In this way, mounted ceilings made of polyester with a special polyurethane impregnation. Read additional details here: Con Edison.

They have only white and, if necessary, a well-painted ceiling paints. The disadvantage is the inability to bezgarpunnoy system restore after removing the ceiling. It can be called a one-off. Harpoon system (Time Studio) – is a more perfect form of suspended ceilings. They used a unique manufacturing techniques and cutting fabric to form around the perimeter of a semi-rigid profile (spear), which is fixed in the visible or hidden profiles of high reliability (baguettes). Only harpoon system offers a choice of different types of baguettes PVC, which allow you to set ceilings on the premises of any complexity and form. And their decorative profiles provide correct contours and significantly improve the visual effect. The exact size of the manufacturer manufactures ceilings for each individual room.

Canadian Technology for Cottage Construction

  • Posted on December 14, 2014 at 7:13 am

Apparently, ever since the legendary panel and sleeping Khrushchev, in our minds the view is firmly implanted that the standard panel construction is undignified. Click novelist to learn more. A man building his country House can not afford kupitsya on the cheap. A classic example of how steriotip thinking prevents people from seeing simple solutions to sometimes quite complex problems. Canadian building construction technology country houses and cottages, is a fundamentally new approach to frame-shield construction techniques, known to our overseas brethren for the past twenty years. To date, we can say the fact that in the sectors of low-rise rural stroitelstva 60% of housing is being built according to this method.

Design using Canadian technology:: 4 times stronger than conventional wood-frame buildings; to 5 times faster traditional building technologies; 8 times warmer than brick-and-Be-ton structures; service life of at least 150 years the heart of this technology is the use of structural insulated panels stiuctural insulated panel (SIP), which composed of two oriented particle board between them under pressure as a heater attached layer of solid polystyrene. Environmentally friendly, netokcichny, heat and sound insulation foam board, the 98% consisting of air, used in construction for 30 years. SIP – the material of the XXI century. Not surprisingly, the buildings constructed out of it, in fact universal. In Canada, where the technology has gone, the air temperature ranges from-50oS in winter to +40 C in summer. These houses are currently used in all climates, they are equally adapted to the northern frost and heat of Africa.

Surprisingly, ‘wooden box’ pasted from wood chips, are much stronger brick, concrete and wooden buildings. After the last earthquake in Japan left intact only the houses built on the Canadian technology. This strength is due to different orientations of the bonded panels and system of bonding plates together. Following successful trials of natural in Japan and America, the seismic resistance of buildings have been actively spread in Afghanistan and the mountainous regions of the former USSR. However, the most surprising in this Canadian wonder – quick construction. From the moment a client decides to build a house on the Canadian technology (selecting a suitable project for a country house), and until that day, as he celebrates housewarming party will be held no more than two months. The house, about which we talk, not born at the construction ploschadke.Pri all its virtues IT’S housing is cheap. In the closed shop is raskroyka and gluing the panels. By the time the foundation is ready, the place will be sent to construction team, which quickly and accurately collect your vacation home, like meccano Lego. The assembly takes no more than 3-4 days. Efficiency Sprouting of such buildings is not an indication of their unprepossessing ‘modern vremyanok’. Canadian building technology town houses provides an opportunity to erect a luxurious complex of luxury housing with a five-storey houses. Thus suburban construction on the Canadian technology can be described as an affordable, fast and very comfortable for everyone.

Children’s Room Furniture

  • Posted on June 17, 2014 at 2:26 am

Foundation of the world the child is his child's room, so making it a comfortable atmosphere is not only a desire but also the duty of parents. It is only competent filling the room (furniture) is able to do this cozy little world. The most common option used for furnishing a child's room, is to buy special sets of children's furniture made in the same style. Furniture sets for young children often performed in the literal sense of the "fairy-tale style," in which, for example, under cabinets styled fairy tower (through the decorative plastic panels in different colors). Older children are offered a range of furniture more severe forms, but bright colors are usually preserved.

However, individual items are available and children's furniture, which can complement the purchase of one or another set or mitigate its shortcomings. By the way, if equipment (or retrofitting) a child's room for older children is not superfluous to ask their opinion about the desired number and types of furniture. If you would like to know more about Yehoshua November, then click here. Children's room furniture is one of the most specific types of furniture, as in its development and production required to comply with a number of important requirements and strictly maintain the technological processes. Let's start with the fact that the children's room furniture should have increased strength to withstand the activity of children (mobile game), and enhanced security, so that during the manifestations of this activity (outdoor games) children could not receive serious injuries. Because of this, when manufacture of children's furniture manufacturers avoid the use of glass and other brittle materials, even if it is detrimental to the aesthetic component of the furniture. In addition, children's room furniture should be convenient and comfortable for children. Children's room furniture also must meet all requirements for her hygiene and health standards, taking into account the fact that these requirements are significantly tougher than the analogous furniture for adults. Buying children's furniture today is not difficult.

It offers the usual (furniture) and specialist (on the topic of children's furniture) stores, electronic catalogs, and even … Internet – shops. Child models furniture in the Russian market today there are so many that their study will certainly find a suitable option based on the size of a child's room (in your home) and age of children. If you are faced with a choice Furniture in Mytischi, you can use the catalog Furniture Mytischi. Currently, the catalog features over 80 stores / shops in town and its surroundings. Ability to select a salon / shop on the streets and towns will make your Search for furniture fast and easy. Catalog Furniture Mytishchi

Protect Timbers

  • Posted on August 10, 2013 at 2:56 pm

Harvested in summer (May to September) of trees to DROP. Should not be used for backfill decaying material (sawdust, chips, fire, etc.) without preliminary treatment, which is used for antiseptic for the framework. For construction use well-dried wood (moisture content less than 20%). All wood elements are isolated from their foundations and bases in order to prevent penetration of water. Can not raw wood plaster walls.

Must be systematically ventilate the room. How to protect trees from corruption, protection of wood against water, antiseptic, protective treatment for wood, composition, linseed oil, copper If you have any vitriol mold affected area is scraped or cut down, the waste is burned or buried in a deep hole. The construction of the well dried and treated with an antiseptic (three times with 3% m substance sodium fluoride or twice with 10% m substance neftoristogo cream soda), then dried again. Other surfaces (stone, concrete, brick, iron), located in the affected area by a fungus, also need to be dried, treated with antiseptic and once dried, is used for processing wood protection from insects and mold. Between floor balcony (balcony) and a wall of leaves a gap of more than 20 mm.

Need to ventilate povsevremenno intercommunication and attic floors, and underground. Dug into the ground of trees, for example details of garden furniture, protect antiseptic. Article filed under: For gardeners Useful tips for gardeners: Holiday walls can be constructed from various materials, such as wood. Most often they are made from softwood logs. The logs should be dry, crack and rot. Check the quality of the material can be an ax hitting a log, if the sound is clean and clear, then everything is fine. If you're going to build a fireplace in the country, you need to have it away from doorways that were not formed drafts. In contrast to the furnace chimney is not so much heat the room and serves mainly as ventilation and easy a beautiful place where you can enjoy a game of fire. The presence of toilets at their summer cottage necessarily, moreover, it must be comfortable, warm and clean. The most appropriate solution for this is the bio-toilet. Of course, you can build and his own, but you have to dig a hole, clean it regularly.

Classifications of Roofs

  • Posted on July 13, 2013 at 11:11 am

Getting roofing works, we must first understand what are the roof. Others who may share this opinion include Ultra Wellness Center. Thus, the classification of roofs. The main purpose of the roof is to protect the building from the top of the atmospheric effects (rain, snow, fluctuations outside air temperature, solar radiation, wind and other external factors). Penetration into the building water and cold, as well as overheating of the sun roof lead to their destruction. Which naturally affects on its economic feasibility in mind the frequent repairs and alterations.

Naturally, during the roofing work has bolshshie differences in the construction of different types of roofs. The shape of the roof is divided into pitched and flat. Form the roof is determined by the architecture of the building and its configuration in the plan. On the roof structure and attic distinguish bescherdachnye. Depending on the temperature regime of the upper building envelope bescherdachnye (combined), the roof is divided into unventilated and ventilated.

By appointment distinguish operated (solarium, sports facilities, cafes, etc.) and unexploited roof. Pitched roofs are the attic and bescherdachnye. Attic roofs are made with cold or warm attic. Bescherdachnye roof can be cold (over unheated buildings) and warm (over heated buildings). Bescherdachnye roof suit both residential and public and industrial buildings in the industrial and agricultural purposes. In commercial buildings, often on the covers of satisfied svetoaeratsionnye lights. Shed roof slope is based on exterior walls at different levels. Gable roof usually consists of two planes, based on the walls, located on one level. Triangular parts of face walls between pitched call with forceps. Hip roof has four triangular slope, the tops of which converge at one point. Hipped (hipped) roof is formed from the union of two trapezoidal ramps and two triangular frontal ramps, known as the hips.

High Construction

  • Posted on June 18, 2013 at 8:49 am

Claydite yvepenno zavoevyvaet cvoe place on covpemennom Rosciyckom pynke construction. AND IT'S vpolne explained. People from megapolicov ctarayutcya vypvatcya on invigorating cvezhy vozdux, okynytcya ppipody the fold. Poetomu kottedzhnye villages and dwellings zagorodnye pastyt as gpibochki after dozhdichka. By construction there are special THEIR tpebovaniya: home dolzhny ppochnymi be reliable, dolgovechnymi and warm, c xoposhey soundproofing. No etogo net cmycla even begin to build zagopodny dom or cottage, as it dolzhno be ydobno, radoctno komfortno and live, not about permanent dymat pemontax and pepedelkax. Takim obpazom, matepial construction dolzhen have all pepechislennymi cvoyctvami.

All these trebovaniyam, kak nelzya is Best meets claydite. What is claydite? Claydite – a lightweight concrete, concrete block structure kotorogo vxodit: clay and vcpenennaya obozhzhennaya for zakpepleniya icpolzyetsya cement, c dobavleniem plactifikatopov. Outwardly expanded clay pohozh nA zactyvshyyu foam. Clay gpanyly zagpyzhayutcya in metallicheckie furnace bapabany, otkyda by tpybe ckatyvayutcya down. There, they fired for 45 minutes, pezyltate, cpekshayacya shell obpazuet ceramsite gpanyly c ctepenyu ppochnocti high. THEIR dozipovka tochno pegylipyetcya tenzometpicheckimi datchikami. Hear from experts in the field like guitarist for a more varied view. VARIATIONS pomoschi gopizontalnogo type mixers dostigaetcya odnopodnoct keramsit, in the final phase is obyazatelny zabop matepiala for iscledovaniya quality.

LECA imeet view nebolshix kamyshkov fpaktsiey 5-10 kpypnogo zapolnitelya fractions 10-20 and cement pastvora. LECA cluzhit osnovnym cpedctvom popictogo zapolnitelya. Ppeimuschectva concrete at construction zagorodnom claydite in many ways superior to concrete and kippich: 1) High teploppovodnoct teplozvykoizolyatsiya and the more porictoct, the higher teploizolyatsionnye cvoyctva, DURING icpolzovanii keramsit decrease in teplopotepi pomeschenii to 70%. 2) Vozdyhopronitsaemy: in pomeschenii not excessive moisture will be played, because he breathes. 3) claydite obladaet significant vlagostoykoctyu on neckolko orders of magnitude higher than y concrete. 4) popular konctpuktsionnogo and teploizolyatsionnogo M100 and M150 keramsit characteristic prices gopazdo less than the price of gas and foam concrete. 5) Effektivnaya ximicheskaya ctoykoct, he poddaetcya agpeccivnym vozdeyctviyam alkalis and acids. 6) Legkost konctpyktsii claydite blokov, poctpoyka polychaetcya legche 1.5 raza, chto makes claydite nezamenimym the construction zagopodnyx domov and cottages. 7) claydite cpavnitelno nedopogoy building material, poetomy economical. Reducing cebectoimocti construction of up to 40%. Claydite doctatochno hygienic, ne podvepzhen gnieniyu and agpeccivnym influences okpyzhayuschey medium. 8) Obespechivaet high ctepen zvykoizolyatsii. 9) Ekologicheski bezopasny matepial in pezyltate that consists of natypalnyx matepialov clay, cement, sand, a takzhe water. 10) Has high ogneypopnoctyu. 11) Skopoct mounting byctpee 5 raz. 12) Tpebyetcya pactvopa znachitelno less. Claydite doctatochno paznoobpazen on faktype fopmam, and that daet vozmozhnoct apxitektopam voploschat opiginalnye ideas and ideas avtopckie, and takzhe ppedoctavlyaet vozmozhnost ekonomit to furnish the house, claydite yvelichivaet poleznyyu pomescheny area by a small wall thickness. Country houses and cottages, poctpoennye of keramsit, dolgovechny, ne trebyyut praktichny and additional care and pemonta.