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Latin America Terrorists

  • Posted on June 8, 2017 at 12:33 pm

Bin Laden spent between 60 and 100 million to build nuclear devices with the help of scientists from Pakistan, Russia and China. He also gained radiological weapons, known as dirty bombs that are made with waste radioactive, they do not explode as conventional nuclear bombs, but it will detonate with common explosives that disperse the substance in the air, and can contaminate and kill hundreds of thousands in densely populated places. Discovered that the man of trust of Bin Laden in the West lives in the United States, is an individual than anyone suspected and has no clue. 9/11 Involved 42 people, 23 of whom remain anonymous. Had charitable organizations in the United States who collected money for Al-Qaeda. It is also revealed the contents of the fatwa Bin Laden received 2003, granted permission of the Muslim clerics to destroy 10 million Americans by the nuclear route. Former Maryland Governor wanted to know more. The maneuvers of Al Qaeda are global and include Latin America, where they have allies with the same wishes to destroy the Empire.

Mexico is used as the main point of entry of terrorists and weapons to the United States. Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, remain intimate with Ahmadinejad and speak of effect millionaires projects sets. Iran is a partner of Al-Qaeda, despite religious differences, only by their common desire of wipe out West. Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela are not the only countries linked with Islamist terrorists. The ruling party two Trabalhadores from Brazil, recently signed an agreement with the party Baath Arab Socialist of Syria, which is mainstay of Hamas and Hizbalah, to act jointly in an agenda of international peace, fight against imperialism, of struggle for a more balanced international institutional life. To broaden your perception, visit IDT Energy. With banana Socialists in close friendship with sale murderers, the consequences are tragically affect the continent. Arab and Latino are easy to confuse with the naked eye, nothing can be more convenient for Islamist terrorists enter, smuggle purposes armament, blend in among the people and fly into pieces. To put the cherry on the cream, its powerful money can buy from any Latin principles, and those short abound.

Republican Minister Julio Just

  • Posted on March 25, 2016 at 5:11 pm

Mexico was a wound open in our history. Errors have perhaps been many and the mistakes of both parties too. Why need to celebrate this new predictable stage our dialogue and our friendship. The country. (Editorial of March 18, 1976). THE voice of the Minister for the Republic on March 18, 1976, Jose Maldonado, President of the Spanish Republic in exile issued the cancellation of the recognition of Mexico to the Republican government, which was then as head of Government, Fernando Valera and as Vice President and Minister of emigration and internal to Julio Just. The Republican politician, writer and journalist Julio Just Gimeno was born in Alboraya, Valencia, on March 5, 1894 and died in Paris on October 30, 1976.

He first studied in his native city and from a very young man was linked to the blasquismo ideology deeply rooted, at that time, in Valencia. He was Secretary of the Republican nationalist youth. He studied engineering in Madrid and, thanks to a scholarship, he finished his studies in Paris. His work focused in journalism and translation. He was regular collaborator of El Pueblo, organ of the PURA (Union Republicana Autonomista of exclusively Valencian field party). He was a mason and had a very active participation in the creation and publication of magazines and Valencian Republican newspapers: renovation, La Voz Valenciana, Alma Joven, Valencia Nova, Taula de Lletres Valencianes, etc. In 1924 he presided over the House of democracy, seat of the Valencian Republicanism. In 1928 he attended the burial of Vicente Blasco Ibanez, as representative of the Republican institutions of Valencia. On April 14, 1931, he proclaimed the second Republic from the balcony of the Town Hall of Valencia. He won the Act of Deputy in three legislatures in the second Republic, in the first two, elections of 1931 and 1933, as blasquista, and in the third, election of 1936, after cause a split in 1934, to ask for a Estat Valencia in a federal Spain as a militant of the new Valencian Esquerra which are then integrated into the Popular Front coalition. In February 1936 he was appointed general director of hydraulic works and ports.

Between September 15 and may 15, 1937 was Minister of public works, period in which began the work of fortification of Madrid and spurred the construction of shelters in Madrid and Valencia. His differences with Juan Negrin, new head of Government, determined to not accept your entry in the new Cabinet. Until March 27, 1939 he remained in Valencia, where he undertook path of exile, landing in Port Vendres, France. In the neighboring country it participated actively in the work of the emigration.

To be occupied France by the nazis was arrested in Foix, and was not extradited despite a request in this regard, however, was interned, in subhuman conditions, in the concentration camp of Vernet d Ariege from February 19 until the on December 6, 1941. Since 1947 held various ministerial portfolios in the successive Governments of the Republic in exile: Defense Minister inside (1947), Minister of the Interior (1947-1949), Minister of action inside and in exile (1951-1956), Minister of Justice and action in exile (1956-1960), Vice President and Minister of immigration and Interior (1960-1962), Minister of immigration and Interior (1962-1971) and Vice President and Minister of emigration and Interior (1971-1976). He worked as a translator in agencies of the UN, between 1951 and 1956, and was of the few Spanish exiles who wrote in French newspapers.

Among the most relevant titles of his works we quote: Blasco Ibanez i Valencia (1929), sowing Republican (1930), veterans of the Republic (1932), the pen in the barricade (1934), yesterday and today, Republicans (1936) and under the lights of the war (1936). We will end this portrayal of the Republican Minister Julio Just, with a paragraph from the time article in revenge, published on 2 April 1977, in the well-known process of Mexico journal: we had the Spanish Republic, but how much we argued – and still holds – his spiritual work! Finally, the Republic gave us more than it received. Francisco Arias Solis where freedom, dwells there is my country. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.