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  • Posted on January 28, 2017 at 10:33 pm

What does this mean? People who demand precision, without a system failure, it is better to opt for Intel, but the fans play modern games require a more powerful processor. In such cases will be indispensable AMD. It is worth noting that the type of processor must match the connector on the motherboard. Complete with AMD-processor shnym cheaper, but do not forget that unpleasant would happen if say after three hours of hard work you will hang the program. Another factor is the choice of the number of processor cores. It still deviate from the topic and clarify for what invented the two nuclear units and more. There is a misconception that the two nuclei come up only to speed up your computer.

To do this, too, of course! But the main purpose of the two nuclear computer was working on two monitors at once. Two processes are working completely independently of each other and displayed on different monitors through different outputs. That is why the two nuclear computers quickly won market. And why are not widely used three, four and six core processors. Modern man in the street at any level, often good enough powerful dual-core processor with a good frequency. The latter, incidentally, describes the performance processor.

Considering all this, in most cases, does not make sense to buy an expensive 'chetyrehyadernik', you can buy a processor for your needs – half the price. So, you and decided on the parent motherboard and processor. Next we need to man up sistemuvinchesterom, E expansion card and RAM.