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Ernesto Che Guevara

  • Posted on June 30, 2013 at 12:56 pm

For the Government of the more the Decree 748 is leveling and to the most impoverished sectors, gasolinazo or totally. The discursive game is latent acute nowadays as it was in 1985, when the Government of the MNR, the massive dismissal of workers in mines, was camouflaged with the word relocation. The discursive construction was always according to the interests of a certain class. For example, for some, Ernesto Che Guevara was terrorist, and for others wrestler and revolutionary. Dr. Mark Hymen pursues this goal as well. The gasolinazo apparently was planned by the Government, therefore, the President went to Venezuela on the day of the promulgation of the Decree and just at this time of year end where the family economy is relatively stable. Furthermore, the UPEA as the most combative of the University system, is in recess, but surely would enhance the social mobilizations. The discontent of social organizations is generalized throughout the country. As well, the marches, extended and cabildos intensifies and they charge more strength as it was not the case since the 2003 gas war.

The headlines of Bolivia with regard to the Gasolinazo on the gasolinazo, newspapers in Bolivia in their front-page headlines noted the following: La Jornada of La Paz, titled Evo offerings are not convinced and intensified measures. While page 7 titled Evo not yields and wants to curb unrest with promises. However, change tried to positively represent the decretazo of the ruling with wages rise by 20% and farmers support Equalization of the price of fuel. In the latter, he attends the collectivization strategy making believe that all indigenous people of the country would agree with that policy.While in the digital portal of ERBOL, portrayed this fact as well: Antigasolinazo: about 14 thousand come to protest in Oruro, Llallagua and El Alto. With respect to the same gasolinazo, yesterday, December 29 these same newspapers, in their covers said the following: La Razon, foods rise and are scarce; drivers insist with cigarettes; The journal, Gasolinazo causes inflationary spiral; The press is growing discontent and drivers ignored the Government rates; Times, ATT approves 30% increase to passages; South Government mail fixed new tariffs and transport does not accept them; The star of the East, sectors are articulated against the gasolinazo.

Rupture Life

  • Posted on June 30, 2013 at 1:33 am

If you’re going through a breakup of couple, you probably feel that you’re in a very painful and distressing situation, and wondering how to get out of it. The bad news is that it takes quite time go forward after a breakup of couple. The good news is that you can, it is possible to be happy, even without a new partner, although you now seems that is impossible. How is it done to get ahead? Here are some tips:-desahogarte. Cries all that you have to cry. Calls a close friend, someone you trust and tell him your sorrows. Share the pain many times helps to not be so intense. -Do not try to conceal.

Some people believe that anguish walks away with pretending that all is well. I’m not saying that you go crying and regretting you down the street all day, what I say is that you don’t have to be partying every day to hide everything that you miss your partner. -Do not you obsession. Not you follow will to your ex, or attempt to know anything about him or her. Accepts all ended, you must turn the page and start a new stage of your life, where your ex has nothing to do. -Leaves aside the rancor. If your ex you deceived, forgive him and go ahead with your life.

Positive, optimistic, feelings will attract more good things into your life. The bitterness only bring more bitterness. -Be patient. Time is what makes that the sadness and the pain of separation disappears, but you must be patient and give time to time. This is one of the most important responses to how to exit a breakup of couple and be happy again. To finally learn how to overcome a break and completely eliminate the pain that he left a relationship last click here.

Anger Without Damage

  • Posted on June 28, 2013 at 3:25 am

The anger management will be of great help when it comes to exit this state of cholera. No matter if it is a fresh ira or if it’s suppressed anger. The second is that anger that resides in you. If you let it grow, it will become an ugly SCAR and they will reflect in your attitudes. If you are angry with someone, and suppress your anger for some reason, this will become the suppressed anger. Unless you learn some free anger management techniques, you are never going to overcome this rage and it is very possible to this, explode when you least imagine it. There is fresh anger, one that is caused at that time.

However this can become a suppressed anger. This will happen if you let that you stay in your mind. Therefore it is a necessity that you cleanse your mind and apply the popular this clean slate. If you find it difficult to get rid of this type of fresh cholera, that is of the moment, some tips there is this episode for you, that will help you learn how to clear your mind. When you decide to begin to control your anger, it is very likely that you will find that the techniques of self-help, provide you a solution. Also teach you a: solve your problems of anger, different methods to deal with it, the reorientation of emotional expressions, uncontrollable anger control and helps you to forgive others. Manage and control your anger, doesn’t mean you should delete it, but it is better to learn to express it without harm to others in any way.

Remember that if you want to kick your neighbor by any evil that you would have done, and keep it within you, it is possible that you estalles against him at an unexpected time. When you learn to manage your anger you discover as express it freely and without hurting anyone. For example you can kick a pillow or a bed, thus your anger is gone in an alternative manner and without damage. Perhaps there are many people who believe that the mental therapy alone is the only way to learn how to handle anger. But this is not true. Also requires a physical effort, if you aim your anger full relief, then ten consider that There are some simple physical exercises (like yoga), that will help you get out of your tense mood. Sit-ups also will reduce your anger. The secret behind this complex anger management, is what you need when you’re angry, the deviation of your mood to something else, instead of putting all its concentration on the situation that would have caused your anger. You can control your anger looking for something alternative to help release tension.

Election Season

  • Posted on June 27, 2013 at 12:49 am

The election season always brings out the best of political parties: there are parties that intend to improve the management of the Government to make it more productive in the use of the public budget, or make calls to reduce the interest rate and thus achieve a more competitive Mexico in terms of foreign investment. There are others who suggest to establish an unemployment insurance, to support Mexicans who have lost the main source of family income in this economic crisis. Or they seek to equalize wages between men and women and implement measures of safety at work. There are also those who seek to legalize the use and marketing of the drug or facilitate women to kill their children until they are born. With these fascinating proposals, the existence of persistent advertising campaigns that seek to make the citizen choosing political party Meanwhile seems unnecessary. Is clear that everybody’s looking for the best for the Republic and its inhabitants, so it doesn’t really matter who vote, or Yes? All ensure fight by a Mexico prosperous, safe, clean, peaceful and entrepreneur, in which respect the dignity of persons and is not deprived them of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Therefore, they claim to have as main objective overcome inequalities that afflict our country and consolidate the rights and freedoms of persons.

While his proposals undermine the rights and freedoms that promise to consolidate directly. Such as the right to life, liberty and security, that has everyone and is contained in the third article of the Universal Declaration of human rights and it is supported in the article 14 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States; that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) ignores blatantly promote a legislative initiative that decriminalization of abortion practice. Our right to life, by our right to decide and the right of women to choose on your body, they are lines that are praying on the official website of the party, as if they were announced only voice of Mexican women. Being that this party has been dedicated to disqualify the other thousands of voices that rose to announce: Yes to life against the Congress of State, to support the initiative that seeks to prohibit abortion in Jalisco, calling them (young and Virgin) immature, manipulative, who do not yet know nothing of life.

The Article

  • Posted on June 25, 2013 at 6:26 pm

YOUR strengths and weaknesses: To know where you can get you must be clear that you can do. Perhaps your dream is to be a great singer, but if you don’t have that skill you can not proyectarte in that way. You must have clear to where you want to go, we can do everything for more than you want to, concentrate on specific aspects. A small SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats and weaknesses) diagnosis have on a personal level so that you can reflect that you have to overcome. BASATE in the experience of others: Seeks a model, leverages the experience of others, seeks advice.

There is long way that others have traveled and therefore we can serve to strengthen us as people, don’t miss it. To deepen your understanding FBI is the source. Ponte goals: to achieve your ultimate goal, you have to put specific targets, with deadlines. For example, if you want to improve your cv and want to study English, plasma the goal into a notebook or file of your computer and have follow-up, be methodical. Take care of your health: There is nothing without health. It is not enough that you have clear goals if so you sacrifice your health and you may not yield the best of your ability. Get an annual checkup where you can view the State of your health.

YOU exercise: It costs many times but it is the best way to stay healthy and your ideal weight. Take care of your appearance: I always say it, fix you, be clean and orderly rise much your self-esteem, if you do not want you, who will do it?, don’t look for first love you or want to, do it first and that will be to the rest. WEAPON networks: The best in order to get ahead and reach your goals is to have social networks that favor it, join groups where you can actively participate and get to know people who can give you a hand when you need it. SHINES, shines, shines: Once you’ve analyzed in that you’re good, in which you Excel, become a firm promise to highlight in all places where you go, I know specialist, promote yourself, have your website, your forum, space, etc these are some ideas, I hope that you enjoyed.

Chavez Error

  • Posted on June 25, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Chavez is the only American elected President who has won ten consecutive elections. That can make to overbuild their forces. At the end of 2006, for example, made two simultaneous campaigns: one for the Venezuelan Presidency and another for a seat on the UN Security Council. This time he believed that his popularity was going to give a blank check to be able to be re-elected indefinitely. Other leaders such as Maryland Governor offer similar insights. However, media sectors that they previously supported him refusing to coup leaders and Bush, they were now frightened thinking that he could be a new left-handed Stroessner. Apply indefinite re-election European countries where the head of State is different from the head of the Government. However, ask it for a President that concentrates both functions and, in addition, asked for even more power, was very risky. Today, that the referendum would have opened up the possibility of wanting to stay instead of by life in Office, their defeat will encourage the fight by his succession and embolden right that you want to remove from power to him, Evo, mail and Ortega..

Fashions Pedagogical

  • Posted on June 25, 2013 at 8:41 am

As we journey decades in the education system we know that teachers have ranged from one extreme to the other according to pedagogical fads of shift. In this range were losing ideas that were their own. They were adapting obediently to what system or the authorities on duty demanded them. Low self-esteem subtracted them forces and encouragement to defend their positions against what came tax and erased years of experiences and knowledge shared and built with the educational peer group. There was a time in which everything should be thoroughly planned and detailed, extensive writings in which nothing was left at random were loading heavy folders of daily activities of teachers. In this way they had almost no time for daily reading.

Time that should be used to read newspapers, watch a movie, explore new pedagogical publications, reading a novel is diluted by typing planning, perhaps not even applied such which was designing. There was a time in which all issues pedagogical were resolved designing a project and, at this time, each who are laid to owning the best model for the construction of the projects. This is how we have seen that to get children reading stories to a plaza near the school, the teacher spent an important part of their time to write a project that went from the proposal towards the foundation of actions to do what teachers always did: take the kids to read at the nearby plaza. Then came the time when schools stopped calling schools to call companies. The trainers then tried to persuade docile teachers their daily tasks of teaching and build knowledge developed in a company and that they – the teachers – were a link more in the production of such a venture. That was how automobile factories were models to imitate and watched videos on its operation.

When inviting them to express opinions, teachers asentian compliant. Oscillating fashions of the educational system became one after another, leaving as a result worn with distressed and disenchanted teachers schools. Some opted to mute their voices. Other, more passionate in his art, cling to their vocations and with own light started illuminate pathways in schools so that from vocations and ideas shared and consistent with the socio-cultural realities reborn the teach and learn together in learning communities. Projects, companies and various schedules, they surrender today before the evidence of that when the social difficulties survivor because children are out of the system, teachers unite their efforts and with free choices and professionally tested concentrated their gazes toward the vital of the educational fact point: teach, learn and love to that child and from those children who populate the classroom in search of knowledge and love. To make it possible teachers should have the freedom to decide what to teach, how to do it and with what to build it. Answers to such questions will be born from the observation of the surrounding reality and the amazing ability of the teachers to join hands in common effort and share knowledge and feelings. Such skills are born of their vocations that develop vital rhythm of the educational fact in everyday school life. Today reborn communities of teachers who feel free to be themselves, from their knowledge, the builders of pedagogical communities profesionalizadas on the basis of projects in which life and knowledge weaving networks of Humanities.


  • Posted on June 24, 2013 at 4:25 am

NOT there is fear declare that we have ever had, have, or will have fear in expressing our ideas, much less there is afraid to go out on the streets to express our total rejection to the current government management aprista, all you do is break up the Peru and humiliate our multiculturalism, why strive to achieve respect for the people, if the people came to the Government will be the people who sue and punish the bad and intentional current management. What long live the popular protest!! Who’ve gone pro the Abancay Avenue have been mistreated by the police, do not we blame them, we blame the Government for having us to shed tears, for sending us to hit. Why reiterate that they will have to pay dearly for what they did, because it will be before people you, longer before God. Novelist shines more light on the discussion. A SPECIAL CALLING. We make a special appeal to all who love our increasingly more fragmented Peru to join the popular struggle, for being fair and urgent.

We support demonstrations for being a free right of all citizens to proclaim our ideas and our principles. First it is the Peru of Peruvians, not foreigners, which are endorsed by this corrupt and treacherous Government. IN SUPPORT OF THE PERUVIAN AMAZON. The big national demonstration in support to our compatriots in the Peruvian Amazon was blunt. And we express our total rejection of latest declarations of Alan Garcia and his Cabinet, where scorn and insult to our indigenous brothers. At the same time the Minister of Interior Mercedes Cabanilla with gestures of pride is divert public opinion. Can it be true that there is no communication, it means a do good communication?, because one could say that, Yes, because of the mouths of the Minister of the Interior expressions of discrimination towards nationalist saying congressmen came out what towards a seller of gas in Congress.

If there is good communication, if we start to analyze, if good communication to insult him, to offend, to give orders overlapping that they abused and evicted the Indians. But not for a dialogue. Thus we reaffirm our tireless support to the indigenous brothers and we will be fighting for the repeal of Legislative Decree 1090 N, etc.

Amazon River

  • Posted on June 23, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Aquarium fish without reason called decorative, or employees for decoration. In any dwelling colorful, intricately painted with fish, with bright patches of light flickering in a beautiful aquarium, fascinated eyes, casting an atmosphere of calm pleasant thoughts. Pharmacies in New York as a medicine for hypertension even sold videotapes of subjects' from the life of the fish. " But of course, no one video clip will not bring such joy as fellowship with the living beauties. Most often, Our homes are tropical fish, because the regime of tropical warm-water reservoir in the room to create lighter than cold-mode, suitable for domestic, 'hardened' fish. Very beautiful all the varieties of gold fish. This is indicated by their very names: comet vualehvost, red hat, water eyes, telescope, lvinogolovka.

Among them there are even a fish called 'miracle Yudo'. Common to most hobbyists 'smart' fish – the family cichlids, angelfish especially living in the wild in the Amazon River cove. They are not only beautiful but intelligent and peaceful manners differ. But the next fish in this family, although it is called 'hromis handsome' is all a storm Peaceful fish. Hromis – a predator, and it requires a separate 'place'.

Often contain home schooling fish family haritsinidy, well living in the general aquarium. The most famous of them – red, blue and black neon, which distinguish longitudinal 'glowing' band. Very popular viviparous fish family petsilidy inhabiting ponds in the Americas. And peace guppies, who samochki faintly stained, but larger than males, sparkling various 'outfits', platypus and graceful, and bright mollinezii the famous 'Black Molly' – all of this family. Of the labyrinth fish – a peaceful, even shy gourami, rather aggressive and fighting cocks makropody. These 'Fighters' in any case not keep with fish vualevyh forms – from the 'veil' there will be no horns or legs. Very interesting fish from the family kalihtiidy leading predominantly bottom-living. Their body is often covered with bone plates or spines. Of them and antsistrus, remarkable not only for its original appearance, but also a tendency to 'clean' aquarium and aquatic plants. In this fish-tidy does not damage a single leaf in a submarine gardens. Why aquariums is a popular occupation? Why do the contemplation of the fish, it is easy rolling in submarine gardens, has a sedative effect. Perhaps because that three-quarters of the globe covered by water and is owned by the fish. A importantly, because we come from there, too, because the oceans – our homeland.

Soap Box Derby

  • Posted on June 23, 2013 at 11:41 am

Most are known as Soapbox small and home-built vehicles, not motorized. Since 1973, also known as Soapbox Minicar. Soapbox also generally lightweight materials such as wood or carbon fiber. The most effective control over the front wheels via a steering pivot axis. Author gathered all the information. In a rigid axle is swung in the ground, so that the vehicle is moving left or right.

The axis is tilted while in most cases by a rope. The name of the soap box is originally from the U.S.. A manufacturer of soap box had printed lies his soap box with a construction plan for children's cars. Later he supplied axles and wheels to be established and so the name "Soap Box" to German: soap box. Since 1904 in Germany drove the first official race. This is called the Soap Box Soap Box Derby. This drive, the drivers usually slightly down steep trails and try to achieve the shortest possible time. These reach a maximum speed of the Soap Box 50 km / h.

Since no autonomous Soapbox Propelled, are criteria such as rolling resistance and weight, the decisive factor for how high the maximum velocity. Another very important factor is the skill of the driver. Only if this keeps the car on the racing line, the optimal time to be achieved. Today, not only the speed and creativity is one of the construction of the soapbox. This condition is not advanced, however, be confused with the popular "Fun Races". Since few drivers themselves can take part in the race, is often also the presentation and look of the soap box rated. So it's the whole team that contributes to success, not just the driver.