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  • Posted on October 3, 2017 at 12:48 am

Observations, impressions, observations, written after a visit to the bunker Kossa in October 2010. The website of the Museum without digression in the story, set in an eye-catcher, quote: in the last phase of the cold war, these bunkers was the secret treasure of the Warsaw Pact ‘. It is not something Michael Chabon would like to discuss. ” Originally posted at the end. A great, interesting, retort as magnetically-looking headline. What is behind this? The curiosity is great, what a mystery is solved here. The voltage rises, no statement, the mystery persists.

The Museum Guide I don’t want to bring in emergency, a post titled brain of the Heath “in the Spiegel Online” – issue 14 / 2010 believes to solve the mystery. This post contains more responses, raises many questions. But what answers are?. You accompany me over two hours of leadership, like a red thread through the machine. The answers are not alien to me, get a facial here. Highlighted and emphasised the role of Kossa as army leadership position in case of war. For which army actually? The suspected army did not exist here, her room of operational purpose lay far to the South of East Germany. An other army there also not, neither one of the NVA of still the WGT (West Group of the armed forces of the USSR), so who should be carried from here?.

Kossa, a leadership position without an army?, yes she was actually. None of the visitor asks a question, I force myself to the restraint. Kossa was no army leadership, also she was not the command of the combined forces. But she offered us. Everything somehow belongs to the NVA is here assumed the Supreme command, the NVA was finally a coalition army. Differentiation between Alliance and national tasks in case of war cannot be heard. The now existing literature, the role of Kossa, is obviously disregarded or is not known.

June 17 Is Still An Important Anniversary

  • Posted on May 22, 2017 at 6:56 am

CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon: ‘memory of the East German freedom movement we should keep schools in Wuppertal’ June 17 will remain an important feast day in German history. Today marks the uprising in East Germany for the 56th time. Ultra Wellness Center often says this. as result of the repressive State violence that put the regime in East Germany on June 17, 1953 on the day, were to complain about 100 fatalities. We should keep the memory on this day especially in the schools, Wuppertal CDU Chairman Bernhard Simon says. This year is the Saint Anna school in Wuppertal with the Anton Roesen Prize for the design of the thanks day for the victims of national socialism ‘ has been honored. This could be exemplary for the memory of the wrongs perpetrated in the name of so-zialismus. Besides treating DDR injustice in the classroom, the design of a memorial day for the victims of the freedom movement in the GDR would be certainly a good way to students, but also all our citizens and Citizens for this topic to raise awareness”, so Simon. It is good that the Grand Coalition has enforced a SED-victim pension for politically persecuted in this parliamentary term in Berlin.

Where there is abuse, this is to turn off. One lesson to be drawn from this horrible happening almost 60 years ago, is the following: we should be thankful that we live in freedom and prosperity. This is not self-evident. I hope, therefore, that for example all Wupper Valley gutters and Wupper Valley gutters in the upcoming elections of their democratic right to vote exercise and strengthen the forces that strive for the well-being of this city and this country and stand firmly on the ground of our Constitution,”Simon noted. The party could anyway, not just as a left-wing party within the democratic Constitution arch be seen, because when you continue from a purely instrumental relationship to parliamentary democracy and went out to the free democratic basic order, the left, which stand in direct succession to the SED, so Simon, must be.

Lotar Kupper

  • Posted on May 22, 2017 at 4:41 am

Berlin data protection Commissioner Dr. Alexander Dix criticized the intransparent concept in its opinion 4 already at the time and already strongly warned of the dangers of lack of data protection. Lotar Kupper explains: “one may justifiably claim the law to automated student file”with hot needle knit was”.” Unfortunately, the Senate Administration its intransparent information policy also pursued and not actively binds, include as already in the Bill, the existing parent bodies (State School Board etc.). Read more here: Bernie Sanders. Even this, Senate Standing Panel, anchored “Advisory” to the page being legally rather by chance by the press, as informed by direct address.” Further, the spokesman explains of AG students file: the “action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” before a “Roundtable students file” from the baptism lifted, which very efficiently and on the basis of various mind images developed holistic concepts. This was given to the students file in To prevent Berlin. If even this goal is not achieved, we could achieve a so-called social data’s use of pseudonyms and yet centralized storage. Please visit Ultra Wellness Center if you seek more information.

A further round table could now both a trustful introduction of the student file, as an involvement of interested citizens “to work”. “Action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” education Senator Zachariah now prompts you to suspend the further implementation of the Berlin school and again set up one agree to round table “Pupil file”, to which all interested bodies and interest groups are invited. The “action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” could recommend, experienced mediators, which competently work out the partly contradictory interests and opinion and the constructive work of the “Round table students file” accompany. In their own right: The students file group of “Action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” meets every 2nd Tuesday. footnotes: 1 Berliner Zeitung: offices may data by parents 2 Coalition against the students file check 3 opinion of the”Alliance against the students file”to the planned introduction of a student file for Berlin (19.01.09) 4 Berlin Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information (19.02.

Growth Remains The Buzzword

  • Posted on April 18, 2017 at 12:11 pm

SME opts for relief from citizens and businesses – credit crunch is next topic Dusseldorf/Berlin, the downward trend coming November 17, 2009 – her end, however, in the current report of the Council of advisers of the Federal Government to review the overall economic development is said to that the German economy economically in a deep valley. The slightly positive signals with a growth of 1.6 percent for the year 2010 therefore do not give rise to euphoric assessments. There are no margins for additional spending or tax cuts. The upward trend was altogether too weak and too fragile. Little flattering, the evaluation of the adopted growth acceleration Act failed also.

Generally the economy can be cranked according to Council only this permanently, that the State reduces anti-growth taxes and increases less growth harmful taxes”, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the report of the Panel reported. The first group, scientists expect the corporate taxes as well as taxes on capital income, the second group of the sales tax, but also the income tax. You recommend in the VAT reduced the catalog to browse thoroughly taxed goods”, so the leaf. Bernie Sanders is actively involved in the matter. The assessment of the German middle class, that the economy is slowly recovering, sees SMEs (BVMW) Mario Ohoven, President of the Association, confirmed. According to a report by Exchange online it arrives in his eyes now, increasing the consumption and investment power through a sustainable relief of citizens and businesses.” This aspect will not sufficiently into account by the Council of experts. In addition Ohoven warns purpose pessimism, which was that the growth-promoting effect will denied the tax relief coming into force at the turn of the year”. Growth per se is the magic word in the crisis.

A percentage point put more economic growth around seven billion euros in addition to State funds. At the same time social systems would be relieved”, the online magazine. Against this background it should now don’t break save recovery according to the Ohovens.” Although the Federal Government with a huge leap of faith in small business was started. The Federal Government is to lose this trust by their zigzag course in tax policy”, so the middle-class President. A wrong signal was to fight, now on the time and extent of tax structure reform. The current revival of the economy must not over it fool that 2010 is an economically difficult year for Germany. Because it comes from a very low level and there are still significant uncertainties”, commented Otto Kenzler, President of the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH) the opinion of pundits. Especially rising unemployment and growing funding shortages of the company must make us worry. These factors reduce the incipient recovery and jeopardize the survivability of in solid businesses”, so his warning. Because the financing conditions have continued to deteriorate in the course of the year. The collateral requirements have increased so much that it has become much more difficult for companies to borrow. Even in the short term, the credit supply of our farms is decreasing. This insufficient operating funding threatens even sound businesses”, craft President. Under no circumstances this should happen now, that powerful and robust basically plants due to excessive restraint of the banks would have to file for bankruptcy. His claim is therefore clear: the credit must be here its economic responsibilities. If necessary, the policy must take necessary steps.” Editorial: plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 43 82 E-Mail: Internet:

Lower Austria

  • Posted on August 8, 2016 at 8:33 am

Distribution of political camps in the country at the Enns in the Landtag election in 1921 was educated 1921 the basis for the political system lower Austria further at the beginning of the Republican in Austria with the Landtag election. With the election of April 24 1921 which established the three political camps, i.e. the social democratic, Christian social, and the third camp in this country after 1919 for the second time after the end of the monarchy, and showed in the basics to ensure clear fragmentation, that spread a corresponding political geography in the sense of a differentiated distribution of political camps in lower Austria, Austria. This distinction continues today in their fundamentals. Fundamentals of the political system of lower Austria the basics of the political system lower formed after the Landtag elections in 1919 the Landtag elections in 1921 in the province of lower Austria, where a.o. the capital Vienna was no longer a part of the province of lower Austria… The Christian social Partei(CSP) scored 49.2% and 32 seats, the social democratic Workers Party (SDAP) scored 36.9% and mandates, and the greater German parties of the national liberal 3.Lagers % 12.6% and 6 seats. Thus laid the Foundation for the regional system of the party, which rules the political landscape of the province of lower Austria also still largely at the beginning of the 21.Jahrhundertes.

Result of this election result was Christian (SDAP) composed a large coalition of social Partei(CSP) and social-democratic labour party. Regional constituency boundaries in four parts of the country the regional constituency boundaries outside of Vienna is in four parts divided: a quarter above the Manhartsberg, quarter under the Manhartsberg, quarter above the Wienerwald and below the Wienerwald. While votes accounted for 25% given by the the quarter above the Wienerwald, 37% on the quarter in the Wienerwald, 16% on the quarter above the Manhartsberg and 22% on the quarter in the Vienna Woods.

Evangelical Church

  • Posted on July 31, 2016 at 11:18 am

Now the rule of Westerwelle, who rolled all over what is there not away ducked when the FDP began. Westerwelle purposefully expanded its power in the party. He gathered young politicians to, formed a team of people, of which none Backstab him would it, as happened with Gerhardt. Westerwelle had life are his learned. Mr. Bader Hall in retirement age represents only the older generation and stabilized the team with good contacts to the economy and a few retirees.

2009, the miracle happened. The free Democrats took control after the elections. Mrs Merkel, that had the most votes from the people, has been baited with the Office of the Chancellor and assumed by Horst Seehofer in a coalition Government together with the Bavarian people’s Party. You had guessed it already and Mr Westerwelle confirmed this – unostentatious in his three King speech. The Union was only a means to an end. A correlation of this speech with the “three saints” was not visible. How should it be – Westerwelle is a member of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland and saints are thing of the Catholics.

Mr Westerwelle, its had arrived at the target politically, hard work. Finally, he established with his party, again the neoliberal power in the Republic. His predecessor Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Schroder and Angela Merkel, who brought nothing to the series and back the country in a mountain of debt, were overcome and within a single year order in the Republic restored Westerwelle and his party. More net of the gross. Social is what creates jobs. Down with taxes, a leaner Government and freedom for citizens (not citizen). The reduction of public debt, etc. – all election promises, in large fierce election campaign speeches by Mr Westerwelle across all media and market squares presented, were met and it should now continue. At the State Theater, refined audience – almost everything up on the ladies – tie makers, exclaimed it after the Government of Erhard, the second German economic and job miracle.

CDU Greens

  • Posted on July 28, 2016 at 9:57 am

No clear statements before the Landtag elections before some months, it seemed that the Greens have adopted completely possible black-green government alliances. Among the protests to Stuttgart 21, where the Greens were vehement opponents of the project, had made almost impossible future coalitions. Now, everything is open but apparently again. The news portal reported possible constellations. The Super election year has begun and soon more Landtag elections in Baden-Wurttemberg and other States follow to Hamburg. The Greens also want to at least rule with Baden-Wurttemberg after the parliamentary elections. A black-Green Alliance seemed closed after the extremely different points of view of the Greens and CDU in the station project in Stuttgart basically. At least, Jurgen Trittin had given a clear rejection of future coalitions.

Meanwhile, some time has passed since the major protests to Stuttgart 21, however. There’s election campaign and all parties in the Ultimately a goal: to win the elections. Expected no party alone is to govern in Baden-Wurttemberg, however. So it is not surprising that all possible coalitions are played through in the meantime at least in the media. From black yellow to red-green to a Red Red Green Alliance, every constellation appears to be conceivable.

The CDU uses the possible prospect of an Alliance a clear opposing stance. The FDP is regarded as a favorite of the CDU. Currently, however, it is unclear what would happen if the election results for a black green coalition. So far neither party has expressed clearly against an appropriate Alliance in Baden-Wurttemberg. More information: policy /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

East Berlin

  • Posted on July 25, 2016 at 11:02 pm

A 100 as an excuse false thought. Already after the first hour of the first round of negotiations was the compromise reached seemingly between red and green in terms of A100 officially become a question of “different interpretations”. The SPD broke off the negotiations and announced its failure. Red-Green coalition in Berlin was deceased before the birth and SPD land Chief Muller, the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit had thought to the role of explaining the announced cause of death everywhere. Unless the Greens at the A100 cross, were ruled out, in the face of possible future points of contention as a reliable partner. Unlike that sounded at the Greens, who had come far more contrary to the SPD in terms of A 100 decisions of the own party Congress had actually admitted that as: Wowereit, so the tenor, red-green at first not wanted and in A 100 – building found only a pretext, the Red Green coalition burst to leave. And contrary to the usually correct presumption, that the truth when two quarrel, probably somewhere in the Middle, the Greens had hit here on the head. Because one of the Swedish Parliament for the CDU red green coalition with only one vote majority in the Berlin Senate might have been simply too stressful Klaus Wowereit – anyway not too great friend the Green -, and perhaps not even without reason.

Where Gerhard Schroder spoke by the disciplining effect of narrow majorities in the Federal Government, things in Berlin are quite different. Underpinned this was indeed by the Berlin Young Socialists, which is expressed outraged by the failure of red-green, a violation of Congress accused Wowereit and promptly called for a special Party Congress on the subject. Like Wowereit drove over the Green and large parts of the own supporters with his withdrawal from red-green, can be described with the old Roland Koch word yet only as “brutalstmoglich”. Check with Bernie Sanders to learn more. Nothing was left at the end of the bedroppelten Greens, as Wowereit, implicitly and not without the naivety of the political inexperience to blame opportunism. It is but most amazing when one wants to govern first with the left party and then with the CDU. Sound It is plausible, but not in this constellation. Because, whether Wowereot with going along the East Berlin or the West Berlin conservative, “crazy a sauce” is actually, as the Berliner says. Andreas Kellner…

Steffen Policy

  • Posted on June 10, 2016 at 9:27 pm

In the future provide the commitment that FDP would Philipp Roslers statement as the new Chairman, the new Chairman made recently at the Party Congress. If the young team of “new FDP” really 2009 can make more hopes 15% voters out? There are doubts. Is Philipp Rosler to actually successfully against the nanny State? It remains at 70% taxes for workers a salary increase of 100 euros? When will the tax simplification introduced – even against the wishes of Federal Minister of finance? When are action driven finally by reduction of bureaucracy? What conditions is the FDP at Angela Merkel, if she want more bailout packages for Greece, Portugal and soon Spain and Italy prepared to concede? Dares the small coalition partner to initiate an open debate on the euro and the future of the currency Union in Germany? How does to Philipp Rosler and the new Bundestag Group Chairman Rainer Bruderle with the numerically impressive Bundestag the already held abstract credit guarantees and the inevitably following losses in the billions for taxpayers? What can we expect citizens, because of the energy revolution “less net of the gross” will be initiated? Also in the health policy, there are many question marks. What will the (new) FDP Health Minister to do, stops the initiated post excessive demands in the form of additional contributions in health insurance for employees and retirees, a real social right to compensation arises from a paper tiger and the care of the parents not mainly leads to the maintenance obligation of adult children? When finally be health policy structural measures initiated, resulting in post savings? When the voters solidified the impression, even when the Liberals a deep insecurity about occurred, what policy principles to the orientation should still apply. Yet the principle is actually in the new leadership of the FDP: Liberals should be efficient and as a result social economic policy? Efficiency is surely to define ownership, decentralisation and competition. Many questions! It is to be feared, specific statements and an early “supply” will probably remain.

Ifo Institute

  • Posted on June 2, 2016 at 12:19 am

People with severe addiction disease (particularly alcohol or heroin) with serious psycho-social damages in some cases require a supervisor. Dr. Mark Hyman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also addictions can be at an appropriate severity of mental illness; the addiction must be but in the causal link with a disability or mental illness, or a tortuous addiction mental state must be entered there. Check with Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. Therefore no supervisor can be ordered alcoholics and drug addicts, as long as only an addiction disorder is present. … This means that a disability or illness alone is no reason for the arrangement of a support. It Affairs must exist, which cannot stand alone can get the person concerned as a result of the disability or illness (= action). > Source: (C) by, author a first aid we found: the new law on the legal regulation of advance directives has been adopted after many years of discussion on the 18.6.2009 finally and entered into force on 1.9.2009.

The PatVerfu has been developed on the basis of this law. “With this special form of advance directive, it will be as a supposedly mentally ill to the decision of each individual, whether he/she further admits it in the future,” or mentally ill “known to be, or protected by a PatVerfu, to exclude this possibility. The special feature of PatVerfu is that it guarantees to the Psychiatry area of self-determination. “” With her, any adverse psychiatric intervention in the body, any deprivation of liberty is the on a psychiatric diagnosis “establishes as even incapacitation through unwanted order of a so-called legal supervisor” legally excluded. The PatVerfu is trademarked, but, the form is available in the Internet for free download and for non-commercial use all interested parties to provide free. The PatVerfu is a coalition of various organizations and lawyers, the in the Arbeitsgemeinschaft patient available of for lawyers”have partnered, edited.

Today I understand desperate family members who believe that constantly unsuccessfully to poke in a fog! All homes and institutions are an expression of our sick objectified society and not really serve the subjective interests of inmates and residents! Sick and criminal, congenital damage, not born but socially produced! Headline: Source (C) by, complain of the 15.5.2013 finance updated 06:48 3 14 billion euro loss through interest drought experts destruction of assets German savers interest rates are low as never before. Because of inflation, that is for German savers losing assets. It’s about the gigantic sum of EUR 14 billion in just one year. The economic Chief of the Ifo Institute mentions an inflation machine”. Are right out there? See also the mirror 23/2012, page 54: ‘ as a Depperte stamped ‘ if the assisted victims the greed of their supervisor. Who protects us from the evil in common probably stunted? Note to this Kaloudis: this article is covered in the framework of the freedom of expression article 5, GG, honestly I’m normal! This text (short form) version 3.0 (see wikipedia.