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  • Posted on December 28, 2014 at 8:51 am

When one hears the words work or energy, what comes to mind? The majority of people would answer that raking the yard is work, but you are using energy in both activities. Energy is what allows everything to happen. You live in an ocean of energy. You need energy to guide a car, throwing a ball or play a game. Up to sleep you need energy. But what exactly is the power? Energy is the ability to do a job. Energy comes in different forms: heat, light, mechanical, electrical, chemical and nuclear. All these forms of energy are stored in different ways in the resources of energies that we use daily.

These resources can be divided into two large groups: renewable energy and non-renewable. Renewable energy is a resource that can be used over and over again. These resources can be filled in a short time. People such as John Mclaughlin would likely agree. There are five renewable energy resources that are commonly used. These include hidrofuerza (water), solar, wind, geothermal and biomsa. All resources, with the exception of geothermal energy, come from the Sun. The non-renewable energy resource is one that we use entirely. This can not be created in a short period of time. For thousands of years, the heat from the center of the Earth, along with the pressure of rocks and soil on the leftovers of dead plants and animals (fossils) formed fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal.

Bolivian Nationality

  • Posted on December 23, 2014 at 11:06 pm

A father of Bolivian nationality that lived illegally in Chile, struck to his son of two years with a PVC sewer and he threw soon it to the floor leaving it inconciente because the boy, that had a mental retardation, had tinkled the trousers. The boy did not survive the punishment. In his declaration the father apologized arguing who made to educate it. Novelists opinions are not widely known. It is the second case of infantile violence that he finishes less than with the death of a minor in Chile in a month. In the previous case he was padrastro that the boy to blows assassinated. He considers himself that at the moment in Chile, three of each four boy are mistreated, or physical or psychologically, according to a study realised by Unicef and of them, one is victim of serious violence. De is registered in the Susceretara Carabineros who is carried out twenty police procedures for this reason average. They assure that there was an increase of 76% of the same in both last years.

The president of the country, Michelle Bachelet has insisted to the population to reflect on like generating a coexistence pacific in the families and by all means, it insisted on which is most important to take brings back to consciousness that, who is witness of an act of that category does not have to doubt in denouncing it. I wonder myself how it is possible that at this time where the birth control is within reach of anyone (I am excepting of this rule to the countries where the education does not arrive at the minimum levels), the people are not able to reason ahead of time, if they estan enabled to become position of the enormous responsibility that means ” to be padres”. And in case of discovering it to its birth later how it is possible that they do not think about giving it in adoption if they notice that they do not have the capacity to be it. Thousand or perhaps million pairs anywhere in the world are hoping to adopt young. Perhaps the awareness would have to become at this level. It does not seem to them?