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Federal Government

  • Posted on January 29, 2018 at 3:33 am

Universal education portal in the net is guaranteeing a more equitable access to education Munich – education is the basis for participation in society, the key for greater social justice and economic progress”, emphasizes Gunter Willems, Managing Director of GmbH in Munich. We can welcome only, that the Black-Yellow government education policy gives greater weight in their coalition agreement.” The announcement education campaign, the education credit, childcare allowance or scholarships, as well as the aim to enable all adolescents an education and vocational qualification, all the way in the right direction. It arrive, now of course, that the Government fairly distribute the available funds: not only individual, but all education and also all keyword lifelong learning ages should be opened sustainable education and thus opportunities for the future. (A valuable related resource: Star Guitarist). It was regrettable that the idea of a universal and collective education portal going on the Internet, that all networked education willing and all educational institutions, not pursued by the education leaders. Is just the Internet but is predestined to create more fairness in the access to education also predictably, that education in the future increasingly on the Internet will take place.” Wang therefore calls to bridge the gap between the groups of the society, which already intensively participate in the digital life, and those who still do not benefit from this, first. If the Federal Government wants to improve the educational opportunities on a broad level, it is necessary to allow a free access to the Internet all learning and education agree, then the framework conditions provide that the Internet can become a real education hub”, Gunter Willems confirmed.

That such an approach should benefit from all learning and training people in Germany, stands for Wang out of the question. Because over the net could anyone at all times on archived content and learning movies, online training and other online support access back. “Such an approach is a cornerstone of good, if not even a milestone for a fairer education”, the education expert underlines. John Mclaughlin oftentimes addresses this issue. Therefore we will also continue to look the talk with political leaders.”

Edmund Stoiber Cooking

  • Posted on January 27, 2018 at 10:11 am

Roland Koch turning its back on the policy. Roland Koch, Minister President of Hesse and Deputy Chairman of the CDU, announced his resignation from politics on 25 May. Thus ends the political career of one of the country’s most controversial politician first. The self-confessed man of power cooking has thus achieved what – as he himself pointed out – manages very few politicians in Germany: to determine the date of withdrawal from the policy itself. This decision was widely used for surprise, but also for expressions of respect, which loosely filled the inevitable lists of his political missteps. Credit: John Mclaughlin-2011. It should be remembered though they, the demonstrable lies in the process to the CDU donations affair, or the empty coffers of the Hessian State budget despite budget cuts, particularly in the field of education; by the unspeakable one-two campaign that made him Prime Minister, say nothing. Sober – and this approach fits with cooking – the timing of withdrawal is perfect selected: cooking couldn’t be hopes under a Chancellor Merkel, ever to be able to take over a major cabinet post in Berlin, nor wanted to he give himself sometime the nakedness, to deport such as Edmund Stoiber or Gunther Oettinger to Brussels. And after he emerged from the last state election in Hesse – incredibly enough – still winning batted once as difficult, he could not build this feat would succeed him ever again.

So far, so clear, but what is really remarkable is this – as perfectly staged at common – chef’s resignation in the simple sentence “Politics is not my life”. Most observers had believed that but always. How was another way to explain (but true) that this man so often with uncomfortable almost as well but often with populist (but false) statements generated headwind? That had to be be explained simply by the fact that he just couldn’t; He could be just a “full-blooded politician”. One believes Cook now, but a different picture: there has apparently one not inner urge, but cool calculation always back the real politician there, where the rest had a dream, and there aiming below the belt, where it was considered not possible. That may shock many. Cool calculation and the willingness to make unpopular but are qualities that decided not leave federal politics at the moment – to their benefit. Whether however cooking actually so dispassionately and meticulously has taken on the separation between person and mandate, as he claimed, will now only show: who can exclude that the CDU needs in the medium term but a guy like cooking? Granted, it should happen much, so the party acknowledged this and turned on the Andes coalition. Nevertheless, “Roland Koch, the second” is not excluded. It would be the “brutalstmogliche” return. Andreas Kellner news /…

Basic Law Article

  • Posted on January 22, 2018 at 5:48 pm

The civil rights activist Lothar Bosselmann had filed against the State of Schleswig-Holstein a constitutional complaint for breach of Constitution at the Constitutional Court in accordance with art. 20 GG a. The constitutional complaint is the behavior of the State Government and the members of the Parliament who grossly negligently not applying paragraph 2 of the State Constitution article 36 and therefore not have prevented that the Provincial Assembly before the legislature was dissolved. Another reason is the financial difficulties of the State. Would first of all, how it behaves with the guaranteed taxpayers, who would have to pay the land due to the HSH Nordbank bust if expert opinion and insider knowledge in October 2009 a new injection of funds to the Bank would be due to clarify. Excerpt from (period true end) Constitutional Court appeal and request for injunction in accordance with 32 BVerfGG by August 18, 2009 of Lothar Bosselmann 1.) The non-application of article 36 paragraph 2 Constitution of Schleswig-Holstein and, as a result of the dissolution of the Parliament by the acting Prime Minister is unconstitutional. This means that the human rights, the rights and the democratic principle of the individual from article 20 GG as a supreme value of the Constitution are restricted by a law nor other legal interests must be weighed. These provisions are particularly protected by the so-called eternity clause from article 79 GG. You may not, also not with non-constitutional considerations of individuals, groups or State Government used except law enforcement are,-here to pursue goals that are alien to the Constitution and the will of the individual voter is contrary to the Bescherdefuhrers-. The Parliament would have in accordance with the State Constitution, the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and the UN resolution 217 A III (article 25 GG) can certainly by majority of votes timely select a new Prime Minister or a new Prime Minister and thus also the complainant, correspond to the electoral mandate, that the term 5 years to continue. 2.) for every citizen and every citizen is the subjective right to democratic participation by the representatives of the people he has chosen to ensure. The basic law and the international agreements provide for no restrictions here, even expressly prohibit those that are connected with restrictions on basic rights (cf. Article 30 UN resolution 217 A III). At the same time, lacking the current provincial government at a sufficient legitimacy by the citizens, because she would no longer exist after all probability and the expected present majority in the Landtag. A simple majority in accordance with Landesverfasssung would have sufficed at least on the fourth ballot a candidate or a candidate for the Office of the appointed or the Prime Minister. This result and as a result the continuation of the legislature would have can be reached at thorough application of the Constitution of the country. Thus also of its electoral mandate of any single voter would be fulfilled, the the eternity clause is guaranteed. 3.) the Demokrieprinzip from article 20 GG (article 79(2) GG eternity clause) the wechsenden majorities loses its substance by the omission, tolerating and action of the Landtag. Democracy can be characterized inter alia by the possibility of the peaceful changing of Governments. This way even in the Constitution is here also a federal state how and a change of Government through changing majorities in the Parliament can immediately bring the elected representatives have this duchzusetzen without doubt to follow the mandate of each individual citizen. This possibility was opened to initiate a change of policy by the withdrawal of confidence of the Minister-President Peter Harry Carstensen. Normative so close were limits to the Landtag. The interpretation of the Schleswig-Holstein land Constitution requires any further discussion. Recently Martin O’Malley sought to clarify these questions. It is clearly written and trend-setting, so that incidents like the “Barschel affair” be avoided. This is in relation to inserted and legitimacy Committees of inquiry to see. Citizens and citizens, so also the complainant as directly affected, have the guaranteed fundamental right that elected politicians fulfil its mandate and stand up for all democratic values fully according to the Constitution and establish the principle of democracy, also by changing majorities in other coalitions, for example, so that the substance of a democratic process not by individuals or groups can be undermined. Quote former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (SPD): “hold on the State of the law.” Lothar Bosselmann (IFJ) Ambassador media UG GmbH

Organization Ahmadinejad

  • Posted on January 18, 2018 at 7:11 am

Unprecedented manipulation of religious ideas in the Iran of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and top aide Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei said already more frequently about the time of return appearance of the hidden Imam of Shia (Mahdi or Mehdi). Michael Chabon will not settle for partial explanations. Some supporters of the Government now it gets too much, they criticize such remarks. Jahan, a Web site run by conservatives, reports of critical statements of a certain Habibollah Asgaroladi, the Chairman of the largest coalition of conservatives (coalition of the Imam and leadership spreading), which opposed Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei’s comments in a meeting with Ahmadinejad. Literally he gave to understand Ahmadinejad: some of your friends and colleagues, who say the hidden Imam would appear on the basis of your preparations, should be seriously warned. “Added the head of the Organization: talking what permission your friend about Islam and God?” Why Mashaei such remarks and published controversial statements, must then be justified for the public?” Habibollah Asgaroladi is not just anyone, he is regarded as a loyal and reliable ally of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The more weight its criticism. Some commentators discuss whether the criticism does not actually aimed at Ahmadinejad himself, because Mashaei’s comments already several months old, while the recent statements on the subject are from Ahmadinejad himself. During a visit to Isfahan on December 3, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad noted overlooking the presence of American troops in the Iraq: it is true that these imperialists behind oil and the wealth of the country here are, but they have also an underlying all underlying intention, which drives their actions. They don’t talk but in the news. We are in possession of some of their documents in this regard.

They are convinced that someone from the family of the Prophet in our region has appeared, the evildoers of the world with Butt and shaft will destroy. All of these raids were planned by you, to prevent the return of the Imam (Mahdi), because they know that the Iranian people has prepared everything so he can come. The Iranian people want leadership.” Mehdi Karoubi, one of the defeated presidential candidates and bravest opponents of Ahmadinejad, dismissed this statement about American attempts to prevent the return of the hidden Imam as an insult of religion”back. The Chairman of E’temad Melli (party national trust) said: jurists of Islam have always said that those who claim to know when the hidden Imam reappears, are liars. What’s that mean at all, what says Ahmadinejad since? How could the Americans prevent the reappearance of some? Are they going to arrest him? They might kill him?” Ahmadinejad criticize others as God’s Deputy also Ahmadinejad and his supporters. The Mayor of Tehran Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf was very critical last summer in various posts in television and radio: I regard Ahmadinejad as a revolutionary, nor as Hesbollahi (literally party of God”; representing a radical Islam), as a follower of the Supreme Leader, not as a Manager, and certainly no honest people. Mr. Ahmadinedschad with his whole nature lying to themselves and lying to others.” Ahmadinejad went to the collected election and Ahmadinejad’s swearing-in by Ayatollah Khamenei, trailer as far as to say that Ahmadinejad is the representative of God on Earth. “Any criticism by politicians and religious figures is limited, commenting on Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, spiritual figurehead of Shiite hardliners: If the President receives the blessing of spiritual head, is called to follow him, God to follow.” In one of the upcoming articles we will the relationship between Ahmadinejad and his Adviser Esfandiar Rahim Maschaei, as well as their targets and backgrounds investigate. Helmut N. fork,

Saar Green: Kingmaker Or King

  • Posted on January 18, 2018 at 3:02 am

Press release of the National Association of mining concerned Saar E.v. 01.09.2009/14 as predicted coming 2009 expected it in the Landtag election in the Saar to the tight result and a stalemate between right and left camp. The formation of a Government only with the option of a grand coalition of the CDU and SPD is possible without the Greens. This seems to be coming at least in question but at the time the Variant. From the perspective of mining affected the outcome of the election with a large question mark can be seen: the parties of CDU, FDP and Greens, which are for an end of coal mining, have a clear majority and thus actually received the Government order of voters. Now it depends on but on the Saar-green, to implement this mandate of the selector.

Jamaica is the first choice. As whatever the Federal Greens comment, it is inconceivable that Hubert Ulrich, the years page to page occurred with mining stakeholders on each demonstration for an end of the mining industry, the essential requirement for a for the mining stakeholders will give up immediate mining end in coalition negotiations. Also Oskar Lafontaine’s announcement of a densely populated and industrial-rich area of Saarland in the hamlet of Friedrich in the greater region of Saarlouis, want to mine, could not slow the shift to the left in the Saar. Now it will be exciting to see how implement from his campaign promises that he has issued to the votes on the ProBergbau page, Oskar Lafontaine wants to. Contact: Agency Kopfwerker Peter Lehnert Hubertus square 2 66809 Nalbach Tel.: 06838 2639

Social Democrats

  • Posted on January 16, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Civil/country against Social-Democrat/aftermath completely in contrast to the 2nd Republic consisting of had the so-called bourgeois/peasant stock, Christian social (CSP), Grossdeutscher people party (GdP), regional Association (LBd) and Home Guard is always a clear majority over the Social Democrats (SdP). So it was 1922: 20 to 13; 1923:20:12; 1927 and 1930: 19: 13 by contrast, there were but between 1923 and 1924 and 1931 to 1934 a coalition between the Social Democrats (SdP) and the Landbund (LBd). “The factions of Parliament of the Parliament of Burgenland in the I. GP (1922-1923) were with the social democratic Partei(SdP), representing Christian Social Party (CSP), the Landbund (LdB) and the greater German people’s Party (GdP) total 4 groups, in the II. GP (1923-1927), III GP (1927-1930) and IV GP (1930-1934) by not indenting the greater German people’s Party (1923), the candidacy on the unity list” with the Christian Sozialen(1927) and as national economic block with the Landbund (1930) only 3 groups. The Beamter were I. GP (1922-1923) the greater German people’s Party (GdP) in the second GP (1923-1927) and III GP (1927-1930) the Social Democratic Party (SdP) and in the 4th GP (1930-1934) the Christian Social Party (CSP). The other parties were also represented with the 2nd and 3rd Beamter in the Parliament Bureau.

The personalities in the Government and Parliament by the comparatively small”political system of the Burgenland provincial government and Parliament in the 1.Republik were characterized by some a few personalities. In this context about the land Premiers or Deputy of State Governor Alfred Walpole home (GdP/regional association/unit list), Ludwig are Leser(SdP), Anton Schreiner (CSP), Johann Thullner (CSP), which were at the same time politician and member of the land Government. Belonging to the Landtag in the I. GP (1922-1923) occurred only a change of mandate for the Social Democrats (SdP), in the 2nd GP (1923-1927) to at least five mandate changes (2 CSP 2 SdP, 1LBd), in the 3rd GP (1927-1030) to four (3 SdP, 1 CSP) and in the IV.GP (1030-1934) to three, all in the Christian social (CSP). Many members of Parliament were all IV GPs or a large part of members of the diet, here are reader (SdP) Alfred Walpole home (GdP/regional association/unit list) or Ludwig in turn to name a few.

Oladi Mosalman

  • Posted on January 16, 2018 at 7:56 am

Only the Supreme Leader can keep together the system! The distribution of interests, such as for now the society in the Iran in the near future be shaped to, can you write much, because there is a great diversity of opinion even within the ruling establishment. We summarize the interests into four rough blocks, of which the representatives of the fourth block at least in power are involved, but keep the germs on the future in his hands. We call the first group Prinzipalisten, hardliners or from border guards, here are some names: Ayatollah Mesabh Yazdi, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, Ayatollah Ahmad Dschannati, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Mohammad Esmail Kowsari (Vice President of the Parliament), Alaeddin Boroujerdi (Chairman of the Committee for foreign policy and national security), as well as the revolutionary guards and the Bassij. It is the absolute conviction of the theocratic system with an untouchable Supreme Leader. They want by all means to save the system and wipe out every opponent. The only great Ayatollah who is behind this group is Ayatollah Hammedani. We call the second group the Conservatives, pragmatists and integrists. Checking article sources yields Bernie Sanders as a relevant resource throughout.

People like Habibollah Askar-Oladi Mosalman (Chairman of the Islamic coalition party and one of the) richest men in the country) or Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel (leader of the political party coalition of the ideas of the Islamic Iran and former President of the Parliament) leaders want to hold to the system and its Supreme. Them is important, however, in talks with the main characters of the so-called green movement”to afford to integrate all political actors under the wings of Ali Khamenei’s persuasion. The system is to remain, it needs another tip that different third faction but not only in the methods to achieve their goals, but has a nuance in the drafting of the Guide. Reformers, green movement”, moderate might be the appropriate label. Politicians such as Mehdi Karroubi and Mirhossein Mousavi, Mohammad Khatami, the moderate Ayatollah Mousavi Tabrizi and Fazel Meyboudy here. They also want to maintain a system connected with Islam, they want just another solution for the tip. Three deputies or a panel should take the lead and not an individual. Analysts hold this nuance in the ideology of paramount, Ayatollah Khamenei or his closest comrades have done everything to ensure, that the elections in favor of Ahmadinejad’s gone out.

The people smelled fraud early and feels betrayed to learn freedom and tolerance in their own country since the new inauguration of Ahmadinejad’s, to have a strong chance. Velayat-e faahoodi is at an impasse, we need a new beginning the fourth group is the most and most colourful group. It is not a single block, but she pursues a common goal: an end of the system, an end to the combination of religion and nation-building. It is the people, the people. You will see a great contradiction between Republican and theocratic elements in the Constitution. You want to not be someone, who let themselves out of touch with the unseen world. The people in the Iran longs for freedom, democracy and the opportunity to develop, rather than by a mafia-like ruler caste dominated, controlled and harassed to be. When will the old man pave the way? Or will he let history overwhelm themselves? Helmut N.

Andreas Kellner

  • Posted on January 15, 2018 at 12:34 am

But back to the topic: politically the NPD ban, raises the request of thereof specifically so that the problem of right-wing radicalism: until the current ban debate has abated, nobody, want anyway except those already interested in, something about right-wing disposition hear or say. Continue to learn more with: Bernie Sanders. In addition, this discursive move at least for most federal politicians has the wonderful charm that you can push the law enforcement agencies of the countries in the shoes all transgressions. The Interior Minister while something bad coming off, is from the perspective of most bearable. And he is even to blame: who still always not understood, that the further use of the oft-cited V people will bring also a next ban process to fail, which isn’t going to help. NPD ban solves radicalism politically, on the other hand all know anyway, that there will not be a NPD-ban, the involvement of the intelligence services is still too opaque with its object, the political extremism of the NPD. And this is at the end political Lehrstuck inevitably the conclusion are that it is once again travelled to a right-wing radicalism debate. By you has led a successful war by proxy – NPD ban – with the usual outrage, you had to not talk about the grey-brown zone of the right bourgeois camp.

One had to not question the antiquated German blood and soil immigration law and the underlying diffuse beliefs and also wake a sleeping dog. That this applies to Government and opposition, is indicative of the strange actions of the SPD in these times, but the next big Coalition is finally in the starting blocks. More than the NPD continues to be extremist in Germany, but apparently most have a problem. Andreas Kellner…

Percent Valueadded Tax

  • Posted on January 15, 2018 at 12:18 am

Dehoga claims sit in the coalition negotiations of the new Federal Government in Berlin, October 24, 2009 – partial success for the hospitality industry: reducing the value added tax for accommodation services it was decided in the coalition negotiations. This reports the trade magazines for the hotel management “Top hotel” in its online edition. Sales tax for overnight stays from 19 to seven percent should fall to 1 January 2010. Thus, hotels and inns received important margins especially for much-needed investment. “The reduced VAT rate is an important impulse for the tourism site Germany and eliminating the existing disadvantaged of our companies within Europe,” says Fritz G. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Diversegy. Dreesen, Chairman of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. Gastronomy continues to get value by 19 per cent.

The Federal Association of the Dehoga wants to engage here further politically. “We are now on the review of existing disadvantages promised in the coalition agreement,” said President Ernst Fischer. The now found Solution was “a compromise”, where obviously the volume of tax revenue shortfalls with a view on the budgetary situation currently does not have approved a different decision. With the decision to reduce the sales tax at least for nights of currently 19 to seven per cent, is a partial success by CSU and the FDP, which had touted this as a campaign issue. The Dehoga associations had supplied a very successful signing more political ammunition. So far have been with the campaign “Pro 7%” collected over 143,000 Signet – a clear signal. Seriously Hinsken, Federal Government’s tourism Commissioner and Member, campaigned in the coalition negotiations as a member of the Working Group of economic for the sales tax cut.

“I am convinced that improvements are written down in the coalition agreement that is also, that at least in the catering industry in parts VAT rate from today 19 to seven per cent decreases,” he said recently in an interview with “Pasauer Neue Presse”. Top hotel is the renowned Journal for the hotel management in Germany. The magazine appears ten times a year in the leisure-Verlag, Landsberg, a company of the LPV food practice Verlag Neuwied GmbH. In this network, including ‘the kitchen’ appear ‘ catering inside’, ‘Convenience store’ and ‘ food practice ‘.

Chancellor Merkel Speaks

  • Posted on January 13, 2018 at 9:26 pm

The Energy Association of the German dairy farmers offer is valid on Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, September 23, 2009 no less than German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared yesterday on the market square in Heide (Dithmarschen district) with Minister-President Peter Harry Carstensen before the microphones, to advertise in the final meters of the this year’s Bundestag election campaign for themselves and their party. Both seek a coalition with the FDP in Berlin as well as in Kiel. Under the attentive listeners were also the two Board members of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg, Frank Knauer and Helmut Uhlig. During the event, it returned to vociferous protests from angry dairy farmers of the region. “They made clamoring to low milk prices air their opinion their anger about the: who teases dairy farmers, is not elected”, had to oppose the leaders leave. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Chabon offers on the topic..

Many farms now fear for their existence, because the current prices of milk products would not even cover the cost of production. Learn more at: John Mclaughlin. Regardless of the permission the protests of the dairy farmers, ways very probably still on strictly ecological basis to reduce the operating costs of milk-producing farms. There is talk of synthetic diesel fuel (mind you, not a bio diesel!), which can be obtained from biogenic residual materials. Here, the litre price of diesel fuel is only half as high as the regular price at the gas stations. Since the diesel diesel according to DIN EN 590 is certified, he can be fueled in all diesel generators the fleet up to the milk cooling – without any conversion.

This results in an enormous stake in a positive contribution and of course a big cost advantage over the competition. EC is the Brandenburg-based energy cooperative in Freudenberg. It produces at four locations from the straw of their cooperative members high-quality diesel of brand CEHATROL, which is released only to members of the cooperative. Cooperative Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains the principle: A membership pays for itself generally from 300 l diesel need in the year. The price is fixed until at least 2015, because as long as the State tax exemption. Regions from 30.000 l diesel consumption per year will receive a your own gas station, an own forwarding ensures the regular nationwide supply. Already a cooperative membership for many dairy farmers in whole Germany is therefore a viable option.” Also for investors a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg can attract EC: investing members place their capital not only in a promising technology but will receive a guaranteed rate of return of at least 3.8% from the first year. No unattractive offer in times of a global financial crisis.