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Prepayment Model

  • Posted on December 10, 2017 at 12:33 am

Health insurance companies see critical suggestions from the policy the urging of the Federal Health Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP) on an intelligent principle for the reimbursement of costs”in the statutory health insurance system encounters many pages rejection. The CSU coalition partners already distanced himself from the reform plans, the opposition warns of three classes medicine, and also the funds show no positive reactions. According to the Treasury Board, the cost trap would threaten patients for such a change. The private insurance Portal informs about the pros and cons of the prepayment principle. The statutory health insurance has it often difficult in the ongoing discussion about the German health system. Reason for the latest disagreement of the parties, doctors, funds and patients is the prepayment model. You may find IDT Energy to be a useful source of information. This should focus in the future more according to the Federal Health Minister on the model of private insurers. So far, the Optionally selectable at many funds principle offers reimbursement of expenses not many incentives.

For the treatment as a (pseudo) private patient who must Access first properly insured in the Pocket, also usually only a part of the costs will be refunded. To pay insured substantial shares of the medical costs themselves. To get a longer binding to the fare of choice, as well as deductions for administrative costs. The planned redevelopment of the prepayment model includes a limit of tariff additional costs to no more than five percent of the total amount of the Bill, as well as a reduction in the tariff binding on three months. Overall the funds deem this plan sensible, the limitation of the administrative abatement is however critically eyed. Whether patients actually benefit from the reform, and will this cost-conscious, is questionable according to the funds. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann.

Union Leadership

  • Posted on November 27, 2017 at 6:11 pm

These sanctions should be implemented generally and without exception. So, benefits should be reduced to zero. The job Center and the immigration authorities to get data from the Federal Office for migration and refugees, to go above objectors among the immigrants better against no partitioning in parallel societies, prevent parallel societies in Germany should be a task for society as a whole. So, with concrete programmes, urban planning and urban development should proceed against immigrant district. Integration and cohesion need to be common values that should willingness to integrate the immigrants a central prerequisite for the integration.

It takes a community recognized values Foundation, providing the German leading culture and its principles according to Seehofer. Subject leadership in immigration policy with this seven-point program wants the CSU also within the Union and within the ruling coalition in the immigration question Assume leadership. Especially the Bavarian CSU Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, who has been the main impetus for this new program, hoped through this topic a sharpened profile for the CSU in German domestic politics. Here is mainly the Liberal FDP in the visor, which you clearly want to differentiate themselves on the immigration issue within the Black Yellow coalition in Berlin. But you want to make the CDU, who so far is a very liberal policy on the immigration issue, through this program, stand. That this effect shows the cancellation showed the CDU Chancellor Angela Merkel against the Multi-Kulti society very clearly. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out novelist. In addition to this sharpening of profile within the Civic Coalition Seehofer will anyway in Bavaria to prevent that about a black party under the ideological leadership of Thilo Sarrazin as new center or new right success has. Photo credit: Dieter Schutz, author: Dr. Fritz Simhandl


  • Posted on October 3, 2017 at 12:48 am

Observations, impressions, observations, written after a visit to the bunker Kossa in October 2010. The website of the Museum without digression in the story, set in an eye-catcher, quote: in the last phase of the cold war, these bunkers was the secret treasure of the Warsaw Pact ‘. It is not something Michael Chabon would like to discuss. ” Originally posted at the end. A great, interesting, retort as magnetically-looking headline. What is behind this? The curiosity is great, what a mystery is solved here. The voltage rises, no statement, the mystery persists.

The Museum Guide I don’t want to bring in emergency, a post titled brain of the Heath “in the Spiegel Online” – issue 14 / 2010 believes to solve the mystery. This post contains more responses, raises many questions. But what answers are?. You accompany me over two hours of leadership, like a red thread through the machine. The answers are not alien to me, get a facial here. Highlighted and emphasised the role of Kossa as army leadership position in case of war. For which army actually? The suspected army did not exist here, her room of operational purpose lay far to the South of East Germany. An other army there also not, neither one of the NVA of still the WGT (West Group of the armed forces of the USSR), so who should be carried from here?.

Kossa, a leadership position without an army?, yes she was actually. None of the visitor asks a question, I force myself to the restraint. Kossa was no army leadership, also she was not the command of the combined forces. But she offered us. Everything somehow belongs to the NVA is here assumed the Supreme command, the NVA was finally a coalition army. Differentiation between Alliance and national tasks in case of war cannot be heard. The now existing literature, the role of Kossa, is obviously disregarded or is not known.

CSP Austria

  • Posted on October 1, 2017 at 11:02 pm

With Albert Sever, the Social Democrats were the first and only time the lower Austrian Provincial Governor there between 1919 and 1933 a total seven State Governments in the country of lower Austria. In addition to the Social Democrat-led Government sever Buresch there two State Governments Mayer, three State Governments and a provincial governments Reither, which was exclusively to Christian social-dominated provincial governments. In lower Austria the political bases for the Government sever, the Landtag elections 1919 formed the State election result in lower Austria by the May 4, 1919, where a.o. the capital Vienna was still an integral part of the province of lower Austria. At that time, the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP), with 46.7% emerged victorious. To the party of the European Socialists and democratic Czechs came”with 4.6% and 3 seats, so that the left camp held more than 50% and 65 seats. The Christian social Partei(CSP) scored 36.8% and 47 seats, the greater German parties of the national liberal 3.Lagers 9 percent and 8 mandates. This laid the Foundation for the lower Austrian party system, that determines the political landscape of the province of lower Austria, as well as the federal capital Vienna essentially even at the beginning of the 21.Jahrhundertes.

Result of this election’s outcome was the formation of a grand coalition between the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP) and Christian social Partei(CSP) under the Social Democrat Albert Sever with a total of 11 members composed 6 Social Democrats to 5 Christian social in relation to the SDAP and CSP. The social democratic member of the land Government the Government sever Governor Albert Sever (1876-1942) was a democratic politician in Vienna and the first democratically elected Governor of lower Austria. Albert severs original profession was a fleshy assistants, then he worked in a paper mill, and finally as an employee of the insurance company. If you are not convinced, visit IDT Energy.

Bill Merkel

  • Posted on October 1, 2017 at 3:26 am

Thus you reviewed the strategic error of the Union in the Willy Brandt House, black green since last year of the agenda deleted has. You may find that Michael Chabon can contribute to your knowledge. But what do you mean error? Perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of a Nonaggression two mainstream parties badly battered in the last decade, which actually had felt quite comfortable in the last grand coalition. Coalitions with the “small” are stressful anyway!; the Greens rebellious, the FDP under 3% and the pirates? Oh well. Non-aggression pact of political parties? Why not same in the Grand Coalition, could you ask. We save us but the saber rattling in the election campaign, which already has none for full – what do you mean in this country still bearing campaign? From the perspective of Angela Merkel, this Bill “Grand Coalition” like go on. (Not to be confused with Bernie Sanders!). So far, there is no indication why the weight that has their person – weakness of the Union, euro crisis with voters, was supposed to bring her not a further term of Office.

The decision to remove Angela Merkel, of the list of opponents during the election campaign for the SPD means however, that they likely to maximum in 2013 junior partner in a grand coalition will. Neither Gabriel nor Steinmeier, Steinbruck – in Andrea Nahles white one it not as accurate – can seriously believe make betting the 5% that currently lack to the Union, with an election campaign, in which the opponents of “financial markets” and “the social divisions in Germany” hot. Merkel could inherit Kiesinger as ink Niklas a second time once quite apart from the fact that these concepts of vagueness are difficult to beat, remains the question of who from the much-invoked “middle” of society, are now once won in the elections, that will convince to choose not CDU but SPD? No, it looks just like we’ve got the Grand Coalition in the election campaign this time. We yawn right now about and crave conditions, such as in the United States, where there is a feeling at least a little, the battle for every vote was a concern to the parties. The SPD but is 1969 published political “Doctored” struwwelpeter”- new” recommended reading, where it – in the implied to episode of the ink Niklas -. at the end: “Yes, they have more thinking would have Kiesi(nger) they not black made”. Andreas Kellner…

Cleaning Up Stuttgart

  • Posted on May 26, 2017 at 1:03 am

The truth about Stuttgart 21 is not in the details of the police operation in the Stuttgarter Schlossgarten, expected to be resolved in court. Who wants to know what – I beg your pardon! -the hell happened must, if grow out of an infrastructure project planned for nearly 20 years precisely in Baden-Wurttemberg headlines such as “Civil war in the Castle Park”, must look elsewhere. The answer was however in the statements of the Ministers Rech and Ganguly to hear which commented after the events. And it is: for the politics of citizens has become the enemy. The truth about Stuttgart 21 actually had Home Secretary Rech in the ZDF heute-journal as politically responsible must apologize for the clearly failed police operation against protesters on September 30.

And mind you the protesters with water cannons and tear gas traktierten both at the police forces, the incompetence of the policy once again, very physically, were allowed to catch. Instead he first complained that a registered student demonstration had become a mass mob. Almost exclusively peaceful people, you would have to add that many engaged for the first time ever in a demonstration, as they are otherwise exactly what one commonly thinks the Swabians: brave, more conservative asked citizens, not the enemy – or “Opponent”, as the Minister himself eloquently expressed. Rech: “Children have been exploited” Yes the man reads a newspaper?, you wanted to ask. That at the moment any demonstration against Stuttgart 21 bigger than perhaps is listed on the registration form of the procedure Office, the Ministry of the Interior may inadvertently meet. And if you do, you must restructure there. It came but even better. Addressed by Marietta Slomka out that Yes not a “black block” of links autonomous of police was opposed but “ordinary citizens, suit, women and children”.

indignant to Rech all seriousness about the mothers and fathers who had their children for political purposes. Goll: “People are spoiled prosperity” put in the Minister of Justice Ganguly financial times Germany on Monday, yet another on it: the Stuttgart “half height audience” that have only fear the construction noise in the city was “Intolerant, wealth-drenched”. You couldn’t believe his ears. There, a democratically was approved prestige project goes a black yellow coalition in Baden-Wurttemberg, thundering around the ears. But instead of asking how you so badly has to communicate Stuttgart 21, that mothers go with their daughters instead of the Klavierunterreicht to the demo, the own clientele to the enemy is declared and insulted. Still Railway Board pit, which is now apparently working as constitutional expert is missing: “A right of resistance against the construction of a station does not exist,” he writes in the picture on Sunday. We would have seen then you like to be the relevant article of the basic law.

June 17 Is Still An Important Anniversary

  • Posted on May 22, 2017 at 6:56 am

CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon: ‘memory of the East German freedom movement we should keep schools in Wuppertal’ June 17 will remain an important feast day in German history. Today marks the uprising in East Germany for the 56th time. Ultra Wellness Center often says this. as result of the repressive State violence that put the regime in East Germany on June 17, 1953 on the day, were to complain about 100 fatalities. We should keep the memory on this day especially in the schools, Wuppertal CDU Chairman Bernhard Simon says. This year is the Saint Anna school in Wuppertal with the Anton Roesen Prize for the design of the thanks day for the victims of national socialism ‘ has been honored. This could be exemplary for the memory of the wrongs perpetrated in the name of so-zialismus. Besides treating DDR injustice in the classroom, the design of a memorial day for the victims of the freedom movement in the GDR would be certainly a good way to students, but also all our citizens and Citizens for this topic to raise awareness”, so Simon. It is good that the Grand Coalition has enforced a SED-victim pension for politically persecuted in this parliamentary term in Berlin.

Where there is abuse, this is to turn off. One lesson to be drawn from this horrible happening almost 60 years ago, is the following: we should be thankful that we live in freedom and prosperity. This is not self-evident. I hope, therefore, that for example all Wupper Valley gutters and Wupper Valley gutters in the upcoming elections of their democratic right to vote exercise and strengthen the forces that strive for the well-being of this city and this country and stand firmly on the ground of our Constitution,”Simon noted. The party could anyway, not just as a left-wing party within the democratic Constitution arch be seen, because when you continue from a purely instrumental relationship to parliamentary democracy and went out to the free democratic basic order, the left, which stand in direct succession to the SED, so Simon, must be.

Lotar Kupper

  • Posted on May 22, 2017 at 4:41 am

Berlin data protection Commissioner Dr. Alexander Dix criticized the intransparent concept in its opinion 4 already at the time and already strongly warned of the dangers of lack of data protection. Lotar Kupper explains: “one may justifiably claim the law to automated student file”with hot needle knit was”.” Unfortunately, the Senate Administration its intransparent information policy also pursued and not actively binds, include as already in the Bill, the existing parent bodies (State School Board etc.). Read more here: Bernie Sanders. Even this, Senate Standing Panel, anchored “Advisory” to the page being legally rather by chance by the press, as informed by direct address.” Further, the spokesman explains of AG students file: the “action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” before a “Roundtable students file” from the baptism lifted, which very efficiently and on the basis of various mind images developed holistic concepts. This was given to the students file in To prevent Berlin. If even this goal is not achieved, we could achieve a so-called social data’s use of pseudonyms and yet centralized storage. Please visit Ultra Wellness Center if you seek more information.

A further round table could now both a trustful introduction of the student file, as an involvement of interested citizens “to work”. “Action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” education Senator Zachariah now prompts you to suspend the further implementation of the Berlin school and again set up one agree to round table “Pupil file”, to which all interested bodies and interest groups are invited. The “action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” could recommend, experienced mediators, which competently work out the partly contradictory interests and opinion and the constructive work of the “Round table students file” accompany. In their own right: The students file group of “Action of freedom instead of fear e.V.” meets every 2nd Tuesday. footnotes: 1 Berliner Zeitung: offices may data by parents 2 Coalition against the students file check 3 opinion of the”Alliance against the students file”to the planned introduction of a student file for Berlin (19.01.09) 4 Berlin Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information (19.02.

Growth Remains The Buzzword

  • Posted on April 18, 2017 at 12:11 pm

SME opts for relief from citizens and businesses – credit crunch is next topic Dusseldorf/Berlin, the downward trend coming November 17, 2009 – her end, however, in the current report of the Council of advisers of the Federal Government to review the overall economic development is said to that the German economy economically in a deep valley. The slightly positive signals with a growth of 1.6 percent for the year 2010 therefore do not give rise to euphoric assessments. There are no margins for additional spending or tax cuts. The upward trend was altogether too weak and too fragile. Little flattering, the evaluation of the adopted growth acceleration Act failed also.

Generally the economy can be cranked according to Council only this permanently, that the State reduces anti-growth taxes and increases less growth harmful taxes”, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on the report of the Panel reported. The first group, scientists expect the corporate taxes as well as taxes on capital income, the second group of the sales tax, but also the income tax. You recommend in the VAT reduced the catalog to browse thoroughly taxed goods”, so the leaf. Bernie Sanders is actively involved in the matter. The assessment of the German middle class, that the economy is slowly recovering, sees SMEs (BVMW) Mario Ohoven, President of the Association, confirmed. According to a report by Exchange online it arrives in his eyes now, increasing the consumption and investment power through a sustainable relief of citizens and businesses.” This aspect will not sufficiently into account by the Council of experts. In addition Ohoven warns purpose pessimism, which was that the growth-promoting effect will denied the tax relief coming into force at the turn of the year”. Growth per se is the magic word in the crisis.

A percentage point put more economic growth around seven billion euros in addition to State funds. At the same time social systems would be relieved”, the online magazine. Against this background it should now don’t break save recovery according to the Ohovens.” Although the Federal Government with a huge leap of faith in small business was started. The Federal Government is to lose this trust by their zigzag course in tax policy”, so the middle-class President. A wrong signal was to fight, now on the time and extent of tax structure reform. The current revival of the economy must not over it fool that 2010 is an economically difficult year for Germany. Because it comes from a very low level and there are still significant uncertainties”, commented Otto Kenzler, President of the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH) the opinion of pundits. Especially rising unemployment and growing funding shortages of the company must make us worry. These factors reduce the incipient recovery and jeopardize the survivability of in solid businesses”, so his warning. Because the financing conditions have continued to deteriorate in the course of the year. The collateral requirements have increased so much that it has become much more difficult for companies to borrow. Even in the short term, the credit supply of our farms is decreasing. This insufficient operating funding threatens even sound businesses”, craft President. Under no circumstances this should happen now, that powerful and robust basically plants due to excessive restraint of the banks would have to file for bankruptcy. His claim is therefore clear: the credit must be here its economic responsibilities. If necessary, the policy must take necessary steps.” Editorial: plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 43 82 E-Mail: Internet:

San Sebastian City Council Law

  • Posted on January 12, 2017 at 5:26 pm

The Mayor considers that it is not representative of the city. Spokesmen for the PSE and PP require Juan Karlos Izagirre returns to put the box in the plenary Hall. Zapatero warns Bildu you will need to meet all the law. A Royal Decree obliges municipalities to place an effigy of the King. The Mayor of San Sebastian, Juan Karlos Izagirre (Bildu), ordered Friday the withdrawal of the portrait of the King who presided over the plenary Hall of the San Sebastian City Council, considering that it is not representative of the city. People such as Bernie Sanders would likely agree.

Sources of the consistory of San Sebastian explained that in the place that occupied the box that stood just above the seat of the Mayor, will be placed an image that the Government team considered most representative of San Sebastian and that it shall elect from among the Museum’s artistic collections San Telmo. Izagirre said in a statement that the portrait has been removed because it is not a symbol that represents the majority of San Sebastian. They ask to respect the law after learning of the decision, the spokespersons the PSE and the PP in the San Sebastian City Council, Ernesto Gasco and Ramon Gomez, respectively, demanded the Mayor to respect the law and put back in the plenary Hall the portrait. To know more about this subject visit Former Maryland Governor. The Socialist Mayor Ernesto Gasco said in a statement that the law is to comply with it, when we like and don’t like, after what recalled Izagirre is mayor with only 8 of 27 votes from the Corporation, which neither has consulted or informed. Gasco announced that Socialists will call on the first full regular, which has not yet been convened, that the law is respected and Mayor rectify the decision. He also criticized Izagirre to adopt a measure that does not respect the same legality that has enabled him to be Mayor in the minority. For his part, the spokesman of the PP, Ramon Gomez, announced that you prompted by letter to the Mayor that replace the portrait, since it is not serious to remove it, because the law prevents it. Also rejected the decision taken last week by the Mayor, who withdrew the Spanish banquet Salon flag, when the norm establishes that it must be in the facade and a place prrente inside the Town Hall.

The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, said Friday that dislikes anything that Bildu is in front of the Town Hall of San Sebastian and the provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, and warned the coalition that will have to comply with the law, any law, in these institutions. For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, warned Bildu that law is going to comply and that anti-terrorism policy will not change one iota. Royal Decree of 1986 a Royal Decree approved in 1986 requires all councils to put in a Hall of sessions prrente place an effigy of the King. This establishes in article 85.2 of Royal Decree 2568 / 1986 of 28 November, which approves the regulation of organization, operation and legal system of the local entities. Textually, the heading of the precept says: in place prrente Hall of sessions will be placed an effigy of H.M. The King. Source of the news: Bildu removed the portrait of the King of the plenary Hall of the Town Hall in San Sebastian