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  • Posted on March 31, 2015 at 6:58 pm debuts new image industry 0.11 iCommers iCommers Every SL also changed you the image to another of their industrial webs: another of their most important websites in the sector of shelves in kit. After many updates, numerous improvements in operation and the display of products, we have incorporated him to put at the disposal of our clients, 2011 version. Among the improvements that you can find in our new version, are the following: improvement of the display of products. More offers, featured, special offers. Orders and quotes online management system. Gain insight and clarity with novelist. Easier news section. Improved variation system services section (allows to select the different variants of the same product), more visible improvement of sections of surplus stock and used products.

Enhanced alerts section, allows you to receive periodic reports of offers and products Outlet and many other improvements. has become a web great reference in the sector of shelves in kit, thanks to its wide variety of products, easy handling, quick response, and yet our objective continue improving and offering our clients quality products every day. Used products: With this section we try to provide our clients with versions of the same products we sell new in used, in good condition, with the maximum amount of technical data, which undoubtedly helped him to make a decision in story to the purchase. There is also the possibility to buy or sell used items of our customers. If some our client has containers that don’t need, offers the possibility of selling them within our product range. Surplus Stock: in this section you will find discontinued products or simply excesses of manufacturing that our suppliers have in their stores or factories. We put them on sale on our website to ensure that our customers have of new products at exceptional prices.

Madrid La Comunidad

  • Posted on March 29, 2015 at 12:19 am

Orange alert in Aragon La direction General of Interior of the Government of Aragon has informed the activation by the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (AEMET) of the alert orange in Aragon by storms and rains. According to the information provided by AEMET, expected rainfall of intensity strong or very strong, accompanied by storm and occasionally hail. So, until 00.00 hours on Tuesday, May 31, the alert is triggered in Huesca, Cinco Villas and Ribera del Ebro Orange rains of up to 30 liters per square meter in one hour, and severe storms with a probability of between 40 and 70 per cent, may be reported the Aragonese in a statement Executive. In Teruel, the alert Orange has been enabled by the Ministry of the environment, rural and marine until 21.00 hours this may 30. Alert yellow in Madrid La Comunidad de Madrid, through the 112 emergency service, will keep during this Monday the alert yellow in the saw at the prospect of storms, as reported by a spokesman for 112 emergency Community of Madrid. AEMET expected rains in the region throughout the afternoon and evening, although they come accompanied by storms in the area of the sierra.

Faced with this situation, the community of Madrid has informed councils and agencies from Madrid so they are prepared for any eventuality. Also emergency service recommends a series of preliminary actions to the citizens of the saw, how to look at the State of the downspouts and ensure that they are not atracadas. You are advised to drivers stopped at the first house or firm construction next to the road, where the rain is very intense, and never cross Fords saving ravines or flooded sections of roads with the vehicle. Source of the news: 5,000 homes without light in Valladolid due to a strong storm and hail

Senior Engineer

  • Posted on March 24, 2015 at 6:57 pm

– Such alterations can be reconciled by sketch, which must be accompanied by a drawing of the site waterproofing. On the sketch show hosted santehpriborov and eyeliner to them. Not allowed to place the toilet and bathtub (or shower) directly over residential bathrooms and kitchens. The spacious bath offers new opportunities: You can install a bidet, a Jacuzzi, a drying machine for laundry and even a simulator (many turn this room into a home "Wellness Center"). But even here need to remember the "letter of the law." "The installation of a Jacuzzi will agree, because the equipment increases the burden on the overlap. Michael Chabon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If you live in a house with wooden beams, the alignment just need to "- Omar said Hajiyev. The current trend of re-planning becomes toilets and their association with the bedrooms: some "cut through" the door of the "sleeping room" right in the tub, and someone puts between these rooms translucent walls.

The most radical option – full integration of bathrooms and bedrooms, where at one end of the room stands a bath, and in another – the bed. A lot of places you can "gain" and through the optimal placement plumbing. Location of the last "tied" to the sewer risers, routing of pipes for hot and cold water. "Rearranging the bath, sink, washing machine or toilet, you must first solve the problem of diversion effluent – says Pavel Antipov, Senior Engineer, grundfos, the world's leading manufacturer of pumping equipment. – If you do not, of a simple extension of sewer pipes, blockages can not be avoided.

Administrations Public

  • Posted on March 10, 2015 at 11:56 pm

As legislative news in the fight against commercial delinquencies in 2010 would highlight the modification of article 200 of the law 30/2007 on Public Sector contracts carried out by the law 15/2010 of 5 July, or of the procedure to give effect to the debts of the administrations public, introducing a new article 200 bis. The expiry of the payment for the Administration (30 days from 1.01.2013, with transitional period: 55 days in 2010, 50 days in 2011 and 40 days in 2012), contractors may: claim in writing to the contracting management compliance with the obligation of payment and, where appropriate, interest on arrears if, after the period of one month, the Administration had not answered, means recognized the expiration of the term of payment concerned may make such contentious-administrative appeal against the inactivity of the administration which may apply for injunction the immediate payment of the debt. the Court shall adopt the measure precautionary, unless the Administration certifies that do not concur the circumstances that justify the payment or that the amount claimed does not correspond to which is enforceable. The ruling will condemn in coastal management..

Partner Relationship

  • Posted on March 9, 2015 at 5:04 am

A very important factor to generate money is our personal harmony more Yes our relationship isn’t right we can hardly keep our wellbeing and therefore our economic progress will be strongly diminished, there are ways to fix this. For many years it was believed that our personal well-being depends on factors external to us, that to be in fullness and happy (you) depends on something or someone to do something or to happen something outside us (s) so that we are well, and who is most credited with the power to determine our emotional state is the couple. Nothing and nobody has because make us feel bad or good or regular, really that power resides exclusively in us (I) same (I). Here I give you ways to regain your power of welfare. Search. Where did you learn, or who or when you understand through a couple you were going to be OK. Very probably was in your childhood through education both how cultural family received, beliefs as: fell in love, is houses and lived happily forever, yes you do not marry you’ll be one (or) spinster (on) you already stay for dressing santos!, Me case to be happy etc.

He questions. Are really really all these beliefs that you heard from that had use of reason, I recommend that sit quietly and write at least 20 beliefs about marriage or the couple, negative or blocking beliefs such as those you mentioned in the first point and ask yourself who says that? In which book is written? Is it better to the society by sustaining these beliefs? , Would I have been more fully (o) by believing this? And Yes your answers lead to all this keeps you in reverse then burning that worksheet where you have written all those beliefs and feel that they come out of your life. Respect the sentiment to destroy, burn or get rid of those beliefs. Mourn what has to be mourned, saying what has to be said, shout what you have to be shouted. It formulates new beliefs with regard to this, which are the polarity, the antidote to old beliefs eg. : I case or I got married to be happy v/s only need of me to be happy, this is an example you have to find your own beliefs and find phrases antidote in your own words. Everytime you feel that old beliefs are becoming through thoughts as, without he or she will not be happy, or what I do without the / she?, etc. apply your new sentences.

These are only some of the roads to get out of what in the language of psychotherapists call co-dependency, and that both separates us from above all economic progress. Yes want to leave these States a definitively seeks deep and professional help. By DRA. Eloisa Chavarria Dr. Eloisa Chavarria has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to improve their professional and financial results. Meet their designed strategies for reach the next level in your business, visit: and get free first.