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  • Posted on February 20, 2014 at 5:15 am

First, Peru is not a nation. Representing Peru is a small splinter group of natives who have assaulted and imposed his dictatorship with an iron hand to other nations, many of them suffer from misogyny can not answer for lack of leadership that hopefully will nest in your heart onkoy with taki. They have forgotten their nationality and live in utter poverty and neglect economic, social and political. Add to your understanding with Michael Chabon. But let the project fail because of Guzman. He wanted medieval implement a project in a nation that has another conception, another way of looking and seeing things is as if to put a pair of clown on a circus midget to go for a walk through the streets. Everyone will laugh out loud, so funny in the scene and will not be serious in their arguments, that’s what happened with the draft Guzman, because I do not believe a theory that implies a connection to the world and the Andean worldview Amazon. The no connection between these two approaches was the failure of the draft Guzman, is very different in Chile that the project of the bourgeoisie has been disappearing indigenous communities with cultural and social genocide in order to take over a territory.

They have done, why the bourgeois project succeeded, but the essence has been to create an element of revisionism that is their liaison, their beachhead inside Delos social movements to manipulate and manage their whim. That is and will always be what the coalition and all the social movements that are believed to progressive but really they are, they must have the exact intention of building a true partnership without exploited or exploiters, will have to change the hearts and minds of all, to accept those changes. But we know that the big bourgeoisie, as noted by Jesus of Nazareth in many passages: It is easier for a camel through the eye of a needle than the rich in the kingdom of heaven. Or that one that told the rich young man who said he was very pious giving alms to the poor (Daba gifts for Christmas and gave something to the widows) ordering him to hand over all the loot to the poor. For there to be rich there must be poor where the rich have stolen.