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Psyhicatrist Hans Selye

  • Posted on March 15, 2019 at 6:18 pm

An example of this affirmation is what psychiatrist Hans Selye says estresse on it. Selye in Sing, 1983 affirms that the people must light stop the red signal of braking the flow of a life of concerns and responsibilities and the green signal for the joys, recreation and the rest. Philip, 1985 suggests the naturalismo as basic necessity to balance the harmful effect of an unnatural life and to support the renewal direction. Rotman, 1996 apia the change in the alimentary habits as a possibility to transform pain and the suffering into a cure truth, removing the illness of the body or preventing its appearance. Kiesling and Frederick, 1987 had affirmed that the walked one helps to reduce the risk of death for cardiovascular illnesses. The physical exercise can stimulate the movement of corporal liquids as it affirms Philip, 1985. Barreto and Cristalino, 2009 had told in its research that the physical exercise acts as preventive element, as well as can promote benefits the diabetic population. Simple attitudes and of low cost can be adopted to improve the quality of life and assistant in the prevention of on illnesses to the bad habits of the modern life.

What if it does not have to forget is to look a doctor before taking any decision. The more fast to initiate the prevention, perhaps minor the risk, therefore already does not have more time when to decide to start. Bibliography TOKUDA, Ryotan. Buddhist psychology. Reproarte.1997, RIO DE JANEIRO SING, Chiang.

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New Law Of Antibiotics

  • Posted on September 2, 2014 at 3:42 am

New law of antibiotics – rdc n 20, of 5 of May of 2011: new profile of dispensao of antimicrobialses in you would drug in the region of the High Tiet. INTRODUCTION: With the introduction of drugs, as sulfonamidas and penicillin, the panorama of mortality if modified, making with that infectious illnesses left of being death cause. With the application of these and other frmacos, the use of the therapeutical classroom of the antibiotics was spread out thus, that are chemical substance antagonistic to the development of microrganismos. The bacteria are relatively simple microrganismos in its structure, but that they can survive in hostile environments, therefore the same ones had developed structures and functions to adapt it these conditions. Click Martin O’Malley for additional related pages. One knows that the antibiotic use and the election less appropriate of them as: the use of inefficacious doses or a insufficient duration of the treatment, for times associated to the self-medication, has been pointed as responsible for the increasing appearance of the resistncias antimicrobianas. Being thus in Brazil, the direction student body of the national agency of sanitary monitoring made use a new RDC, of n 20, 5 OF MAY OF 2011, that it attributes the medicine control to the classified substance base as antimicrobianas. OBJECTIVE: The present work had as objective to evaluate the reduction in the dispensao of antimicrobialses in you would drug in the region of the High Tiet, after the entrance in vigor RDC and the impact of this in the sales, for this, was carried through collection of referring antimicrobials data for sale between years 2010 and 2011, in you would drug of the region of the high Tiet. RESULTS: the results satisfactory, had not had the refusal of demonstration of pertaining data would drug to them for this work, however, through an informal request, letter signed with percentage of sales, can be noticed significant reduction of these, what it can mean that the majority you would really drug of them is fulfilling with the new norms, and what it strengthens the fight of the CRF-SP to make with that you would drug are a health establishment and not a simple commerce..