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Prepayment Model

  • Posted on December 10, 2017 at 12:33 am

Health insurance companies see critical suggestions from the policy the urging of the Federal Health Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP) on an intelligent principle for the reimbursement of costs”in the statutory health insurance system encounters many pages rejection. The CSU coalition partners already distanced himself from the reform plans, the opposition warns of three classes medicine, and also the funds show no positive reactions. According to the Treasury Board, the cost trap would threaten patients for such a change. The private insurance Portal informs about the pros and cons of the prepayment principle. The statutory health insurance has it often difficult in the ongoing discussion about the German health system. Reason for the latest disagreement of the parties, doctors, funds and patients is the prepayment model. You may find IDT Energy to be a useful source of information. This should focus in the future more according to the Federal Health Minister on the model of private insurers. So far, the Optionally selectable at many funds principle offers reimbursement of expenses not many incentives.

For the treatment as a (pseudo) private patient who must Access first properly insured in the Pocket, also usually only a part of the costs will be refunded. To pay insured substantial shares of the medical costs themselves. To get a longer binding to the fare of choice, as well as deductions for administrative costs. The planned redevelopment of the prepayment model includes a limit of tariff additional costs to no more than five percent of the total amount of the Bill, as well as a reduction in the tariff binding on three months. Overall the funds deem this plan sensible, the limitation of the administrative abatement is however critically eyed. Whether patients actually benefit from the reform, and will this cost-conscious, is questionable according to the funds. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann.

Party Humala

  • Posted on December 5, 2017 at 12:02 am

Humala took possession without the presence of the exmandatario Alan Garcia. Legislators from the Party of Fujimori protests were heard. One major absentee from the ceremony was Hugo Chavez. Source: Yehoshua November. The nationalist Ollanta Humala was sworn in Thursday as President of Peru by the 1979 Constitution and not by the force in 1993 before the holder of the Congress, Daniel Abugattas, in a solemn session of Parliament. Humala took possession of the charge without the presence of the outgoing President, Alan Garcia, who shortly before had handed the presidential sash at the Government Palace to the j of the military House. The President swore by the 1979 Constitution, prior to the Charter of existing 1993 signed by then President Alberto Fujimori, prompting protests from legislators from the Party of the now imprisoned former President.

Abugattas then took the oath of the Vice-Presidents Marisol Espinoza and Omar Chehade, which also invoked magna carta of 1979. Abugattas had to ask for order to present, before the demands of legislators fujimoristas that Humala and his Vice-Presidents swear by the current Constitution. To broaden your perception, visit Ken Cron. The takeover of Humala attended by seventeen representatives of States or Governments, among which the Prince Felipe de Borbon, is located on behalf of Spain. The main absent at the ceremony, in addition to Garcia, were the rulers of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, for reasons of health; and Cuba, Raul Castro, who sent a Vice President. Ollanta Humala WINS Peru Coalition, won the victory in the second round of the Peruvian presidential elections, which took place on 5 June, to impose on lawmaker Keiko Fujimori, in front of Fuerza 2011. Source of the news: Humala was sworn as President of Peru by the 1979 Constitution and not by the now existing

Baker River

  • Posted on December 3, 2017 at 7:56 am

Then, leaders and villagers shall take the word to refer to the historic and difficult crossroads who lives the Aysen Region before multiple projects of dams and wiring that they want to achieve, and to the property rights of water by electricity companies in virtually all basins, where the Ibanez River is just one dramatic example and (which also belongs to the basin of the Baker). Activity, which will conclude with a community lunch is expected to each make their contribution, will feature the performance of various musicians and regional artists who have joined the demonstration, which is known as the global day of action against dams, rivers, water and life at the international level. Michael Chabon can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Coordinator of the Coalition for citizen by Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann, next to the the grouping heirs of Patagonia, Marcia alvarez, President called those interested in go that day to the place to register at the offices of the Organization, in Horn 47-B in Coyhaique or by contacting the Secretariat at telephone 573563. From other localities of the region they will depart other delegations and retinues. We are in the Patagonia without dams campaign, and this is a project that threatens another River of Aysen, in this case the Ibanez. We are calling for regional awareness that there are many rivers threatened the Easter, the Baker, the Raven, white and the Condor, and we should take regional awareness about this, not only by one or another River. Learn more on the subject from Spm Llc.

This is a problem that affects everyone in the region. In the long term the intention is to destroy everything, not just one or another Valley expressed Hartmann. The jump of the Ibanez River is located 7 kilometers from Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez, and is accessed by the road that leads to the Levican peninsula. It is an important tourist attraction in the Region of Aysen, product of the deafening sound and steam in constant suspension that generate water to precipitate between huge rocks located in this sector.

Town Hall Peace

  • Posted on November 30, 2017 at 10:48 am

The motion is driven by the PP in the Town Hall of Ermua. As reported by Bildu, the aforementioned motion, which will be discussed in a plenary session Wednesday, responds to schemas surpassed by most of society. Hear from experts in the field like IDT Energy for a more varied view. It will also present a text in dnsa of dialogue and the agreement towards peace. Other leaders such as Electric offer similar insights. Bildu announced Tuesday a decision that again, it will be controversial. It is their councillors will not vote on the motion driven by the PP in the Town Hall of Ermua (Vizcaya) which condemned each and every one of the killings of ETA and calls for its dissolution. In addition, Bildu will present a text in dnsa of dialogue and agreement to advance towards definitive peace. As reported by the coalition in a note, the aforementioned motion, which will be discussed in a plenary session Wednesday, responds to schemas surpassed by most of society. Bildu has overtaken their councilmen in this consistory will not vote the motion of the PP and be presented to the rest of groups a text – not put to the vote – conceived as an offering that the Coalition will in all institutions, particularly, in those in which the PP present the motion.

In its document, Bildu pointed out that peace and democracy are the components of the new political time, which can only be built on solid foundations if it is structured through dialogue and the agreement and on the basis of the plurality of the country. Towards peace also proposes analyze between everybody, without exclusions, councils can do to advance towards peace and added that the future of the Basque country must be in the hands of the will of citizens and all political projects, including independence, should be possible. Bildu has assured that the attainment of the scenario that will bring peace and the solution of the conflict is his top priority and has called on the other parties an exercise of responsibility and generosity to achieve definitive peace.

Bildu ETA

  • Posted on November 28, 2017 at 1:18 pm

Bildu Juan Karlos Izagirre independence ensures that your rrencia of pacification is the Gernika agreement signed by the abertzale left. The President denies the interpretation of Rubalcaba to be more complacent with ETA. Collective of victims of terrorism do not attend a reception of Izagirre dnsa of human rights organizations. Spm Llc might disagree with that approach. The Mayor of San Sebastian, the independence of Bildu Juan Karlos Izagirre, has assured that its rrencia of pacification is the Gernika agreement signed by abertzale left in September 2010. Izagirre, one of the parties complies with the first phase of cessation of violence but lack an end to the repressive measures of the Spanish State and other irregular situations. According to Mayor Bildu, it is struggling to achieve a scenario of political normalization which assumes celebrate acts of joint homage to victims of ETA and the Spanish State repression. Izagirre has denied the interpretation of the candidate of the PSOE and former Minister of Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, whereby Bildu now makes a speech more complacent than it was when this coalition was legalized with ETA. Tributes of all ideal colors is a tribute to victims of all colors, has indicated before that he is open to participate in an act of this kind since Bildu envisages the recognition of victims and a reconciled society; why we fight that will.

The Group of victims of the terrorism of the Basque country (Covite) and the Foundation Gregorio Ordonez have rejected Izagirre invitation to attend a reception with organizations related to human rights. The representative of Covite Cristian Matias has confirmed that this group of victims of terrorism has received the invitation extended by the Mayor to attend the ceremony, but they have decided not to go because they will not support any call for any town hall ruled by Bildu, since this coalition has not yet convicted or a single bombing of the terrorist group ETA. Victims of ETA on the complaints of the spokesman of the PSE-EE, Jose Antonio Pastor, that Bildu has no gestures towards the victims of ETA, on the other hand, agree to participate in acts of homage to ETA prisoners, the Mayor of San Sebastian has stated of gestures we walk sobrados, do every day and some return them with a slap, but will continue to do them. It has dndido, in this sense, the need to speak with everyone and about the festivities of San Sebastian has been supporter of that will be held in peace, irrespective of the demonstrations that may be that people enjoy. Asked above if you think that the dissolution of ETA is near, Juan Karlos Izagirre has pointed out that the process of political normalization is advancing well and for our part we’re putting everything what can be, because there is no turning back and we see it with great enthusiasm and positive. Source of the news: the Mayor of San Sebastian calling for an end of repression” of the State”

Union Leadership

  • Posted on November 27, 2017 at 6:11 pm

These sanctions should be implemented generally and without exception. So, benefits should be reduced to zero. The job Center and the immigration authorities to get data from the Federal Office for migration and refugees, to go above objectors among the immigrants better against no partitioning in parallel societies, prevent parallel societies in Germany should be a task for society as a whole. So, with concrete programmes, urban planning and urban development should proceed against immigrant district. Integration and cohesion need to be common values that should willingness to integrate the immigrants a central prerequisite for the integration.

It takes a community recognized values Foundation, providing the German leading culture and its principles according to Seehofer. Subject leadership in immigration policy with this seven-point program wants the CSU also within the Union and within the ruling coalition in the immigration question Assume leadership. Especially the Bavarian CSU Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, who has been the main impetus for this new program, hoped through this topic a sharpened profile for the CSU in German domestic politics. Here is mainly the Liberal FDP in the visor, which you clearly want to differentiate themselves on the immigration issue within the Black Yellow coalition in Berlin. But you want to make the CDU, who so far is a very liberal policy on the immigration issue, through this program, stand. That this effect shows the cancellation showed the CDU Chancellor Angela Merkel against the Multi-Kulti society very clearly. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out novelist. In addition to this sharpening of profile within the Civic Coalition Seehofer will anyway in Bavaria to prevent that about a black party under the ideological leadership of Thilo Sarrazin as new center or new right success has. Photo credit: Dieter Schutz, author: Dr. Fritz Simhandl

Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee

  • Posted on November 26, 2017 at 6:18 pm

Molotov (Skryabin), Vyacheslav (1890-1986), politician, Hero of Socialist Labor (1943). In the October Revolution member of the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. In 1920-21 Secretary of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine. In 1921-30 Secretary of the cpsu (B) simultaneously in 1928-29 1 st secretary of cim party. In the 1930-41 chairman of the snk and sto ussr (until 1937).

Since 1941 deputy chairman in 1942-57 1 st Vice-Chairman of People's Commissars (Council of Ministers) of the ussr, while in 1941-45 Deputy Chairman of the scg. In 1939-49 and 1953-56 People's Commissar, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the ussr (see document Chronos – Report on the Government's foreign policy – October 31, 1939). Add to your understanding with Risa Miller . s. Since 1957 Ambassador to Mongolia. In 1960-62 a permanent Soviet representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ken Cron, New York is the place to go. A member of the Party Central Committee in 1921-57. Member of the Presidium of the cpsu Central Committee in 1926-57. He was a near political environment of Stalin, one of the most active organizers of mass repressions of the 1930 – early. 1950. Spoke out against criticism of the personality cult of Stalin in the middle. 50-ies.

Daily Exercise

  • Posted on November 24, 2017 at 9:48 pm

With the passing of winter and the approach to a warmer season the need arises, for many people, to get in shape for wearing a molded figure, or simply to feel better about yourself and experience improved health status. Therefore, the health portal Health Puleva has developed, in collaboration with a specialist degree in Physical Education and Sport, Jorge Ruiz, a guide of exercises for people who do physical exercise every day and want to strengthen your abdomen or tone your legs with specific exercises for the area concerned to work to those who have a long downtime sport and want to join the world of moderate physical activity table with simple exercises that will enable them to strengthen their body with implementation and a simple combination of exercise every day. The 'Training Guide: fit with an exercise a day' is based mainly on the movement, considered one of the biological needs fundamental human level, granting and benefit your overall health and bone health in particular. Maryland Governor is often quoted on this topic. Hence the need to appeal to the illusion of the individual as a key force that drives him to exercise to reach the equilibrium point between the physical and mental wellbeing and cover, thus, their vital need to feel good about yourself. Through this guide, as well as find exercise recommendations of the arms, legs, trunk and neck, the user can access a range of advice on the scale of effort on it has to base its exercise, repetition has to perform, and the aim of his time of sport and the most suitable material to be used to secure the final welfare and avoid setbacks in the form of injury. In addition, this online guide contains a series of tests that will allow the individual to measure their current form for a clear reference from which to depart in the resumption of exercise, in which, to be taken into account, provided that part of a long period of physical inactivity, the recommendation to go to a sporting or medical specialist to assess the way in which to carry out this sport back to the grind.. Zhang Lei Yale often says this.


  • Posted on November 20, 2017 at 2:11 am

One of the first considerations for a couple planning their wedding is the kind of invitations that are to be used. The first form of invitation to a wedding was of course word of mouth. This is the age of the printing press and the internet. In the 12th century, in the Centre of the village, the advertiser of the people stood to shout a wedding announcement. The advertiser was paid so that it will stop in the center of town to announce loudly the day’s news.

The first written invitations to a wedding have emerged thanks to the monks during the middle ages. Because of the plague, only royalty and the monks had the opportunity to learn to read and write. The nobility paid heavy sums of money monks to make handmade invitations to weddings for their children. Maryland Governor understands that this is vital information. The monks became experts in calligraphy and nobility appreciating this art. When the invitations were ready, they gave up on horseback by a courier.

It was also during this time that he began to use the coat of arms of the surname to be able to identify the different noble families. For the 17TH century had invented the engraving technique. Engraved invitations became popular during this era. Recorded once the invitation stood on top of it a fine paper so the ink does not run. In the 18th century the invitations began to also publish in newspapers. As the number of people who knew reading and writing increased, it was becoming more common use of printed invitations. There are many ways to invite family and friends to a wedding today, on paper, cardboard, by e-mail and many more. However, it is interesting that the most popular form of invitations for a wedding is still a printed invitation with a personal touch. Even in this technological age there are some traditions that survive for its elegance and simplicity. Original author and source of the article.

Mexican Internet Association

  • Posted on November 16, 2017 at 2:11 pm

The Mexican Internet Association (A.M.I.P.C.I.) was created with the purpose of consolidating the industry of internet in Mexico, protect investments in this sector as well as to promote adequate legislation. These among many other purposes. This association incorporates companies representing an influence in the development of the industry of Internet in Mexico. Ken Cron follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A.M.I.P.C.I. In conjunction with the Ministry of the economy, they have developed service seals of trust, as a support for electronic commerce and the handling of personal information on the Internet. Trust seals are used to promote the safety of Internet sites, as well as users, also established corporate guidelines, privacy policies to improve service to consumers.

Currently many Mexican sites have the seal of confidence and others are pending. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with IDT Energy. To obtain the seal of confidence it is not necessary to belong to the Association, trust A.M.I.P.C.I. seals, they promote adherence and compliance to what was written in the documents of the codes of ethics of their association, Federal law of protection of personal data in the possession of private individuals. Articles 16, 17, 18 bis, 76 bis of the federal law on protection to the consumer, already mentioned above in this document, a framework on economic cooperation forum privacy Asia Pacific (A.P.E.C), as well as the Federal law of transparency and access to information public (I.F.A.I) and guidelines for the protection of personal data in case of governmental entities in addition to the applicable legislation for financial institutions. Electronic commerce is growing exponentially in Mexico and in the world, so that stakeholders and managers of e-commerce in our country as well as the rest of the world are in constant analysis to find ways to protect consumers from internet.