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Introducing Broker

  • Posted on February 17, 2016 at 5:11 pm

What is it? Most likely you will ask. Swarmed by offers, Bernie Sanders is currently assessing future choices. It's simple – just another way to earn a Foreks.Krome all this is an interesting activity, which is still not very widespread among the natural person and therefore the direction of sensible little information that reveals the curtain interested. First we need to identify a company in which you will attract accounts. Official site: Novelist. Next, open an account, please, register and become familiar with Regulations and all documentation. All this action you will spend less than 10 minutes. Next, you need to understand where these accounts to take and how to attract them under your account Introducing Broker (IB). From this point, let's step by step: How to development account Introducing Broker warm market is probably the most difficult of all the existing ways to attract accounts for Introducing Broker.

It is the work with their relatives, friends, acquaintances and just a people that gets you through life and you have to contact them. If you are just starting out this way is probably likely to attract not so much, but the longer you do this thing the more and more of your friends will be come to you on condition that they will see the results that you want. For example, you do not work anywhere, you have no problems with money, to calculate all the credit if you have, you bought yourself a nice car, you presentable appearance, you have purchased an apartment, did it repair and furnish a decent furniture, your wife goes to a mink coat.

Van Tharp Psychology

  • Posted on February 6, 2016 at 7:41 pm

In his book, 'Trade as a path to financial freedom' well-known American psychologist Dr. Van Tharp discusses the role of psychology in trading success. He divides trading into three components. Of which: – the system takes up 10% – money management – 30% – psychology of thought and emotion is 60%. Tharp discovered that the trader's psychology, forming his opinion, is more important to his success than anything else. However, what exactly is the psychology of thinking? In short, the psychology of thinking associated with your views and emotional actions and responses to any given situation. In trade, fear, greed, vanity, pride, hope, jealousy, denial – all this may affect trading decisions.

Although your goal is to market is to maximize profits and minimize your risk, thoughts and emotions often lead to the fact that this is easier said than done. For example, traders who can not control the psychological process of thinking and emotions, make wrong decisions – such as the usual amateur errors holding a losing position in hopes that someday she would be winning. Details can be found by clicking Bernie Sanders or emailing the administrator. Avoiding losses is a classic mistake. By their nature, people are stronger than estimated losses. Therefore, they have almost twice as much pain from losing $ 1, rather than the joy of receiving $ 1. Avoiding loss causes most traders to hold a losing position, while it rapidly deteriorating. Such reasoning is clearly contrary to the principle of trade – cut your losses and let profits run.

Emotional traders hold losing positions because they consider the loss of position differently than the recorded losses. Traders are also involved in other forms of irrational behavior. An example might be the perception of success as a natural situation, and losses as a failure. This is just the tip of the iceberg. When consideration of other damaging effects of the trade, we can definitely conclude that if you do not have adequate cognitive psychology and emotion, the consequences can be devastating. This is something that creates problems for beginners traders, and then they very quickly lose their money in the markets. Most novice traders have completely lost their accounts during the first year of trade. So, as you can see, your thinking and emotions play a large role in determining whether you suffer a failure or succeed. Your thoughts and emotions are structured into two different spheres pertaining to trading success. David Jenyns

Blackwood PRO

  • Posted on January 26, 2016 at 3:56 am

But this is not important – the difference is that the broker offers you a scheme of 4 to 1, that is, when you open an account with a broker, for example, for 2000 usd, then your baypaver will only 8,000 usd. In our case – when you open an account in our prop.kompanii – we're increasing your contribution to 20! times. That is, by making at the expense of 2,000 usd, you will be able to work with baypaverom of 40 000 usd. What we commission? Base commission for the beginner trader in our company 0,8 usd per 100 shares, but it depends on how and what you sell. Firstly, all ECN (electronic exchange communication system), we're rebate (refund). Best ribeyt comes to BATS. Often, the commission obtained 0,58 usd for 100 shares.

Now the important point – rebate paid for adding liquidity to the market. The longer and more of your money is in the market, the better the rebate. To just do a rebate, your order should last at least 2 seconds, but more – the better. That is, if your order is triggered as soon as at ARCA in most cases, the rebate will not let you. Secondly, the ETF (exchange traded funds) Commission is not charged. Therefore, they are cheaper and we recommend that actively use them in your trading. Thirdly, there are certain actions 'on sale', which under normal conditions obkladyvaetsya ordinary commissions, but are now in discount. Such, for some reason have long been a stock of the banking sector – no one wanted to communicate with them.

Shares of some companies, firms and banks are still 'on sale': JPM, AXP, COF, WFC. The most important thing – and all the professional prop.treyding Trading has many nuances and it's great. With our help you gradually master all of them and become a professional. Have you included in your commission additional commodity payments and what they are? Any professional the trader pays the so-called desk fees (payment for the provision of direct access to trading on the stock exchange in real time). A trader who works remotely, pays remote access fee (the same as desk fees, only when working from home, for example). Our fee includes all exchange fees. Are there any additional recurring payments? Yes, it's around 35 usd per month for internet trading platform and Blackwood PRO. What are your terms on overnight? Overnight can be resolved in two ways: 1. If your security deposit in excess of $ 10000. 2. If you have proven your trade that you do not need to keep the arm, that is, you get a steady income and your trading style suits the risk managers. When the contribution of less than $ 2500 permit for overnight can be obtained in the case of a stable trading in 2-3 months. Under these conditions, the ratio of capital and money trader is the same as during the trading day. We will now accrue a small percentage of Overnight, namely 0.02%, which in principle is a meager sum and only helps to discipline the position left for the night. More about prop.treydinge (prop trading) see here.