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  • Posted on January 7, 2021 at 10:11 am

The people are in the condition of the gadareno, requesting to the MASTER of the Masters its release. She doubts this? She gives one looked in lathe and she will see that nobody is showing its true Identity. Multitude 1 Chama now! It will have somebody that takes care of to you? for which Dos Santos Angels you will turn over? 2 Because the anger of destroys it to the insane person, and the zeal of the fool the bush. 3 Good vi I wild it to launch roots; but soon I declared cursed its habitation. Book of J Prophet, CAP.

5:1 the 3. Multitude is my name: It ahead says the gadareno of the Nazareno The holy ghost. JESUS, the Incarnate Love, That sees all Being bred As divine flash, Changes sina it to it. Strap of its crmica debt Two a thousand demons For having fond the time Of its release With that multitude. JESUS did not revoke the Law that GOD created; It freed but it Because its hour was fond. Knowing the process That involved the possessed person; It recognized Through its clear vision That was free its Soul. He was then, That it took off of its miller Two a thousand demons: Diverse personalities That opened the openings Around its aura to torment it. That man Who broke fetter and chain; It was front to the front With Mr. of the Life That did not come to judge, But to free.


  • Posted on January 7, 2021 at 12:48 am

The life the two becomes the focus of everything and the woman has that to live in function to please its man. This needs to renegar its wills, cries to swallow it, to give up dreams, to move away people, to ignore its suffering and can until arriving to believe that she is being insane person, therefore no matter how hard she is vain for the other of that everything goes badly because it is not good the sufficient, also does not obtain to see that so great deficiency is this that it possesss. It is a despairing, intriguing situation and total it are of its control, therefore nothing that makes it will be the sufficient. another aspect that can help to believe that she is being insane person is that socially, in the front of the other people it is an absolutely different being. Nobody would say it treats that you in this way. In case that it complains of it for the others, also she is guilty for liking if making of victim and making the others to think badly of it. Of this form, it woman to become the relationship less painful it annuls itself, it loses the notion of what really it is happening between the two and it finishes also losing its proper identity, therefore starts to be what the other wants that it is. It makes it to the misgino to believe that everything what it makes is missed, that it does not strengthen itself sufficiently for the good of the relation, that does not love it, that of the reasons for the fight and that the sufficient for it is not good. The worse one of everything is that it can convincing finish you of that is this same. Treats it you as ' ' lixo' ' you can finish believing that he is same and to pass if to see and if to treat as such.

Edward Cullen

  • Posted on November 20, 2020 at 12:11 am

However, it will be able to come back during the adolescence, accurately in a well typical phase of the adolescents, known as identity crisis. In this age, the preference is for more complex and elaborated histories, but not necessarily, less fantasiosa. The success of the series Harry Potter and Crepsculo between the adolescent if must therefore. By the way, Twilight is an excellent example of this. In it, it can be perceived clearly as the main personage, Isabella Swan is an adolescent who passes for well typical conflicts of this phase (impatience with regard to the age, frustration with the marriage of the mother with its stepfather, beyond its proper shyness). However it gets passionate for the perfect figure of Edward Cullen, where its main characteristics are the force and the beauty, extremely accented and involving, beyond its voice and its I smell, which also make the head of Bella, and, consequently, the head of all the girls who read books. Xavier McKinney can aid you in your search for knowledge. The wealth of details which the author only sketches accents this elaboration. It is the description of a perfect being, which is the ideal and all the girls.

This justifies the allure of them for the personage Edward Cullen, since it is the man ideal, which they desires if to relate. Of this form, the identification of same them with the Bella also is very common, since Bella, amongst as many obstacles, perigos and risks, obtain to namorar ' ' rapaz' ' , something that brings to they it desire of certain form, of being equal to the Bella. in a similar way as it happens in infancy, them also elaborates its I, constructing its proper image, something that will go to assist to decide its conflicts and crisis to it of identity. Of this form, it can be perceived how much the infantile stories and histories that we hear or that we read bring for we, much more of what a small moment of pleasure and descontrao. They are capable to assist in the elaboration, it our proper I, and, of this form, in them she propitiates the first notion of we ourselves as person in the world our return. Questions, doubts, commentaries and suggestions can be sent for the email melquioliveira21@


  • Posted on November 16, 2020 at 2:03 pm

AGED RESCUE OF IDENTITY AND PERSPECTIVES IN PUTTING IN A HOME: A PROPOSAL INTERVENTIVA Janaina Dos Santos of BRITO* Cibelle Marchi de Angelo DOURADO* Vanessa Marques Gibran FACO* College of the Educational Foundation of Araatuba SUMMARY: Psychology in its amplitude to know and knowledge, counts with its application the Institutions to it of Health, being this an important field of performance of Psychology, counting on the performance of able and qualified professionals in this area, for the development of a significant work and contributing cash for spheres of transformations for new perspectives of research and application, dedicating itself in the contribution of Psychology Health. Leaving of this estimated the present project it has as objective to develop space of therapeutical listening directed to the aged ones, with intention to minimize the suffering provoked for the institutionalization, through the shelter and reflection, generating a space that it promotes the empoderamento of the group and the possibility of confrontation of the inherent conflicts to the institutionalization process. The listening space has as functions: the rescue of the identity and subjectivity, the autonomy, desires and projects. It was intended to work with inherent questions to this etria band that generated anguish, such as, difficulties in dealing with its illnesses and physical, proportionate limitations for the advanced age, beyond the suffering provoked for the feelings of privation and abandonment. Meeting with a group of aged of an institution putting in a home had been carried through, using resources programmarians related to the individual rescue, of the experiences, souvenirs, distress and frustrations related to the aging, restoring the identity of each citizen. It was possible to observe through the application of this project great transformations, as increase of the auto one esteem, auto confidence and desires and, consequently, an improvement in the health condition and welfare biopsquico. Word-Key: Psychology of the health. . Filed under: John Mclaughlin.


  • Posted on November 3, 2020 at 3:03 am

The physical and psychological changes modify in a fast way daily adolescent it. The new features, the expectations and the idealizaes leave the young, to a large extent of the times, confused and lost. The adolescent is common to look other people who are passing for similar conflicts to the ones of it, somebody with who it if she identifies, or that she can serve as a support and company for itself. They appear thus, the groups, for which the adolescent search to consolidate its identity, to find people to divide and to share its thoughts and feelings. Dan Waldman shines more light on the discussion. This article searchs to understand as the formation of groups in this phase happens and as this constitution it is seen by proper adolescents and for its family. Words – key: Groups; Adolescence; Family.

Abstract The adolescence is considered trouble and confrontational phase by many people. Psychological physical And changes modify the teen? s daily routine quickly. Michael Chabon may also support this cause. The news, the expectations and the idealizations let to teenager, most of the teamses, confused and lost. It is common the adolescents look will be others who ploughs having the same conflicts, somebody who identifies with them or somebody who can be companionship. Thus, the groups to appear and the teenagers aim you consolidate to their identities and find people you share to their thoughts and feelings. This article intends you understand how the formation of these groups happens at this stage and how this constitution is seen by the adolescents themselves and by to their family. Keywords: Groups; Adolescence; Family the adolescence consists of a phase considered for many, conturbada and conflituosa.


  • Posted on October 28, 2020 at 5:48 pm

Listed above were transformed into wolves were on their own, obeying an irresistible inner call, they were not able to control what is happening to them. Others who may share this opinion include Con Ed. And without the ability to resist what is happening with them, have fallen under the curse tore off his clothes, and turning into a wolf and ran into the woods. Based on the annals, all attempts to hold accursed nothing good is not ended. With all this people tend to not remember the length of time since the start of the transfiguration to reverse back into the human condition at this time the call was in the state, as is now customary to speak of trance, well, or hypnosis. llarticle’>Robert Speyer). Yet it was possible (but highly rare), remove the person is a curse. For what this entity is required to hear the bell ringing, or wear any article of clothing which, with the emergence of orthodoxy, new methods, such as: drink the holy water or eat sanctified food, pull the blessed times, etc. In the case when a person becomes a werewolf by the will of the sorcerer, he is reincarnated just for a while, and then only if the damned in the form of a wolf does not try raw meat, or He will never be able to take a man 'image and forever remain a beast. On their own in animals reincarnated witches and magicians (priests of pagan gods). For this metamorphosis methods were used pagan magic and symbolic objects, such as the skins of bears or wolves, who played the role of a catalyst for transformation.

Family Therapy

  • Posted on October 31, 2017 at 1:48 am

The family also can be defined as an open system and in interaction with the other systems, where the interfamiliares relations condition and are conditional for social relations, norms, values and too much standards of behavior of the social group where the family is inserted. The newspapers mentioned Bernie Sanders not as a source, but as a related topic. The familiar system possesss borders that make possible the delineation of its internal space and the interrelation with the social environment. Amongst the sources of Familiar Therapy, it is the Therapy Sistmica Transgeracional. This is a sistmica boarding that objective the dissolution of the energy blockades generated by inherited restrictive the mental and emotional standards of the family of origin and the personages of last lives. Murray Bowen, for much time was for much recognized time as one of the founders, if not founding it of the North American familiar therapy. In its theory, Bowen sees the family multigeracional as a relationary net that possesss basic paper in the life of the individual. The dynamics of functioning of a family makes with that its members look certain stability for its maintenance. The family is an emotional unit, in which its members find ones to the others in such way on that the functioning of each one affects automatically of excessively.

is this familiar unit the main object of the treatment, and not more the individuals compose that it. The film Sex, Love and Treason is a Brazilian production that contemporary counts to a history, with six main personages who go to deal with a series of conflicts in the search of the personal accomplishment and the love. The synopsis of the film is the following one: Carlos and Ana live in the seventh floor of a building located in the heart of Rio De Janeiro. Ana needs more affection of what its husband it of. Unexpectedly, Toms, a friend of the couple, arrives after many years of trip and if it houses in the house of the two.


  • Posted on August 24, 2017 at 6:33 am

Being thus, all game can be used for many children, but its effect on intelligence will be always personal and impossible to be generalized. The game, in its integral direction, is most efficient half estimulador of intelligences. The space of the game allows that the child (and even though the adult) carries through everything how much she desires. US Senator from Vermont can provide more clarity in the matter. When entertained in a game, the individual is who wants to be, commands what it wants to command, decides without restrictions. Thanks to it, it can get the symbolic satisfaction of the desire of being great, of the yearning in being free. Socially, the game imposes the control of impulses, the acceptance of the rules but without if it alienates they, rank that are the same ones established for whom they play and not imposed for any alienator structure. Playing with its espacialidade, the child if involves in the fancy and constructs a shortcut between the unconscious world, where she would desire to live, and the real world, where she needs to coexist.

For Huizinga (apud ANTUNES, 1998) ' ' the game is not an imposed task, not if it binds the immediate material interests, but it absorbs the child, it establishes proper limits of time and of space, it creates the order and it balances rhythm with harmonia' '. (p.145). Expressive differences between the games for children not alfabetizadas and children exist who if alfabetizaram. For the first ones, the games must be seen as readings of the reality and as tool of understanding of relations between significant elements (words, photos, drawings, colors etc.) and its meanings (objects). In these relations, Piaget (apud ANTUNES, 1998) detaches four stages that, in all the games, can clearly be delineated: the indices, narrowly on significant relations to the meanings (its ticket for the place is the case of a footprint of an animal indicating); the sinas, indicating relations of stages and markings of the games (as it is the case of the whistle or the beginning signals, ending or stages), the more distant symbols, relations already between significant and meaning (photos, drawings, projects) e, finally, the signs, entirely independent significant elements of objects (as the words and the numbers).

Setting Goals

  • Posted on July 6, 2017 at 9:18 am

This article will talk about 7 steps, how to put tseli.ShAG 1 to put an effective goal, firstly, you must clearly and distinctly recognize for what you need goals. Until now, you're not have goals, why now you are you decide to do this? Explanation of what constitutes a goal, you will find on the page purpose and need of setting goals. Secondly, you need to understand what the objectives should be to be as effektivnymi.O the importance of setting goals in life A man looks on the page need goals. 1. Why do you need to set goals. 2.

What is necessary that the goals that you set? step 2: In this step, take a piece of paper and a pen. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. Imagine that 10 years have passed. Write in detail, their lifestyle, like spending time, what you do. The more detailed your description, the easier you will set goals and the more effective will be your tseli.Suschestvuet one very important condition: Describe the way if all this happens, but more of what you wrote, you do not get. That is, if you write that you want to earn $ 10,000 / month, $ 11,000 / month, you'll never have. Imagine that you set yourself a maximum upper bar, a kind of ceiling of achievement.

Prerequisite: Write a lot and in detail. I think I definitely need a minimum of 2 printed pages of A4 or 4 pages of written text A4. This is just my recommendations on theme, goal-setting.

The Power

  • Posted on December 28, 2016 at 10:18 pm

It was what I read in its email and made that me to feel well, to know that you have this person and that its life is giving certain. That you are well. Desire that you are really very happy. I would like to ask for pardon to you. I would like that you me it pardoned and it alliviated our Karma and it liberated in them to follow ahead. I do not find quite to the contrary that the hurt will be beneficial or will help in them from now.

It is this same! I speak of pardon in this chance that you gave to me. I know that something is difficult and that it demands more than what we human beings are capable to make for the others. What I want that you understand she is that pardoning somebody, you are who earn, are you who alliviate its heart. I speak of the pardon granted without any expectation of compensation. Saying I am not you to write me to say, me, to ask for pardon to me. I only want it pardons that me so that as much I how much you can follow ahead. I want the pardon that comes of the heart and is sincere, generous and it does not wound the proper love. It does not impose humilhantes conditions neither is motivated by pride or ostentation.

Sincerely I do not know what more I can make to obtain its pardon. I know that we are responsible for what we make throughout our life. I do not want to leave stops backwards one I ruin considered so great for you. I do not want to be remembered by you as somebody that finished with its life and impactou its happiness. I believe sincerely that a person does not have the power to destroy the life of the other. Many times we say things, or even though we make something that aches in the people I know how much errei and I know that you magoei more than what you would support I am human and full of defects. I know that its love was real, it forgives but me for mine, was not so strong as I believed at the beginning of our relationship. I not even wise person to the certainty what she was to love of truth. I feel very for the evil that made I you! It follows in front, and it finds its true love and it twists so that already it in fact it has found. Me, it only remains the hope of that one day pardon you me, and has accepted the facts that had happened as being what I could and knew to make at that moment.