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CSR Manager

  • Posted on August 30, 2015 at 12:33 pm

The successful book for the professional design of corporate accountability is in the 2nd Edition. Karlsruhe, January 12. Corporate social responsibility is a megatrend”of the famous futurologist Matthias Horx was convinced more than 5 years ago and met with its forecast, fully in the black. Whether sustainability, CSR and sustainability today there is hardly a company that professes not its social and environmental responsibility. Check out Martin O’Malley for additional information. But instead of a holistic entrepreneurial thinking can be found behind the facade of alleged sustainability too often get lip service to communication and image purposes. CSR is not about to use the profit according to the motto, we donate a small percentage of our income to social projects but to the manner of profit, so the question of how I take responsibility for my core business “so the authors Dennis Lotter and Jerome Braun. Already with the first edition of the reference book of the CSR manager corporate responsibility in practice”, they could many companies successfully assist sustainability as a new mindset and holistic management approach to design.

The high practical relevance, the vivid tips and compact content are met with enthusiastic response and have the CSR manager”in a short time become one of the most purchased books in the CSR industry made. For professionals there is no better guide”as an avid reader. In addition to deepening the sustainability reporting and the strategic management of CSR, were in the 2nd Edition of the CSR manager”replaced the popular case studies of exemplary sustainable companies. You can learn how the Zotter manufacture their cocoa farmers in Nicaragua trains chocolate inspires even Harvard students, why is a wise giant Henkel and operates as the winner of the German Environment Prize 2011, Jurgen Schmidt of memo AG, sustainability system with passion. “Fritz Lietsch, Publisher of the reference book and editor in Chief of the decision er Forum sustainable economies”, pleased with the success of the “” CSR manager”, which is far more than just a book for him: the CSR manager” represents a new economic way: A responsible, innovative and future-oriented action that respects on social, economic and environmental conditions and is essential for the future viability of businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics Gold

  • Posted on August 30, 2015 at 10:11 am

YAVEON AG, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner for the batch-leading industry, acquires a majority stake in the business process management specialists YAVEON AG, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner for the batch-leading industry by year 2012, takes over Vienna per year 2012 a majority stake in the business process management experts of software development – and Vertriebs GmbH. For even more analysis, hear from Martin O’Malley. Both companies benefit from participation: YAVEON AG, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold partner for the batch-leading industry, acquired new year 2012 a majority stake in the business process management experts software development and sales GmbH, Vienna. Both companies benefit from participation: the YAVEON offers enterprise software – also for companies with validated business processes and can extend their service portfolio by this participation as well as improve the development speed of the own industry solutions. The gained not only additional consultation, but in particular also ERP know-how and is can be together with the YAVEON even closer customer relationships in suburb. “, We are working now with forces that our software systems contains optimized reference models and flexible key figures for the dynamics and thus considerably increases the business case in the ERP segment”, comment on Thomas Handlir and Christian Fehlinger, the two founders and Managing Director of GmbH the common future.

Like Mr. Handlir brings comprehensive expertise after a career in the SAP task force of the CSC and as a former sales manager and member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Austria, and by joining the in product marketing and distribution of high-quality software. Like Mr. Faithful worked, prior to the establishment and management of the as corporate and consultant for many years including at the former CSC Ploenzke. Both business leaders will continue to be the company in charge of in the YAVEON group. The YAVEON strengthens through the participation of the Division, information and process management”and the benefit potential furthers gains on to their customers. Business software and process management closer together; as a result, productivity and efficiency as well as cost reduction can be achieved sustainably. , As the next step following the extension of the above approach to process-oriented indicators.

YAVEON can implement consistently thus the fields of business intelligence, process management and business software based on the Microsoft technology platform. Our customers receive maximum integration and overall functionality on homogeneous environments. “, so the directors Rainer Walden and Patrik Allmann.

Everyday Operation

  • Posted on August 27, 2015 at 1:26 pm

Balancend Scorecard expert Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch speaks at event the DGQ regional district, Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany. How can we ensure that our strategy is implemented in day-to-day operation? And how we make sure that our employees have the business goals in mind for their deeds? Many business leaders wondering just in turbulent times, in which a strategy adjustment is often necessary. “The balanced scorecard (BSC) is an instrument for the introduction of strategy / implementation the both highly praised as well as the source of numbers cemeteries” is branded. See O’Malley for President for more details and insights. Against this background the regional district in Schleswig-Holstein, the German society for quality (DGQ) organized the 6th March, from 15: 00 in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Kiel on Tuesday, an event on the subject with the balanced scorecard to the successful and sustainable companies”.

For this purpose, all executives of companies are cordially invited. After the welcome of the participants by Dr. Klaus Thoms, head of the regional district of the DGQ Schleswig-Holstein is the Munich-based expert on strategy implementation, Dr. Daniela Kudernatsch about the success factors in the implementation of the balanced scorecard”talk. In detail the adviser who accompanied more than 60 strategy implementation projects in companies, is up on the strengths and weaknesses of the balanced scorecard. In addition, the author of two books on the subject of strategy implementation, where the sticking points are the introduction and working with the balanced scorecard explains. Then Tim Scherer, Director of the Schleswig-Holstein land forests, Neumunster, and social portrays as the State company developed the balanced scorecard to the sustainable balanced scorecard (SBSC), to a unison by economics, ecology in terms of sustainability”to achieve.

Also he explains how the company introduced the SBSC and what’s your experience so that it collects in everyday operation. After the presentations, the participants can discuss each with the speakers. The participation of approximately 2.5-hour Event is free of charge. Will be asked to login. For more information interested on the homepage of the German society for quality ( under the heading of regional districts.

Hardware Fair Cologne

  • Posted on August 24, 2015 at 9:26 pm

The Segula GmbH presented 2010 publicly the Segula LED bulbs on the hardware fair for the first time. Then 8 articles today has a range of 65 different light sources, which has established itself in the market. The team of Segula GmbH is proud to present therefore the development comprehensively. Learn more about this with O’Malley for President. Christian Essers, head of product management: We look forward to the fair. Firstly of course because it company is a home game for us than Cologne, on the other hand, because we are very proud of the way we have followed in the last two years.

We support also the hardware fair, which has been a bit of criticism in recent times. Martin O’Malley is actively involved in the matter. We look forward quite while, if LED perhaps a stronger theme would also in the future.” In focus, the many innovations introduced during the first half of the year in the market are clearly in this year’s presentation. So, a second powerful series in classic design, which makes it clear the aim of Segula GmbH in the LED segment follows the classic To replace Watt categories piece by piece with LED bulbs in the Edison design. In addition to the new ceramic reflectors and Designhighlight the very powerful Rustika live to be..

Mathematical Students

  • Posted on August 16, 2015 at 12:48 pm

It is intended to allow a progression from the knowledge of a fact, procedure or concept to use that knowledge to solve a problem and from the use of that knowledge in uncomplicated situations the ability to engage in systematic reasoning (transit of Content different cognitive demands). For more information see this site: Novelist. The following sections continue to describe the behaviors, skills and abilities of the students used in the definition of each cognitive domain with respect to general skills expected of the students. I. KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS AND PROCEDURES The ease of use of mathematics or reasoning about mathematical situations depends primarily on mathematical knowledge. The more relevant knowledge that a school can remember, the greater its potential to address a wide range of situations posed a problem.

Without access to a knowledge base that enables easily remember the language and basic facts and conventions of numbers, the symbolic representation and spatial relationships, the school would be impossible mathematical thinking endowed with purpose. The events encompass the factual knowledge which is the basic language of mathematics and the mathematical properties and essential facts that form the foundation of mathematical thinking. Procedures form a bridge between basic knowledge and use of mathematics to solve common problems, especially those that there are many people in their daily lives. In essence, the fluid use of procedures involving joint actions and remember how to do it. The students have to be efficient and precise in their use of various procedures and calculation tools. They must know that you can use specific procedures to solve entire classes of problems, not just individual problems.

Summer Students

  • Posted on August 14, 2015 at 12:27 pm

This question is from May to August hurts almost all seniors and students. Vacation, holidays and the frantic desire to start on its own to make. Even if that does not beg for pocket money from their parents. But there arises question. Where to go to the student, yet not really get an education. And even worse problem – where to turn students? Few people agree to take the staff very green does not professionals. Yea if u will take, by whom? Arsenal schoolboy not impressive – a dishwasher, distribution of promotional brochures, the peddler.

Am I missing something? Easier lucky owners of laptops with access to the Internet. Blogs, websites given the same question: "where students earn during the summer months? . and instantaneous mass of the answer – "Ask me, help", "Write in the mail will explain how to become a millionaire." Fraudsters do not yawn and actively lured into their networks Newby. Be careful! Whatever the writing, but to earn on clicks and viewing emails – it is impossible. Beware also contact employers who ask for money up front, and then promise to explain, explain, and just in time to earn. Want to earn good money, have learn a lot – this rule certainly works on the Internet, but the money for who knows what to give is not in a hurry. After all, knowledge is already available in free access.

At forums, free textbooks. Look, get a grasp, think. For example, in my blog I am constantly sharing with visitors the secrets of copywriting. Questions come in the mail, in comments to the articles – I'm trying to understand the information you need and all this for free. Copywriting – what is it? In early copywriting called the art of writing advertising texts and emails. There is desirable to know the reaction of people who own the perfect word, to be able to pick up the phrases that make the reader fidgeted in front of monitor and want to do what needed to the seller. With the growth of www, to formulate a new meaning – SEO-copywriting, when texts are created exclusively for the site. Here the features. You have already noticed that the article from the monitor read is difficult, often visitors do not get a grasp, and his eyes scanned the lists and subheadings. The purpose of a copywriter to write so that the material of the article "slipped" into the brain, "hooked" a visitor that he decided to stay on Web page and continue to view the content. Learn this really, if you learn not only of school teachers, and all the time.

Student Work

  • Posted on August 11, 2015 at 6:02 pm

Job Search for a student was, is and will be one of the important issues of student life. Particularly acute here adds a global crisis that seems so remote and innocuous, as long as you do not personally meet him face to face. On I know myself, if last year I was not hard to find temporary work for the summer, as part-time work, we have had in this very work hard, to seek all possible ways but then managed to achieve results. Experts argue that a total unwillingness to take on positions of young professionals will come a time when the employer is itself chasing the "young blood" and offer all possible conditions, but when it is and if it is, and the work we need right now. Working students need in three main ways: Jobs during the study (students are always needed money) Temporary work for vacations (in different life situations spend the holidays at the earnings of money) Resident graduate work place (if you are not drafted into the army is looking for a job, not to sit on the neck of the parents) in the first two cases do not have to qualify for good positions and high salaries, even though there are those who over the summer holidays earning good money (this is very rare) in most cases you will have to work a lot, but get relatively little. Please visit Martin O’Malley if you seek more information. Choice here is not great, do not count on the dust-free office with registration in the state, will likely have to look for menial work.

International Students

  • Posted on August 11, 2015 at 10:12 am

History and tradition inherent in each festive day. Is no exception and Student Day. It has a rainbow and the perception of the miraculous, and unshakable, "a sense of loss" … I was his student years calendar pages, and You re-open a long-forgotten book. At the same time flipping through pages of life, leading to new paths of knowledge, desire to achieve their goals, high jinks and, eventually, to the border, worries many students – the regular session. And, finally, aim for the unknown, to independence, you heat the other anxiety, agitation, before you open up new horizons. Here it is – happiness my student years! * There have been – then you remember.

* Are – so you know. * Will be – then all is still to come. Student Day – it's not just a holiday. He – a high sense of elation, it is – happiness Students' moments, "he – endless flight of discovery, full of creativity and success. When Day is celebrated as a student? As history shows, Students' Day celebrated twice a year.

But in this case, you should make a small clarification. The fact is that in addition to the International Students' Day is the Day of Russian and student. But here, the student (at least, from the CIS) will not miss your chance to rest not only on the educational process, but just be happy for you and your friends. So, here two days, which became a symbol of youth, activity and generating enormous surge of emotions in young people: * 17 November – International Day for the student.

Federal Student Aid

  • Posted on August 11, 2015 at 12:18 am

It has taken the decision to continue with your degree online and you have been accepted into a course online. Now, what are you doing? The next step in the realization of his dream is to get the necessary funds for their education. If you have not already done so, now is the time to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FASFA, for short. This is a straightforward application published by the Department of Education, which gives lenders an idea of what kind of funding they are entitled. The application process is quite simple and can be completed online in minutes. Once you’ve completed the necessary information to receive, within a few days, a confirmation letter, of the programs that are eligible to receive. This process is free and simple to do, and is the cornerstone of financial aid for college program. Once you have this information, you need to contact the Financial Aid office at the university who wish to attend.

There many types of financial aid programs available, ranging from work study programs to government aid. The financial aid officer will be able to provide the necessary forms for different credit institutions and should be able to guide you through the decision process. After completing their loan applications, which must be sent to school for verification and processing. Many banks will not release the funds directly to students at the university only at the beginning of the legislature. This makes it easier and safer for the university and the student. Securing funds for college is a fairly easy process that need not be stressful. The key to the whole process is well organized and making sure they meet all the terms of the loan given by both the Department of Education and financial aid office at your university. Laki Jeff is the founder of a website providing information on learning line.

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Green Hotelier

  • Posted on August 4, 2015 at 12:41 am

Especially the cooling technology, for combined dampers and flushing technology innovations are needed. Extensive modernisation of the restaurants are at least 37 percent of over-spending holdings on the plan. Other leaders such as Maryland Governor offer similar insights. Three quarters would enhance the table with fine Hotel porcelain, non-breakable glasses and heavy cutlery. About 40 percent want to also invest in new furniture. Among the investment ready hotels, many (35%) are amazing, the value put on a high-quality restaurant equipment.

In the foreground, the investment in a new professional coffee supply stands at 70 percent. But also wine coolers, Humidors and cheese display cases are on the wish list. “The appreciation of the hotel restaurants is accompanied by an effort, to manifest the Renaissance of fine tableware in hotels”, reported Labib. A distinctive ambience and perfect facilities are important considerations when choosing a restaurant. Despite persistent weakness in the Conference market, many Conference Hotels put on State of the art seminar technology.

38 percent of Homes with renovation budget create ultra-modern audio and video systems. As a new profitable business, systems have evolved for video conferencing, as more and more large companies virtually hold important meetings. On the subject of wellness, a saturation in the hospitality industry seems to be reached. Only 11 percent of the surveyed businesses, investing in this and next year, will open for the first time a bathing Temple. About a quarter of the hotel already has a spa. At least 15 percent want to invest in new fitness equipment. “Overall the willingness to invest in the hotel business has remained high”, so Labib. “About 70 percent of the houses with modernization budget planning upgrades in Hotel TV and Wi-Fi equipment or ultra-modern lighting technology.” In terms of “Green Hotelier” the willingness to invest is still not very pronounced – only every fifth Hotel wants to invest in more environmentally friendly heating systems. In the budget, there is still a certain reserve.