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Ernesto Che Guevara

  • Posted on June 30, 2013 at 12:56 pm

For the Government of the more the Decree 748 is leveling and to the most impoverished sectors, gasolinazo or totally. The discursive game is latent acute nowadays as it was in 1985, when the Government of the MNR, the massive dismissal of workers in mines, was camouflaged with the word relocation. The discursive construction was always according to the interests of a certain class. For example, for some, Ernesto Che Guevara was terrorist, and for others wrestler and revolutionary. Dr. Mark Hymen pursues this goal as well. The gasolinazo apparently was planned by the Government, therefore, the President went to Venezuela on the day of the promulgation of the Decree and just at this time of year end where the family economy is relatively stable. Furthermore, the UPEA as the most combative of the University system, is in recess, but surely would enhance the social mobilizations. The discontent of social organizations is generalized throughout the country. As well, the marches, extended and cabildos intensifies and they charge more strength as it was not the case since the 2003 gas war.

The headlines of Bolivia with regard to the Gasolinazo on the gasolinazo, newspapers in Bolivia in their front-page headlines noted the following: La Jornada of La Paz, titled Evo offerings are not convinced and intensified measures. While page 7 titled Evo not yields and wants to curb unrest with promises. However, change tried to positively represent the decretazo of the ruling with wages rise by 20% and farmers support Equalization of the price of fuel. In the latter, he attends the collectivization strategy making believe that all indigenous people of the country would agree with that policy.While in the digital portal of ERBOL, portrayed this fact as well: Antigasolinazo: about 14 thousand come to protest in Oruro, Llallagua and El Alto. With respect to the same gasolinazo, yesterday, December 29 these same newspapers, in their covers said the following: La Razon, foods rise and are scarce; drivers insist with cigarettes; The journal, Gasolinazo causes inflationary spiral; The press is growing discontent and drivers ignored the Government rates; Times, ATT approves 30% increase to passages; South Government mail fixed new tariffs and transport does not accept them; The star of the East, sectors are articulated against the gasolinazo.

One Woman List

  • Posted on June 6, 2013 at 9:42 pm

One of the most difficult parts to seduce a woman is to recognize if you are doing well, that is if you’re on the right track or if you’re losing it with the strategy you are using. In fact, if you know how to flirt, and succeed recognize that you’re losing it can change the strategy in time and recover its interest. Let’s start by answering the question: how to tell if I liked a woman, so I give a summary of these two other articles: how to know if I liked him: ready signal and how to tell if you like a woman: message list. Which I recommend reading for details, but in brief form chose these for you: head movements: inclination towards you, or reactions to your smile words: measured level much smiles and is directly proportional to what so is interested in you. Are you sometimes even saying something funny and she smiles, or just smile because you just smiled? You don’t need more, she is in love with you. Blushing When you talk about him. You constantly look: remove the look and then return you to look at.

Constantly give you compliments. Crossing legs or arms regularly: it is a defensive position, but if you have studied how to flirt, you will understand that in many cases it is because he lost the position in which he felt comfortable so you can continue with your plan of seduction. Stretch regularly: this sign is to tell you that she is interested in you and wants you entretengas it, why stretch to get your attention. Now move on to the part that may be interested in great shape, how use this information when it comes to conquer a girl. This will divide the situation in two cases: an appointment and while in a bar, can you imagine any other place of conquest: Cafe, disco, your classroom classes, gym, etc.