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If All Goes Well, Why Pay The Extra Money ?

  • Posted on March 26, 2015 at 3:07 pm

Modern boilers do not require constant presence of staff because the system is equipped with automated control and safety. For example, sensors on the boiler will automatically monitor the pressure drop in the heating system, which indicates a leak. Learn more about this topic with the insights from novelist. In this case, the consumer calls the specialists who solve the problem. But the pot, like any other complex engineering equipment, requires periodic maintenance (TA). In the case of providing a multi-year manufacturer warranty on boilers in a year of its operation must produce something – a guarantee for next year extended only under this condition. On the one hand, the service center carries out its activities, observing the requirements of producers, as set out in the manual, passport and other technical documentation, and with another – the requirements of dbn and dstu.

Since the local gas industry, typically refusing to take responsibility for the operation of imported heating equipment after the warranty period, service Service can no longer dictate to the consumer frequency and a list of preventive works. But experts service are strongly advised to complete the maintenance, which includes diagnosis and remove all detected problems: deposits of hardness salts, contamination of electrodes, burner nozzles. I must say that the latter in particular, fundamentally, because the boiler – a kind of vacuum cleaner: it also draws in Air that contains particles. It must be emphasized that often the boilers installed concurrently with the other construction work. Construction dust is deposited on the inner and outer surface burner, a burner may be clogged up, there will be burnouts, etc. To minimize the economic costs, experts recommend to perform once a year, as the volume (and cost) and technical service depends on the regularity of its implementation. If it is carried out once every 5 years, so the full program, which, respectively, will fly to the client a lot of money. And if it is done every year, it is limited diagnosis and implementation of necessary works, which, naturally, is much cheaper.

Senior Engineer

  • Posted on March 24, 2015 at 6:57 pm

– Such alterations can be reconciled by sketch, which must be accompanied by a drawing of the site waterproofing. On the sketch show hosted santehpriborov and eyeliner to them. Not allowed to place the toilet and bathtub (or shower) directly over residential bathrooms and kitchens. The spacious bath offers new opportunities: You can install a bidet, a Jacuzzi, a drying machine for laundry and even a simulator (many turn this room into a home "Wellness Center"). But even here need to remember the "letter of the law." "The installation of a Jacuzzi will agree, because the equipment increases the burden on the overlap. Michael Chabon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If you live in a house with wooden beams, the alignment just need to "- Omar said Hajiyev. The current trend of re-planning becomes toilets and their association with the bedrooms: some "cut through" the door of the "sleeping room" right in the tub, and someone puts between these rooms translucent walls.

The most radical option – full integration of bathrooms and bedrooms, where at one end of the room stands a bath, and in another – the bed. A lot of places you can "gain" and through the optimal placement plumbing. Location of the last "tied" to the sewer risers, routing of pipes for hot and cold water. "Rearranging the bath, sink, washing machine or toilet, you must first solve the problem of diversion effluent – says Pavel Antipov, Senior Engineer, grundfos, the world's leading manufacturer of pumping equipment. – If you do not, of a simple extension of sewer pipes, blockages can not be avoided.