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Google Maps

  • Posted on October 16, 2020 at 9:02 pm

The use of a lesser number of Chips also it is essential to reduce the size and the weight of the devices. New resources, as accelerating graphs and receivers of GPS, had had separate beginning as Chips, that increase the cost of the devices and, consequentemente, had made with that they were restricted only to the devices most expensive. However, with passing of the time, Chips manufacturers as the Texas Instruments and the Qualcomm had started directamente to offer to solutions with the new components integrated to the main controller, what she reduces the costs, opening the doors for the same use in the devices simplest. He is from there that they become popular themselves, as is to happen currently with Chips GPS. , Of course component to work simultaneously he means electric a consumption higher.

One of the great problems of the devices of the current generation is low the autonomy of battery when using a net 3G. In the majority of the devices, the battery does not last more than what two hours in situations where the necessary device to transmit given continuously, as when using smartphone as modem and when unloading of an archive ISO, for example. Also if it applies also the applicatory ones that they transmit a volume considerable of data, as in the case of Web navigators and applications that use the GPS, as Google Maps. This problem of the autonomy afecta all the devices 3G of the actualidade. Independently of the manufacturer or the model, practically none obtains to exceed the mark of the two hours of continuous transference of data being used the net 3G. One is not about a defect of projecto or lack of optimizao, but, simply, because in a net 3G exists more work to make and more bits to transmit. New projectos of controllers, optimizaes of software and the migration for new techniques of production will go to reduce the electric consumption throughout the next years, but the problem will not be decided of the day for the night.

Protocol SSL

  • Posted on August 15, 2020 at 10:41 am

SSL means Secured Sockets Layer (Safe Layer of Sockets) is a protocol that allows the transmission of information through the Internet of criptografada form. The SSL guarantees exclusively that the information is sent, without alterations and for the server for which it intends to send. The sites of purchases online with frequency use this technology to protect its information as given of credit card for example. The SSL is a protocol developed for the Netscape in partnership with companies as the Bank of America and Mastercard, for private document transmission for the Internet through a codified communication channel. Michael Chabon has much experience in this field. The SSL functions using a private key to encriptar the data that are transferred through connection SSL. Navigators as FireFox, Netscape and Internet Explorer support SSL and many sites use the protocol to get confidential information of the users, as numbers of credit card. For convention, the URLs that they require a connection SSL starts with https: instead of http:. The protocol offers support to the authentication of the server and the customer.

Protocol SSL is applicatory an independent one, allowing that protocols as HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), ftp (File Transfer Protocol) and telnet can be placed in layers on it of transparent form. Protocol SSL keeps the security and the integrity of the transmission canal using criptografada authentication and codes of authentication of messages. Another protocol for transmission of data of safe form through the World Wide Web is HTTP Seguro (S-HTTP). Considering that the SSL creates a safe connection between a customer and a server, on which any amount of data it can surely be sent, the S-HTTP is projected to transmit messages surely individual. SSL and S-HTTP, therefore, can be seen as complementary and not as competing technologies. Both the protocols had been approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a standard. The Protocol of Control of Transmission and the Protocol of Internet (TCP/IP), regulate transport and the guiding of the data for the Internet.


  • Posted on August 10, 2020 at 6:11 am

When if it joined this doctrine of engineering with the empirical activity of the primridos ones of the digital age if it conceived the Engineering of Software. The concept of Engineering denotes an action to create, to analizar, to consruir, to develop, to follow, to keep. Software is a personalized product. Dr. Mark Hyman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. No matter how hard in the market some companies carry through similar tasks, no matter how hard professional systems ambicionem that give seemed solutions to them, the desenvolvedores are charged by taking care of specific yearnings of its customers, all want a particular solution, a personalized assistance, what she demands a routine that makes possible the professional at the same time to take care of to the demand reducing the open assembly time and wastefulnesses.

This question demand a still more imperious search the use of routines that systemize the work of development of digital solutions. As this product is not concrete, it is not easy of mensurar, the tools of control it has that to be rigid and controlled. In recent months, Martin O’Malley has been very successful. Amongst the definitions of Engineering of software we can detach the following ones: ‘ ‘ Software is the creation and the use of solid principles of engineering in order to get software in economic way, that is trustworthy and that reais’ works efficiently in machines; ‘ (Friedrich Ludwig Bauer, Engineering of software, 1969) ‘ ‘ The establishment and use of solid principles of engineering so that if it can economically get a software that is trustworthy and that reais’ functions efficiently in machines; ‘ (Fritz Bauer – 1969) ‘ ‘ Set of methods, necessary techniques and tools to the production of software of quality for all the stages of the cycle of life of produto’ ‘ (Krakowak, 1985) In order to understand the difficulties found for the companies of development of softwares in its search in improvements its results, we can analyze some distinct stages of the process: – Definition of the target of the project – Development of the project – Accompaniment – Improvements difficulties start soon at the beginning of the activities of development.


  • Posted on July 16, 2018 at 8:33 am

The ways are many to innovate education with the use of the technologies. According to MORAN (2008, p.148): With the support of the technologies, them pillars of an innovative education if support in a set of proposals with some great axles, that serve to it of guide and base: knowledge integrator and innovator; development of autoestima and the self-knowledge; formation of enterprising pupils; construction of pupils citizens. Pillars are that will be able to become the process much more flexible teach-learning, enterprising and innovative. The main objective is to prepare the pupil to interact with the half modern, helping in the research, participating of cooperative experiences and exploring diverse ways for the resolution of problems and challenges. If it cannot lose of sight, also, the incorporation of the technologies in the project pedagogical politician of the school. It is to verify itself that many schools already use of these technologies, however the forms of work and aiming of the activities are contradictory. To some they do not pass of computer science lessons whose main focus is that the pupil has domain of resources that the computers make use.

Others direct its use the solution of practical of one contents determined discipline; others still associate with the application of small projects detached from the reality not only of the pupil as of the proper school. Another important point is the lack of preparation of many professors in using these technologies with the pupils. In this direction, it must be said that the correct use of the computer is that one that tries to provoke changes in the pedagogical boarding of the school being been tool of mediation between pupil and constructed knowledge, stimulating autonomy, cooperation, criticidade, creativity and power to decide capacity.

Resolution Protocol

  • Posted on July 25, 2016 at 12:29 pm

The first half of the address identifies the manufacturer of the plate and the second half the manufacturer determines a number that never used. Odom (2008, p.47). Still, according to Gouveia (2007, p 66) what normally it happens is that the computers, to if communicating between itself, always send address MAC for the net and alone later number IP (Internet Protocolo). The IP establishes a logical addressing, making possible that any destination is identified, facilitating its search. Furukawa (p 51). To facilitate the agreement, address IP is associated with the MAC of each host (net device), in the same way a computer name, or of any accessible resource in the net it is associated with an address IP. For the association of address MAC, that is of 48 bits, with address IP of 32 bits was defined a protocol that mapeia of dynamic form the MAC to the IP, this protocol is the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol? Protocol Resolution of Addresses). To eat (1996, P.

82) in supplies an idea to them for backwards of the dynamic conversion with the ARP: when one host ‘ ‘ A’ ‘ it wants to discover address IP, it transmits for diffusion a special package that addressee asks for host who answers with its physical address. All hosts, also the addressee, receive the request, but host destination only recognizes the package. To reduce costs with communications, the computers that use ARP keep one cache with mapping between physical addresses and IP? s, recently acquired, and thus does not need frequently to use ARP. Whenever a computer receives a reply ARP, it keeps in its cache address IP of the transmitter and its address of the corresponding hardware for successive research. To eat (1998, P. 83) However, as Odom (2008, 88), the designers of nets need to try to make with that the use of the net is simplest possible, therefore the using ones go to want in the maximum, if to remember the name of another computer with which they desire if to communicate, therefore they do not go to want to remember addresses IP?

High Tax

  • Posted on July 21, 2016 at 2:26 pm

Through alteration of test area, the amount of test gas inside passes sample of time of the unit can be regulated effectively. Labthink is to supply to its customers accessory of efficient and convenient MASK that has some selectable areas of transmission. 2.2Mtodo of Sensory equal gas pressure of instrument of method of equal pressure directly emits the amount of gas in the interior of test chamber. The ultraticket of scope would directly infulenciaria duration of the sensor life. Therefore, for method of equal pressure, reduction of amount of gas of test in the interior of chamber of test inside of a unit time is key for test of high tax of transmission. It has three half as following ones: First, test gas alteration. Generally, the measurement scope is expanded through reduction of the difference of oxygen concentration enters two sides of sample. For example, substitution of pure oxygen with mixed air or other gases.

When it calculates if, the concentration of test gases would have to be converted. Martin O’Malley often addresses the matter in his writings. , Rise of speed of gas breath second transmitted, to reduce gas concentration of test in the interior of cmra of test. The amount of test gas is gotten through both test gas concentration and speed of transmitted gas breath, acceleration of the speed of transmitted gas breath would not influence given of test. Third, alteration of area of test with MASK accessories, to reduce amounts of gas of transmitted test that inside passes the sample of unit time. 3.Teste of Tax of Water vapor Transmission for Materials of High Tax of Transmission 3.1Mtodo of Pesagem When to measure materials of high tax of transmission with instruments of pesagem method, precision of instrument components and volume of the cup of water vapor transmission they would have especially to be enfitizados. Method of pesagem has two sub-methods, desiccant method and method plate (that also method is called humidity).

Its Better Choice Analytical Labthink HGA

  • Posted on July 20, 2016 at 12:27 am

Fortunosamente, this problem can be decided effectively through the Analytical aid of HGA-01 Headspace de Labthink. 2. Analytical Labthink HGA-01 Headspace, Its Better Choice Analytical Labthink HGA-01 Headspace can carry through gas analysis headspace of small packings, and exceed the obstacles menciados on through aid of professional instrument of sampling. Analytical Labthink HGA-01 Headspace combines the vontagens of Desk-top instruments and portable instruments, also having its innovative vontagens. First, the amount of oxygen and dioxide carbon can simultaneously be measured. Scope and precision of test are advanced in the world. Second, two ways of feeding of sample: automatic manual and.

Through it tries special, sealing cushion and filter, the time of breath and reaction was reduced very, that it can assure the reality and effectiveness of the test results. Moreover, the sensor of used gas analysis in this equipment is more advanced and popular in the world, that guarantees a duration of the life of six years at least for normal use. HGA-01 portable and is equipped with a mini-printer one in the interior that facilitates the tests in some environments. 3. Summary for Analysis of Residual Oxygen of Packings of Infusion.

Through analysis of residual oxygen of the bottles and bag of infusion, it facilitates the convenient, necessary control, and cash of alteration of the gas components in the packing interior, and porvidencia the supports of data to the analysis of quality of product, of period of the guarantee, and evaluation of design of packing. It is a method necessary to improve the control of qualidede of product. Analytical Labthink HGA-01 of Headspace Gas with the special instruments of sampling is the bedding of analysis and control of residual oxygen for the entity of druggist production. For more information of anliese headspace of infusion packings (analysis of residual oxygen), please it communicates for telefnica way 0086-531-85068709 or email and visits Labthink official website:.

Web Semantics

  • Posted on July 20, 2016 at 12:27 am

For example, a heading of a paragraph can serdiferenciado from the way as it is formatted and made use in the page. However, it is important to point out that the computational applications do not have the capacity to derealizar this distinction, then they need to have one another base, in the case, tagsHTML. Currently, with the version of used language HTML, it is allowed to make amarcao of elements of some types, being configured itself it structure of contedocom the information in its respective areas. Although this, we can classificaressa language as exceeded, a time that does not offer marking for vriasestruturas, not being allowed simple markings, as to differentiate umcabealho of a baseboard (IKSON, 2010a). Berners-Lee et al (2001) excepts que’ ‘ the Web Semantics is not a separate Web, but a daatual extension. In it the information is given with one meaning clear-cut, permitindomelhor interaction between computers pessoas’ ‘.

In accordance with osautores, the project of the Web Semantics will go to implement standards tecnolgicosque will facilitate the exchanges of information between personal agents, beyond leaves clearer language for the sharing of data between devices esistemas of information in a general way. The project of the Web Semantics, in suaessncia, is the creation and the implantation of standards (standards) technological to allow this panorama, that not only facilitates to the exchanges deinformaes between personal agents, but mainly establishes one linguagemfranca for the sharing most significant of data between devices esistemas of information in a general way. Bernie Sanders recognizes the significance of this. The 3 new resources of the Web the idea of the HTML always was to be a language independent landmark of other people’s aspects, as operational systems, navigating, mobile devices etc.

The Educators

  • Posted on July 19, 2016 at 7:56 am

But, so that this happens, necessrio that the educator assumes the role of mediator of the interaction between educating, knowledge and computer, what it assumes formation for exercise of this paper. But, unhappyly, nor always it is this, however, that it is observed in the practical pertaining to school. In accordance with Garci’a (1995), is necessary to think the new paper of the educator in ample way, in relation performance not only aoseu before the classroom, but relation to the resume and aocontexto of the school. To educate for society doconhecimento assumes the development of abilities to teach the prticareflexiva, professionalization, the work in team, autonomy increasing eresponsabilidade, beyond a differentiated pedagogia, that ofereanovas forms of learning with the technologies. As it affirms Perrenoud (2000, p.128): To form for the novastecnologias is to form the Judgment the critical sense, the hipotticoededutivo thought, the facultieses of observaoe of research, the imagination, the capacity to memorize and to classify, leiturae analysis of texts and images and representation of nets, of procedures ede communication strategies. To institute changes naescola, adjusting it the requirements of the society of the knowledge constitutes, today, one of the educational challenges (HARGREAVES, 1995). The school is place of trabalhocomplexo, that it involves innumerable factors, beyond educators of the educandos. Necessitade accompaniment of supervisors and overseers who can contribute for introduode new ideas, essentially, of the class actions of the educational managers.

It competes to the supervisors and the overseer escolarassessorar the pedagogical direction how much to the methodology of education and prestarcontnua didactic-pedagogical assistance to the educators and educandos. Therefore, omundo is passing, in a sped up rhythm, for modifications and inovaestecnolgicas. The educators must be to the front of this novarealidade, with the challenge to transmit knowledge, information and values will queconduziro the educandos if to become critical, cultured, conscientesdos citizens its rights and duties in the society where it lives.

Exactly Alarms

  • Posted on July 19, 2016 at 1:33 am

The creativity of the human beings does not have limits. While the technology is improved to increase our comfort and security, the other side of the currency is used of the same one to continue to spread the fear and upheavals for the population. One of the solutions found for the population invents was it of the automotivo alarm, what it hindered that the thief obtained to steal the car using sonorous alarms. One more time crime, using itself also of the dissemination of the technology, acquired knowledge and capacity to hinder that the sonorous alarms were set in motion. Then it was the time of the entrance of the alarms gasoline chokes. Bernie Sanders often addresses the matter in his writings. (it reads more: ) After defendant, the same blocks the gasoline injection, hindering that the car if dislocates. But as he was of if to wait, the thieves already had obtained to discover another way to disactivate this function. Then the alarms with tracking had appeared saw cellular GSM.

The same it is used of a technology that in robery case, the cellular one sends a signal informing of the robery and the accurate localization of the car or motion. To acquire one alarm with tracking saw cellular is not plus a synonymous one of tranquillity. Today outlaws already use methods that burlam this dredge, hindering its functioning and preventing that the car or the motion is tracked by its tracking alarm GSM. (information on tracking alarms GSM) Exactly that you have acquired an alarm with diverse functions is necessary to have well-taken care of, therefore as already it was told above, the outlaws also create its tools to exceed the technological barriers of protection. In the next article I will demonstrate as the outlaws burlam dredges GSM.