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The Importance Of Healthy Teeth

  • Posted on February 24, 2019 at 12:48 pm

Studies of Japanese scientists led to the shocking conclusion – it appears that our capacity for intellectual activity is directly dependent on how many teeth has a live person. Losing even a single tooth, we may get in big trouble, not so much associated with the aesthetic, as with the physiological disturbances that threaten serious consequences for health. Paradoxical as it may seem, the desire to improve quality of life leads only to a gradual loss of health in general. This is especially true teeth. Our food is almost deprives us of health. The absence of solid food in the diet, saturation sugars, which are only zashlakovyvayut organism, lead to disastrous results.

Look at what our kids eat – absorb liters of drinks containing a catastrophic amount of sugar and the same chemical components, carcinogenic chips and french fries, another such, I may say, food. Campaign perenasytivshie market such products did not think about the health of consumers, seeking profits. The nations, living in the little-developed regions, consume lean, but healthy food, the teeth rarely fracture. Dental Clinic provides assistance in keeping the teeth in proper order since early childhood. Finding a sick baby tooth, parents should a child visit the dentist, because keeping the baby teeth, we are taking care of the future teeth, as they already are in their infancy under the breast and can be destroyed, not even erupted.

Previously, all affected teeth, we chew. And if you do not treat them, the destruction and would get to the front teeth, including canines, the loss of which leads to very negative results. One of the most terrible dental disease is periodontitis. The nature of dental disease is not fully defined, but the fundamental is the lack of adequate pressure on the teeth and gums. AND how insulting to lose absolutely healthy teeth, which can not remain in the gum box, gradually pushing out of the dentition. Nowadays, doctors have learned to overcome this disease, and one of the most effective methods is the system Helbo. This unit belongs to the category of high-tech, and requires constant monitoring by the companies carrying out repairs computers. Your health depends entirely on you – only early detection and timely treatment to keep your teeth in this form, what they fully deserve.

Dieter Bohlen

  • Posted on February 18, 2016 at 6:41 pm

'It was easy to know them 'real Russian "- rotten stumps instead of teeth and horrible breath. From reining nausea, we ate some of the proposed sandwich with caviar '- that describes one of many meetings with fans well-known composer and singer Dieter Bohlen on tour in Moscow (the book Dieter Bohlen 'Nothing But the Truth'). But it is not difficult to guess what the fans wanted to make a good impression on idol … Beauty – is not important? K Unfortunately, in Russia aesthetics has long been the unloved stepchild of medicine. Placing fillings, crowns and bridges of the beauty and physicians, and patients themselves thought of as a last resort. We must admit that this is largely due to heavy the living conditions of vast majority of people living in the former Soviet Union. But not only lack of money makes forget about the health of your teeth, it panders to a generally low level of culture. Appear on paper or in a society with bad teeth or bad breath, most people did not consider it improper! Moreover, bad teeth, consider some of the givens of nature, which supposedly nothing can be done. It is also important and the fact that the vast majority of people is afraid of dentists that it is no wonder the general state of health could not affect the training of doctors and dental equipment. Fear queue, heavy workload of doctors still lead to the fact that going to the dentist becomes a very unpleasant event in their lives.