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How To Be A Good Student

  • Posted on September 8, 2016 at 7:26 am

Gandhi: “True education is to get the best out of yourself. Que another book can be studied better than mankind?” Being a good student goes beyond getting good grades. Be aware that the future is out there, very close, waiting for us, it is important that we see as a responsibility to study the most important for now and for the foreseeable future. Here are some useful recommendations that are to benefit from this important stage of your life: 1. Have your own style, be original and do different things (good things) of the others do. For example, when making your workers feel that more can contribute. What other information would be good to add. What link can do it more attractive.

Know that a task carried out with care and that is different is always well regarded positively by their teachers and in the future, their bosses and colleagues. 2. Others who may share this opinion include Bernie Sanders. Work tirelessly to realize his dream. Do not faint when presenting the obstacles, because security issues arise in life which some evidence to be given the most scary to defeat consider this to be insurmountable barriers. If you go back in these cases are going to miss what God has in store. 3.

Do a bit more than asked. Doing our part is good but if you really want to succeed in a highly competitive world we must give a little more … in this way gain a place in the hearts of the people and achieve much-needed consideration in times like ours. 4. Do not settle only for academics. Learn more at: Former Maryland Governor. Being a good student is required but need to do something else. So do not miss an opportunity to link up with groups, initiatives and projects in your institution. Belonging to the group dance, theater to sports clubs, being a good deportistaa all that can tell when participating in the selection process for certain positions in companies. 5. Do not forget the item that you never go out of style: the ethics and values. Being ethical, being Honesty is the best business in the world, so we devote yourselves to be “good businessmen” in light of the strongest values as individuals and as a group. Now, being honest does not guarantee happiness nor will relieve the difficulties, but something they can be sure: there will be peace with his own conscience and be able to look everyone in the face, including the man or woman who you are every morning in the mirror. 6. Relate well. Having friends is very important in academic life and in the workplace. No sublimices the concept of friendship because it can lead you to believe that only perfect people can be friends and that would be a huge mistake. Life presents us with people whom we meet and then they become our friends, but they all have their flaws and we must accept as they are. Do not repeat that this a mi only friend is my mom or a Mi friend is God because he is the only one I can trust . Trust in God is very different and also unique.