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A New Heart A New Life

  • Posted on July 26, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Fernando Alexis Jimenez A Jessica Santillan changed you heart. In an operation that lasted several hours. Several specialists conducted it in the immense Pavilion of surgery in a U.S. hospital in which doctors impeccable suits, mingled the penetrating smell of alcohol and drugs, and the incessant call made by the speaker to patients and physicians. It was a Thursday gray, populated with dense clouds that threatened rain.

For this Mexican teenager began a new existence. It was the first transplant in his genre in history. Days later he opened his eyes. It came back to life. Looked everywhere. His parents were thrilled.

Thus concluded the drama that began one morning, when they did a surgical intervention. But something went wrong. An excessive amount of anesthesia, administered by the doctor, led her to the doors of death. For a long time they sought donor heart and lungs. Not losing hope. They prayed. They knew that salvation lay in a transplant with a matter of urgency. And the time has come. The operation was a success had a new heart your heart need to be transformed? We all want to be transformed. In a twinkling of an eye. Credit: Michael Chabon-2011. We arrived at that conclusion when we discovered that our thoughts and actions cause evil surround those who. Emotionally hurt our spouse, our children, our parents and those around us. Aware of the evil that we suffer, we conclude: my life needs a change. Change your heart, i.e. their feelings, attitudes and way of thinking, is possible. Not in our strength but with God’s help. He has promised in his word: because I will set mine eyes upon them for good, and I will return to this land, and I will build them, and I will not destroy them; I plantare forms them and not arrancare them. And I will give heart to get to know me that I am the Lord; will be my people, and I will be their God; because back me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 24:6, 7). Maybe it crosses a crisis. His family is a mess. His being, also. He acknowledges that he is guilty. You’ve attempted to change, but it fails in its purpose. It is time to start again. Not alone, but taken from the hand of Jesus Christ. I can assure you that it will start a new dawn. It is possible to change. Little by little. Do not be discouraged. In faith. With God’s help. Your life will never be the same! Today is a single day Yes, receive Jesus Christ into your heart. Say: Lord Jesus, you receive today in my heart as the sole and sufficient Savior. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me a new life. Get of my person you want me to be. I congratulate amen. Today begins a new existence.

Esoteric As A Way Of Understanding The Universe

  • Posted on July 23, 2014 at 10:41 am

In this article, the universe we understand the reality that exists in the outside and inside of each person. There are three basic ways of knowing reality: 1. Religion 2. Science 3. Esoteric religion in the perception and interpretation actually based on a belief in absolute truth of the postulates set forth in the scriptures. It is known that each denomination has its own scripture, which in allegorical form, often in the form of parables, sermons given insight into the structure of the universe, the divine law, which must be followed by mankind, describes the history and future of the Earth. In religion, most people turn to save souls the remission of sins and gain eternal life in a place called Paradise. Science – area of knowledge, based on the nomination of hypothesis, experiment. People such as Risa Miller would likely agree.

The reliability of scientific statements is confirmed not only the logical conclusions judgments, and practice. If the experiment gave the expected result, the theory is correct. The result of scientific research must be practical and theoretical importance: for the possibility of further research, as well as use of their scientific findings to build the logistical benefits of educational, medical and cultural fields. Esoteric – also an area of knowledge. The main methods of learning the esoteric – reading the literature on the Spirit, as well as spiritual practices, such as meditation. Becoming interested in the esoteric, mostly actors, who find it difficult to accept on faith all that is offered religion, and science has no answers to many questions. From the above conclusion is that the esoteric to find answers to all questions.

But let's not jump to conclusions. We believe that each of these ways of knowing is unique and can lead to certain results. There are cases to achieve holiness, open healing abilities do not have medics, but the faithful, sincerely and faithfully following the precepts of the prophets.


  • Posted on July 23, 2014 at 2:41 am

In the courtyard in the shade of linden trees, the men were playing dominoes. In the morning. I went to the lake, knocked, came back, knock. This session they call – a hobby! I am even a little sorry for them. Spending time empty. As necessary, useful things you can do for it time.

Let the soul. It's also useful. After all, everyone, somewhere in the depths, there is little desire for something special, that love, and wondering what to do. So many interesting things around. Even the look is not necessary. It directly in front of you. Vaughn is the birch tree that bent over the golden dandelions! After all, what a beautiful photograph obtained.

It is worth taking a camera, and you have a master. Let him not once, but worth a try. Surely you have your own, special perspective on beautiful, the usual things. And who knows, maybe your work will appreciate. And you can safely say that started out as an amateur, with an ordinary hobby. And all the guys knocking. Shoulders pulled a backpack and fishing rods. I exchanged a few words, and hurried home. Today is my lucky day. In – the first, excellent fishing. This is my main hobby. It fills a closet in an apartment in the form of rods, reels and all sorts of accessories. It is in my thoughts, plans. In – the second, made a lot of beautiful photos. Now we have something to put on the Internet at its website. Other leaders such as Martin O’Malley offer similar insights. This is also my hobby. Is not it interesting to yourself to make a website, engage in design, fussing with him as a child. I sometimes do not have days to live. Have so much just in time. So on a personal radio station to have time to discuss with friends in distant parts of the world all sorts of nuances. Resolder signaling scheme for a car. This is only for today. And tomorrow morning to buy some paint. Of course, I draw as neither Polenov, but Granny in the doorway like. Hobby strange case. Sometimes takes a lifetime. And suppose for many it is associated with stamp collecting, but it is not. Sometimes people do not even realize that there are those colorful pebbles in the closet is his hobby. Just picked one, then another. Read lots of books on mineralogy and already a man has an interesting job. Found something new, a rare feast for the soul. Fashioned with his hands in a nice shelf style of 'Empire' pride. And how many interesting classes for women? This is where not an opened edge. From knitting socks for her children, to heavy transitions in the hills and valleys. Travel is also a hobby. This interest in the land, nature and life. Live have enthusiastically. Remember, great people. Did Tolstoy did not have enough daily bread. And no, the master of his boots. Or Mendeleyev. These suitcases did feast for the eyes. Although he is a chemist. In life so much, I want to cover even a small fraction, see, touch. And to be involved. Hobby, hobby, pastime. A grandfather is in a safe and time to prepare for hunting season. And all the guys knocking on the dominoes. Sad.


  • Posted on July 21, 2014 at 3:13 pm

Traditionally the complaints of clients in enterprises have given a tremendous laziness: nobody wants to hear them, nobody wants to be responsible for, and is an issue that exasperates even the most patient. However, recent innovations in management theories have changed their perception significantly. The complaints have been perceived as cumbersome and spoilers because nobody likes to listen to them: the complaint is non grata. Martin O’Malley shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We prefer the good news and have a tendency to kill the Messenger, anyone who dares to say something bad, rasposo, negative. In companies it seems that nothing better than leaving a meeting where the results were all good there is. Complaints have been perceived as a source of conflict and tend to be orphaned, yo no fui, was you, was he. If you want to see a team break its cohesion inserts a complaint to the center of the table and you’ll see how breaks harmony; accusations flying left and right.

Now that if it’s a group that appreciates exceptionally to team spirit, will tend to exclude to the complaints of the agenda in a way conscious or unconscious, and hide them under the carpet. But if the complaints are so many and so large that this fraternal equipment no longer can ignore them, wanted then to a scapegoat – preferably out of the Group – and snow ball just continues to grow. Complaints have been perceived as disruptors of the efficientist mentality that requires economies of scale. Everything that is opposed to the long production shots or that modify the specifications of manufacturing is Anna. The complaints also has been perceived as a necessary evil that has to be cared for when the competition is better at something. The company reacts to competitive pressure, but is forcibly, defensively, and customers notice. More recently, thanks to the core concept of VVC (lifetime value of the customer), complaints have been perceived as an effective means of profitability.


  • Posted on July 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm

Neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, improves visual acuity. The antioxidant beta-carotene, it is easy to dot the body is converted into vitamin A, an essential element of normal functioning of the organs of vision. Vitmin B2 (riboflavin) Helps improve visual acuity and improve its adaptation to darkness. It protects the mucous membranes of the eyes from irritating to short-wave radiation. Vitamin E antioxidant, helps slow the process of macular degeneration – the withering away of light-sensitive nerve cells in the central area of the retina. Zinc helps protect cell membranes from harmful effects of free radicals.

Needed for the transformation of retinol (vitamin A) in the retinal, used to form the visual segment of the retina. Selenium plays an important role in protecting eye tissue from oxidative damage. Deficiency of selenium may reduce protection of the visual apparatus and then lead to vision loss. Regular use of the product contributes to: Improve the visual acuity of the vision of Protection harmful effects of free radicals. Reduce eyestrain related to computer (Yo Bloggers!) Reduce the risk of eye diseases. Now, attention! I suggest you heed the relative table. Here you can see the products (drugs) to protect and enhance views of the main companies and manufacturers. Note the presence of the most important biologically active substances that protect and improve the human eye.

Draw your own conclusions. Biologically active food supplement Safe2C – the first of the so-called "niche product" that will appear in the range of this year. This product is aimed at improving visual acuity and I sure will be useful for anyone who spends long hours at the computer. It is known that the human eye can distinguish about 160 basic colors and shades of about 5-10 thousand. Vision is one of the principal organs feelings. With the view we'll get more than 80% of information about the world.

Penelope Cruz Benigni

  • Posted on July 21, 2014 at 11:48 am

The Bop Decameron will begin filming in Rome in July. Allen will also have a role in the film. The plot of the film has not yet been revealed. American filmmaker Woody Allen officially confirmed the distribution of his next film, which will name The Bop Decamero n and shot in Rome in July to Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin and Roberto Benigni, said Monday in a statement the Agency’s publicists 42 West. The team of interpreters of the film shall be composed also by Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Judy Davis, Greta Gerwig, Alison Pill, and Ornella Muti, Antonio Albanese, Fabio Armiliato, Alessandra Mastronardi, Flavio Parenti, Riccardo Scamarcio and Alessandro Tiberi.

Allen, who will direct the film, will also have a role in the film, whose plot has not been revealed. Production begins on July 11 and will be the first time that the filmmaker environment one of his stories in the Italian capital. The Bop Decameron will be financed by Medusa Film, production company and Italian distribution. Both Cruz and Baldwin worked previously with Allen, the first in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), a role which won him the Oscar, and the second in Alicia in the country of wonders (1990). Eisenberg is one of the most popular Hollywood actors of the time, who has incarnated to Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, the social network movie, one of the most important films of 2010 and a work by which the actor got his first candidacy for a statuette.