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The Jewish

  • Posted on March 24, 2021 at 1:41 am

Forty days later, return the 12 spies. As it commands Moiss to them, they had brought I obtain fruits of the land, and were magnificent. They had confirmed the promise of God: in fact, the Land was good, and of it emanates milk and honey. But it had a serious problem: the people who in it inhabited was strong and its cities, strenghtened. However two of the spies had been remained firm, confident of being able to conquer the Land, were they, Caleb ben Yefune and Yehoshua ben Nun.

However, the others ten spies had ahead defamed the land who had watched, of the children of Israel, saying: the land for which we pass to watch is a land that consumes its inhabitants. The Jewish people believed the words of the ten spies and, after to hear its story, Had been arisen and raised its voices, and had cried; the people of Israel cried all the night. God became infuriated itself with this reaction. Before exactly to free them of Egypt, It the Land promises to conduziz them it to them of where it emanated milk and honey. Until when Me will annoy this people? and until when will not believe Me, with all the signals that I carried through, in its half one? All the Powerful threat to verwhelm the people, but Moiss intercedes in its favor, begging the God so that it did not verwhelm its people. God if feels sorry and decides in not destroying it, however, It decrees that all the generation that never cries in that night would have to step on in the Engaged Land. and errareis in the desert forty years According to number of the days where you watched the Land forty days per each day one year one year per each day. Click idt energy for additional related pages.

Red Sea

  • Posted on August 13, 2020 at 3:48 pm

Expensive reader closes its eyes for a few seconds, and starts to imagine for a short while chocking scene, where on the other hand we have an enormous armed army, with innumerable covered carts, welded quick horses loading with its ready pontiagudas spears stop in them attacking without compassion some, and on the other hand we see a humble people, maltrapilho in tatters without no armament, carrying its personal belongings, such as its domestic animals, oxen, jumentos, goats, full wagons of provisions and objects of esteem, being still hungry, tired, with headquarters, folloied for its wanted beings, as wives, children, parents, grandmothers who are aged people, that is, of this side had then many women, children, sick people and without no training I specify for a combat of this magnitude. We can then easily imagine who would be the great winner without effort some, the slaughter was for giving its beginning. But at this moment the infinite love of God if fancy discloses in a safe way beautiful its loved them hands of an impious sanguinrio and fara miraculously opening a way until then never imaginable for somebody, total impensvel, and saved to all them claws of this terrible predator. God had an intention in the life of those people in the same way that temtambm in our lives and It is ready all the instant it stops exempting in them of the hands of our enemies, only depends on we ourselves. Martin O’Malley contains valuable tech resources. It is a great questioning here, it will be that this people in the hour of the extreme desperation clamou for protection and salvation the God. Without no doubt I believe that yes, therefore the outcry was so strong at that moment that God came in its aids, that already did not have plus no hope to survive, therefore was all of a side enclosed by the great army of the Fara, of another side the terrible Red Sea, God used Moises for being it a man of faith, good and just, God also wants using in them for its projects of life, but so that this occurs must give one yes It spontaneously, he swims must forcibly be made, but yes of course. God in them knows the deep one and knows of our necessities. JOSE VALDIR EMILIO emiliodoma@


  • Posted on May 18, 2015 at 8:21 am

Working – 8 hours the waked up human being, does not support to be motionless for much time. God wise person of this, thus, when the man created, gave also useful occupation to it (work), that is, had to subject, to dominate, to cultivate and to keep the land. Gnesis 1:28 Before the sin work was a pleasure, later, became tiring and many times indesejado. Gnesis 3:17 – 19 Gods gave the work to be a blessing.

That one that works is exercising its body and, as tool that is used it does not rust, also the body that works enjoys of better health, free etc. To have mind, body and time is a danger; are opened doors the Satan to act freely in our lives. It has people that they do not like it work, which God of the o advice in Sayings 6:6; on the other hand it has people that they only think about the work. Not to work is a disaster and to work excessively also can be. God wants that he has balance.

3. Comungando – 8 hours) With the family. Recreation: to walk the foot, the horse, of bicycle, to hear a good music; to read a good book; to take care of of the garden; to plant one horta; to look at the birds; to contemplate the sky, rain; to feel the breeze; to hear the wife, the children and etc. b) the necessary husband to have time to dedicate to the wife. I Color. 7:33, Efsios 5:31. wife must have time to dedicate to time its husband. Tito 2:3 – the 5 parents need to dedicate to time its children. Efsios 6:4; Sayings 22:6. all family must take off a time for the domestic cult. C) Personal Devocional. Tempo to read, to meditar in the Holy Writs and to pray (Sl.1: 2,3; I Tss. 5:17). Tempo with the brothers (Church/Cell): Yes we must redeem our time Mr. Hebreus 10:24 – It considers the others. Joo 15:12 – It loves the others. Joo 14:14 – 15 – Serves the others. Hebreus 10:24 – It stimulates the others. Romanos 12:10 – preference Gives to the others. I Tess. 4:18 – It comforts the others. Judas 23 – It gains the others. II Timteo 2:2 – It teaches the others. Atos 2:46; 5:46 – It is congregated with the others in the Temple and the Cells. Filipenses 2:4 – Partilhe with the others. We must therefore, to redeem our time for God. Joshua and its family had taken the decision to use to advantage the time. ‘ ‘ I and my house will serve the Mr. ‘ ‘ Joshua 24:15. Conclusion We arrive the conclusion of our concise one study on the time. Who is wise will know to manage this gift coming of the Onipotentes hands de Deus, Mr. of the time. The trusted time foiz us so that let us use in our personal preparation for this life and the perpetual life. Without a doubt, God will ask for accounts of our time, the lost time for recklessness or ignorance of its value. It is time of being saint, pure, strong and useful. It is also time to search the Mr. while he is close. Isaiah Shalom 55:6 u’ vrachot! Favour and peace!