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ICC International Coalition Capital, Inc.

  • Posted on October 28, 2014 at 5:03 pm

ICC joint venture shareholder communication agreement with the aim of a Europe-wide distribution. The issuer is responsible for the content. Shareholder communication from the President of the Nevada-based and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ICC International Coaltition capital, Inc., announces that the company as of 03 June 2008 contract has completed an irrevocable joint venture with the company C.Y.L Pharmaceuticals GmbH. The contract States that the patents and rights of the company C.Y.L Pharmaceuticals GmbH on the cancer drug KABRAWALA, is currently owned joint-stock company be brought into a foundation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Risa Miller. The ICC then holds a stake of 49% in this joint-stock company.

The medicine Kabir has positively completed phase 2 of the approval and it is currently preparing a phase 3 study. The funding of the phase 3, is taken over by the currently still in establishment of new joint-stock company. The still-unapproved medicines Kabir in addition to the application in studies is currently also employed as a final healing attempt from treated patients at the request of patients. According to current valuations, which has given the ICC contract, estimated annual sales of the drug Kabir, after marketing authorization in Germany, currently to about 550 million euros and in Europe, excluding the Eastern European countries, to approximately 2.6 billion euros. Possible related realignment of the company by the newly occupied management and the multinational investor consortium of ICC related was that participation and the.

Green Landtag Citizens

  • Posted on October 27, 2014 at 9:49 am

Rejection of the Association action law for animal protection clubs In the following, I’ve attached my open letter to the parties of the Grand Coalition in Schleswig-Holstein. I will also report on the answers. Dear CDU – Parliament faction, unfortunately I found out nearly a week ago that the Green Landtag group is a request for the collective proceedings of animal protection societies (reminder:..grosse_koalition_lehnt_verbandsklagerech.html) has submitted, and it was rejected now less than a year later by you, a large part of the Grand Coalition. As I would when citizens likes about Schleswig Holstein, what are their reasons for this. I personally do it to be honest life contempt and hostility to democracy. Life contempt, because the conditions under which animals are enslaved to serve as food or clothing of the people barely writable are therefore.

However, citizens and civil society initiatives such as associations or foundations can proceed legally. Get this right, the democracy massivst attacked. Thus one keeps citizens and civil society initiatives means, which should be accessible to all. At the same time, tolerated and it supports States that are reminiscent of the worst war crimes. Because animals are not only imprisoned and murdered, but also beastly tortured. That tolerated a “Christian, democratic” party? Christian?, tell me something, I must remind them of the words of Jesus Christ? At this request for a reply, I make use of an open letter, to underline the urgency of my concern. I wish you a nice week, and remain with kind regards Sascha Bose (member of the party: human, environmental, animal welfare – the welfare party) for the SPD I modified of course this letter.

EUR Health

  • Posted on October 27, 2014 at 8:04 am

Dr. To know more about this subject visit Maryland Governor. Christian Baumler at the CDU Mosbach and CDA North pools Mosbach “: relief or burden?” What brings the citizens the new coalition? “, discussed members of the CDU from the city and municipal associations Mosbach, Neckarelz/Diesdesheim, Saddle Brook / rich book and the CDU social committees (CDA).” Alexander Ganter, Ariane Spitzer, Ute Lenz Goltl, Georg Schum and Uwe Terhorst (CDA) had in common to the event immediately prior to the closed-door meeting of the CDU Federal Executive invited to Mosbach. “The FDP must adapt to the reality of their political concept. The consequences of the financial and economic crisis have not stood out still long. The crisis-induced holes in the social funds have to be repaired by budget”, demanded land Chairman and Deputy CDA President Christian Baumler in his presentation.

“Who more net of the gross would, must first and foremost ensure that the social security contributions not go.” Alone for the unemployment insurance, the Federal Government has an increase of the grant amounting to 16 Provided billions of euros. Another EUR 16 billion are planned for the health insurance. These federal grants are also necessary to secure jobs. Room for tax cuts there is, however, before 2013, not”Bacani said. Lively discussion on the future of health policy. Independent income premiums for health insurance encountered concerns in the discussion. The coalition agreement envisages to introduce head packages, which should be socially cushioned with taxpayers. “If the same contribution to the health insurance is required from bankers and nurses, a justice gap.

Who liked to plug this gap with tax money, taking a political blind”, criticized Baumler. There was criticism in the discussion on the administrative costs of health insurance funds and the contribution assessment ceiling in health insurance. The call was loud after a power word of Chancellor. At the event in the “old Malthouse” in Mosbach numerous participants of the work meeting Members who are involved in the Trade Union ver.di, part of the CDU and CSU, which takes place every year in the education centre of Mosbach.

Germany Gabriel

  • Posted on October 25, 2014 at 10:42 pm

SPD Board meeting paves 2013 the Grand Coalition the way the “Grand Coalition” is inconclusive in this country. On the other hand is a time of stagnation in politics, in which the parties of the Grand Coalition – red and black – neutralize each other up. But on the other hand, also this yearning is because – even more, even less hidden -. The longing after the cozy feeling, unity of political forces, but also the possibility of virtually oppositionslosen “through governance”. Also is the Grand Coalition and some is given the course of the SPD in the last 12 months the idea came that the “Reds” would all over again with the “black”, as was the 1966-1969 and 2005-2009. Grand Coalition to a third party? SPD Board meeting paves 2013 the Grand Coalition in the last week of the SPD Executive Committee retreat across the political stage of the first strategic commitments for the Bundestag election year were expected in 2013 went the way in Potsdam.

And behold, the Grand Coalition of the SPD now has also, the seal of a Bureau decision. Because how can we, understand differently all denials to the contrary, Sigmar Gabriel, when he stressed that it wanted lead no bearing campaign against the Chancellor. And further: “I think anyway that the time where they say we fight against the others, are over. Financial markets are our enemies, our opponent is the social divisions in Germany (…).” At the same time Gabriel rejected; all coalitions with the left the goal of red-green, was instead to hear. So no Grand Coalition? Red-Green 2013 realistic actually don’t, is because red-green when does nothing landslide-like and despite the pathetic vision of black and yellow, remain a mere pipe dream, knows that Sigmar Gabriel as well as Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Keep the Grand Coalition as the only realistic and presidential legal option for the SPD.

H & Z Awarded Hidden Champion Of The Consulting Firm

  • Posted on October 21, 2014 at 2:42 am

The best management consultancy for business excellence, award of the scientific society for management and consulting in cooperation with the business magazine capital and the FTD Munich, June 21, 2012 – the consulting firm h & z is a hidden leader in the consulting industry. To read more click here: Michael Chabon. This is confirmed the latest award to the Hidden Champion in the category of business excellence”. The award will be presented every three years by the scientific society for management and consultancy (WGMB). Cooperation partners are the business magazine capital and the financial times Germany. Business excellence is evident with h & z in the comprehensive consulting approach. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Chabon. In accordance with its philosophy consulting with brain, heart and hand’ the consulting combines classical approaches to business optimization with an understanding of the customer’s specific corporate culture. We combine rational strategies consistent with emotional motivation and that on all levels. So we convince the important transition from theoretical conception to the operational implementation” says Stefan Aichbauer, Board member of h & z.

The consultancy has prevailed Excellence projects compared to competitors such as McKinsey, A.T. Kearney. and Boston Consulting Group and Accenture with its expertise in business. Also in the award category of distribution logistics and after sales service is listed h & z under the top three consultations. As only advisory h & z receives the hidden Champion Award that this year twice. Total 481 German corporate executives have assessed the nominees management consultancies in 13 categories. It scores the three most important criteria of the consultant selection h & z considered the most important consultant criteria h & z also belongs to the best advice: h & z ranked three, is located at the point of implementation capacity, who leads the ranking for years, Industry knowledge and leadership among the top ten. The two latter criteria when selecting a consultant have gained most in importance in recent years.

20 Years Of GWS – A Success Story

  • Posted on October 20, 2014 at 2:03 pm

As much as future prospects shiny never before – the Munster-based GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH celebrates on July 1, 2012 20th. On the occasion of the anniversary, CEO Helmut Benefader pointed out the extraordinary success story of the IT service provider for the trade. GWS with its branches in Munich, Nuremberg and Leonberg is to think no more away from the IT landscape in Germany and continuously grow further, which put the needs of other employees in the fields of consulting and product management with. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Chabon offers on the topic.. Another highlight in the Jubilee year: the early reference of the new company building in the Munster Gewerbegebiet capelin Heath. No doubt, as the daughter of the Bankendienstleisters GAD 1992 recorded their business activities, could be dreaming of the today’s success and the size. With 32 employees, the core business of the company was including fully in the development, networking, and support of information systems of cooperative companies, Business of trading companies, which were previously overseen by the GAD.

A change of business revealed only in 2005. Based on the extensive knowledge of the processes in the cooperative environment, they began to offer the existing solutions to the General technical wholesale, the building materials wholesale and retail, or the steel and plumbing supplies. It the starting point for an impressive success story was for the first time, the 2006 the highest Microsoft partner status Gold Certified Partner”, the acquisition of Grevener NEUTRASOFT IT for the Trading GmbH & co. KG in the same year and in 2009 the integration of SANGROSS, the wholesale division of SHD wholesale and Logistics Software GmbH & co. KG from Leonberg, Germany, with it brought. Based on the acquisitions, but above all due to its own organic growth, sales to around 38 million and the number of employees to around 300 increased up to the year 2011.

Translation Service Skrivanek Expands Translation

  • Posted on October 20, 2014 at 2:12 am

Translation service Skrivanek translated Berlin from the Bulgarian and Bulgarian, April 15, 2009. The translation service Skrivanek expands its range of Eastern European languages and offers professionally-made Bulgarian translations in numerous disciplines (economics, technology, communication, medicine). With the establishment of additional branches in Bulgaria, the translation service Skrivanek has many qualified Bulgarian translators with appropriate training on many areas of expertise. Our experienced staff find a suitable translator for every translation job in Bulgarian or from the Bulgarian, who is familiar with the subject of the text to be translated. In the selection, we rely solely on native speakers, who live and work in Bulgaria and thus note the country-specific, linguistic peculiarities in the translation. Skrivanek’s customers benefit from our well structured and local network of Bulgarian translators and the usage of Translators with a university degree and professional training. To ensure a high quality of Bulgarian translation is corrected by a second expert who has technical knowledge and the necessary accuracy.

Via the website can businesses and individuals who need a Bulgarian translation, via our contact form the document upload and send us. It get an individually customized, free and non-binding offer by our staff for translation into Bulgarian and from Bulgarian. The price for a translation from Bulgarian or into Bulgarian is composed of several factors: new customer, customer, complexity of the text, scope and language combination. In addition the translation service Skrivanek new customers offers a free test translation, so that they can convince yourself of our service and the quality of the translations. About Skrivanek The Skrivanek translation service represents a global and innovative company with quality-oriented and trendsetting concept. Through an international branch network, the translation service Skrivanek can draw on highly skilled and experienced Bulgarian translator, who meet our high quality standards according to ISO 9001:2001.

Nicaragua Has A New Airport

  • Posted on October 12, 2014 at 12:48 am

Number of tourists in the region of Madrid increase, June 14, 2012. Since April, there is a new airport in Nicaragua of the South Caribbean Community of San Juan del Norte (Greytown) connects the capital city. From Greytown, the new airport has runway aircraft a 1,200 meter long with up to 19 passengers receive can be used although this will be expanded soon by 300 metres, also of aircraft with up to 46 passengers to. Currently, the La Costena airline offers regular flights, which allow for the arrival of tourists in the region twice per week. The opening of this new airport means a variety of possibilities for the region because it was more difficult to achieve since a lot.

The route from Managua takes all nine hours to complete. The airport improves the connection of the region with the rest of the country and also offers a growth opportunity for local businesses, which benefit from a greater number of tourists. Up-to-date is the region 10 small hotels, which are to develop they tie tourist packages with different travel agencies of the country. In addition, it works to facilitate access via the sea, so that small private ships from the Caribbean here can travel to the Government”declared Julia Videa, promotion and market research leader of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (INTUR).

Planning A Solar System – High Time For Efficient Work

  • Posted on October 5, 2014 at 1:48 am

New software law wattage Planner for use in solar craft click for click to the professionally planned solar system of Neumarkt/Oberpfalz the exact planning of a solar system is a complex thing, for the advanced solar professional. Now there is an abundance of individual software tools that make this job easier. Often these programs are but incompatible data must be entered multiple times. The Jura watt solar specialist has for its”dealer developed a business-grade and practical solution that efficiently connects all steps in a program: the Jura Watt Planner. Numerous practical experiences are incorporated into five easy steps to the goal in the development of the programme. The result: an easy to use software with intelligent user interface.

First, the user enters the data on the location and roof. The roof graphics, is the roof planning can be created with little effort, with Dormer Windows, window, etc. Now, the roof show automatically or manually. Then be the respective Inverter modules connected. Within a very short time, the planning documents for the complete system with all the bells and whistles, are available to the electrical planning and the parts lists. Who needs also further documents about it, can create Scheduler presentation documents with the Jura Watts, make an offer and advance develop profitability calculations, as well as a financing proposal. This provides the planner of a large weather database and other useful features.

Quickly, quickly, and it quite professionally: around 50% time savings can be using the new tool in half the time plan is a common system, the experts at Jura Watts even tested it. Possible sources of error are minimized, alone, because data must be entered only once. Who wants to convince yourself of the power of this software, can test for 30 days free Planner Jura Watts. Further information: law wattage GmbH harrows 17 92318 Neumarkt Tel. +49(0)9181 / 50 95 30 Internet: email: press contact: Werner Thoma