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United States

  • Posted on December 29, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Aurelio Baldor, heir to the libertarian ideals of Jose Marti, couldn’t the deal and decided to move the family to New York, where he managed accommodations on the second floor of the property of an Italian in Brooklyn, a neighborhood consisting of Puerto Ricans, Italians, Jewish immigrants and all the melancholy of poverty. The Professor, friolento man by nature, suffered even more by the lack of hot water in your new home, than by the bleak Outlook that perceived from the single window on the second floor. Please visit Con Edison if you seek more information. The aristocratic family which invited dinner at Ministers and great intellectuals of all America to his beautiful home in the beaches of Tarara, was doomed to live in exile, crowded in the middle of oblivion and the sordidness of Brooklyn, while the revolutionary junta declared the nationalization of the Baldor school and expropriation of the House of the director, who served for years as a revolutionary school to form the famous pioneers. The fate of the College was different. Today is called College Spanish and in studying 500 students belonging to the European Union. No child born in Cuba may stepped on the school which Baldor had built for his countrymen. Far from the homeland Aurelio Baldor tried in vain to recover his life. He attended English classes together with their children to the University of New York and shortly thereafter already dictated a professorship at Saint Peters College in New Jersey.

He strove to finish the education of their children and each one found the profession with that dreamed: a Professor of literature, two engineers, an investor, two managers and a Secretary. None followed the path of mathematics, although all continued accepting the mental challenges and games with which his father challenged them every day. Over the years, Baldor had forged an important intellectual prestige in the United States and had left behind the difficulties of poverty.

Perez Gmez

  • Posted on December 28, 2014 at 10:06 am

In the acquisition of the reading and writing if it observed that many children present difficulties due to lack of the resume that in many of the times are not taken in consideration to the local reality, thus disobeying the National Lines of direction that the education conducts. What if it intends is that it is constructed a proposal pedagogical that respects the cultural differences and that adequate methodologies to the context of each community are applied. Therefore the reality of the field is different of the city, thus has as example: the differences of the children of the city who come arrumadinhas, limpinhas, next sidewalk shoes, fed, schools its house. While the agricultural ones help the parents in the work of the field, walk of six the seven kilometers to arrive at the school, arrive at the school with hunger, therefore they do not feed right, does not have time for the joguinhos in the Internet, nor itself wants has electric energy. Martin O’Malley: the source for more info. It is said in an intercultural didactics because the classroom is a multiple space narratives that if they collate in multiple continent relations, thus is necessary to assume one dialgica perspective not only in the methodology, but also in the levels epistemolgico and pedagogical. The classroom is understood, therefore as a privileged space of crossing of cultures, according to Perez Gmez (2011. John Mclaughlin may find this interesting as well. P.1): ' ' Responsible the definitive one of the nature, the direction and the consistency of what the pupils and the pupils learn in its pertaining to school life is this living creature, fluid and complex crossing of cultures that if produces in the school, enters the proposals of the critical culture, lodged disciplines in them scientific, artistic and philosophical; the determination of the academic culture, reflected in the definitions that constitute the resume; the influxes of the social culture, consisting of the hegemonic values of the social scene; the pressures of the daily one, the institucional, present culture in the papers, the norms, the routines and the proper rites of the school as specific institution; the characteristics of the experiencial culture, acquired individually for the pupil through experience in the spontaneous interchanges with its meio.' ' In some carried through quarrels in accordance with the analyses and necessities of the children turn over it necessity to involve the estimated referring theoreticians to the reading and writing, also the studies made with the psychoanalysis of the written language of EMILIA BLACKSMITH.

e-Learning Systems

  • Posted on December 28, 2014 at 12:14 am

Can I replace the classical learning remote? The vast majority of experts believe that there is. E-learning assign a supporting role. Rightly notes that such forms of education there is no informal communication difficult time to control the efficiency of the process, we can not show something on a personal example. But is uniquely? A bit of history most of our history of human knowledge passed down from teacher to pupil directly. But with the further acceleration of the rhythm of life time was running perilously low. Requirements for civilization, as a rule are met by new technologies.

So way, have developed a system of indirect learning, do not require personal contact, saving time and allowing to reach a vast audience. First, the appearance of a regular and affordable postal service initiated the emergence of "a correspondent course in Europe at the end of the XVIII century. Then the invention of radio and television not only allowed to produce educational television programs and increase the audience in the hundreds of times, but also prepared a "springboard" for a qualitative leap. Finally, in 1969 in the UK has its first university, giving students only distance education. A new era introduction Homo sapiens in the information field of civilization – directly. Forty years have passed since the inception of the university, specializing in e-learning, but, in essence, it is not far gone from "a correspondent courses. Only instead of postal stations began to use routers and instead of letters – video courses.

Make Photographs

  • Posted on December 24, 2014 at 7:21 am

Summer is a time very predisposed to leave us beautiful rays during their intense storms, though in reality you can photograph them throughout the year. If ever you have wondered how artistic of these weather events can be photos, today is your lucky day because let’s review some recommendations. John Mclaughlin is open to suggestions. But before that we must tell you that photographing lightning is a complicated task. Rather, very complicated. Shall surely bring approves your patience and it is difficult that you can take advantage of a good number of photos: * using tripod. It is indispensable.

Pointing it where you think that there will be lightning. Logically, you’ll use a wide-angle lens. * It is best that you’re covered, you don’t want to take a disappointment marring a camera for a few photos. * Use the lowest ISO value. ** The closed diaphragm. You can start experimenting with f/10. ** The key is testing different (art photography) that depend on the amount of light that you have at the time of the storm.

If it is daytime, need times of rather short, few seconds exposure (it is even possible that you need a neutral density filter). If it is night you will need a longer exposure time, begins testing with 15 seconds and view rectifying. * Ideally use a remote shutter release to reduce the vibrations of the camera in while squeezing the trigger button (technical artistic photography). And if you can use the bulb, better than mode better, so simply you must leave tighten when the Lightning has occurred (and more closes the diaphragm). As you’ve seen, there to shoot randomly and to wait for luck that Lightning will occur while we do photography. Why would you recommend I also use possible longer exposure time, as well as the tightly closed diaphragm.But by what you most want, don’t forget to take precautions: don’t you too close to the storm, no hagas photos artistic from large open areas or near tall trees, poles or metal structures.

Bolivian Nationality

  • Posted on December 23, 2014 at 11:06 pm

A father of Bolivian nationality that lived illegally in Chile, struck to his son of two years with a PVC sewer and he threw soon it to the floor leaving it inconciente because the boy, that had a mental retardation, had tinkled the trousers. The boy did not survive the punishment. In his declaration the father apologized arguing who made to educate it. Novelists opinions are not widely known. It is the second case of infantile violence that he finishes less than with the death of a minor in Chile in a month. In the previous case he was padrastro that the boy to blows assassinated. He considers himself that at the moment in Chile, three of each four boy are mistreated, or physical or psychologically, according to a study realised by Unicef and of them, one is victim of serious violence. De is registered in the Susceretara Carabineros who is carried out twenty police procedures for this reason average. They assure that there was an increase of 76% of the same in both last years.

The president of the country, Michelle Bachelet has insisted to the population to reflect on like generating a coexistence pacific in the families and by all means, it insisted on which is most important to take brings back to consciousness that, who is witness of an act of that category does not have to doubt in denouncing it. I wonder myself how it is possible that at this time where the birth control is within reach of anyone (I am excepting of this rule to the countries where the education does not arrive at the minimum levels), the people are not able to reason ahead of time, if they estan enabled to become position of the enormous responsibility that means ” to be padres”. And in case of discovering it to its birth later how it is possible that they do not think about giving it in adoption if they notice that they do not have the capacity to be it. Thousand or perhaps million pairs anywhere in the world are hoping to adopt young. Perhaps the awareness would have to become at this level. It does not seem to them?


  • Posted on December 23, 2014 at 5:14 am

They should measure both costs as benefits arising from the use of the information, the information system is evaluated based on global indicators appreciating the Organization against different scenarios of evolution of the same. Business management in today’s business world has incorporated new concepts in its management: Internet and advanced technologies, management of human resources and knowledge, business intelligence, greater power in the client and change, these elements which are integrated in business management, make the traditional business model to evolve towards new management models thus improving competitiveness and business results. Human resources play an active role in any organization and must be managed as such. Leadership and the ability to attract and retain the best professionals are critical elements. The approach to the customer and innovation become indispensable.

These elements must be shared by everyone in the Organization and introduced in culture Enterprise. Information management is one of the most important elements for the proper functioning of any organization, have information can lead to achieve best results, but only if the organization is ready to use that information in an intelligent manner. It is important to take into account the realization of strategies, therefore: give a vision of the future, with active and anticipante character. They provide a framework for the unified direction of the organization according to its primary goals. Oriented resources and concentrated on the development of competitive advantages. They indicate the need for systematic adaptation to the environment. They emphasize on finding more favorable positions.

They framed the future actions, considering diverse and probable scenarios. They have a significant bottom-line impact. In this way there would be an increase of productivity, seeking continuous improvement. Is necessary in addition to formulate goals to provide a sense of direction, focus efforts and assess the progress. HR the success of any organization depends on several factors such as the selection of human capital, training, among other important processes, starting from the need for proper management of human resources. Human resources management deals with the nature of the relationship of employment and the set of decisions, actions, and issues related to these relationships, deals with policies and business practices that consider the use and management of workers as a resource of the activity in the context of the overall strategy of any organization, aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness. It is a term which usually describe the business approach of managing personnel, prioritizing participation of workers normally. All active members of the Organization, taking people as active resources of organizations involved in the process of human resources management. CONCLUSIONS at present, the management of information for its large complexity requires constant search for alternatives that enable its further development. This work opens up new possibilities for the application of information management in the institutions within the human resources management.

Arnulfo Cardona

  • Posted on December 15, 2014 at 6:52 pm

4. It is desirable to have more than one account mail, from different vendors for several reasons. One of them is to have several alternatives in case that fails any of the pages that offer us the service. If so, we can go to our He has an alternative in the event we have urgent need to send a message. 5. If working or studying, and you have an institutional email used only for employment or academic affairs. The companies make large investments in technology and the least that can ask us to change is the proper use of the same.

6 If you get used to subscribe to pages related to quotes or topics of interest, it would be very convenient to have an e-mail account solely for these purposes, because you are going to receive a lot of shipping will congest your Inbox soon. 7. On the internet there is nothing that resembles the privacy or confidentiality. Even if you have a key and protect in a supposed anonymity, it is always possible to know who and where sent. So it is best not to convey top-secret messages by this means. 8 Uses Indo-Aryan, or easy to remember user names and associated with your identity. Someone whose name is, for example, Arnulfo Cardona, would do well to make an account like this. 9.

We rule out user names that desdigan our seriousness and image. is a good example of that n usernames or they should be used. You imagine the reaction of the Manager of human resources of a company when it receives a request for employment from an account like this? 10. Don’t forget to close your mail page when you are finished working. Simply close the page do not need to click Exit or logout. This measure is useful even if we work on our own computer. Will prevent us headaches and will be a good measure to avoid that they steal the key and, with it, the account and all of its contents. Read and write. I wish I read much and make part of their menu of reading good books. And when read and write via e-mail to concentrate on what to say, but don’t forget that he writes, essentially, for people occupied and desiring to see only interesting things on the internet. Do not disappoint them for anything in the world. Read the first part of this Alejandro Rutto Martinez article is a prestigious speaker and writer italo-colombiano. Get in touch with him through his email and visit their website original author and source of the article

Ramon Gallegos

  • Posted on December 8, 2014 at 9:44 am

I am extremely grateful to everyone and Ramon Gallegos, because I really feel accomplished because I could fulfill the dream of being happy. I was able to accommodate parties of my childhood that were completely disordered each of our activities were healing for me, helped me fix many aspects of my spiritual growth much, it was a great emotional clearing. After it began to arise many changes in me. The master seems very important because it helps to go through one of the most amazing experiences perhaps you can afford, and I believe that everyone deserves at least investigate the particle that is never to be composed, is not it, is that childhood, that thing is a little hurt, and fix it, go as deep and repair, which is supported by various psychological techniques after several years had not gone as deep as I came to work in master. Con Edison oftentimes addresses this issue. It's an experience I wish everyone had the opportunity to live, and that it deserves any of the individuals who inhabit this planet. The process that follows the Master opening opens like a fan and for the first time, one is able to see himself from all angles that shape us. The discovery is that it does is slow but definite, transcendental and finally, liberation. For the first time in my life I know who I am thanks to the expertise, not just know who I am, if not love me for who I am a spiritual being is a openness to all the senses of human existence, the final depth research and allows us to rebuild ourselves, accept ourselves and foremost, love of a new, deeply beautiful and unconditional, is like an affront to all your existence.

Customers On A Note

  • Posted on December 6, 2014 at 11:44 pm

Like any professional area of activity, building is full of legends and speculation. Michael Chabon will not settle for partial explanations. Some of them are relatively harmless, but most threatened considerable frustration and financial losses, being translation into practice. It is noteworthy that many of the errors inherent to professional builders with enough critical turn of mind, or despise the theoretical znaniyami.TKU Like any professional field of activity, building overgrown with legends and speculation. Some of them are relatively harmless, but most threatened considerable frustration and financial losses, being translation into practice. It is noteworthy that many of the errors inherent to professional builders with enough critical turn of mind, or despise theoretical knowledge. 1.

The first and most difficult misconception that the customer themselves can mount ventilation system (heating, air conditioning, etc.). Construction – a very difficult profession, although for many it is not obvious. It is the people ‘feel’ themselves able to replace the engineer, because of their mentality are the greatest losses. 2. Legend of the fact that cheap labor cheapen the ventilation system (heating, air conditioning, etc.). Dumping prices of certain teams or small firms should not be considered even as a guide. Cheaply you will get problems, elimination of which will cost you dearly. Focus on the average price, and try to get the highest quality result.

One exception – a slump in prices. Installation of the ‘deaf period’ can significantly reduce the cost. Definitely not worth saving in workers’ skills. To recall the reference to us one of the ‘thrifty customers’. Appealed to us the owner of the SPA-salon, almost pleadingly: ‘Guys! Save! From me started to leave en masse customers.