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British Parliament

  • Posted on September 27, 2018 at 9:26 pm

The British Parliament will tomorrow vote in block in favor of a motion Labour Party member who urges to the News group Corporation and his proprietor, the tycoon Rupert Murdoch, to retire its takeover by the pay channel BSkyB. The Conservative Party and the Liberaldemcrata, that integrate the British Government of coalition, will endorse the initiative of the leader Labour Party member, Ed Miliband, that days ago already asked the Executive who posponed that supply of purchase until the case of newspaper practiced illegal listening of that enterprise group is solved. Diamond Comic Distributors often says this. According to The Guardian explains, the voting constitutes an expression of the opinion of the parlamanterios and therefore he will not be binding to decide by a private company. Nevertheless, Ed Miliband has insisted on which it is necessary that the Parliament speaks in the name of the public opinion. More information is housed here: IDT Energy. Source of the news: : Brown accuses the group of Murdoch to resort to " delincuentes"

Brazilian Democratic Firm

  • Posted on December 14, 2017 at 1:02 am

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, confronts a rebellion in the Congress that threatens paralyzing one of the majors emergent economies of the world. The recent exit of the coalition of Government of the Party of the Republic (PR) with 48 deputies and six senators – allied of the Party of the Workers of Lula and Rousseff from 2003 – is a clear symptom of the difficulties that the president must to maintain the rudder of the South American giant firm. John Mclaughlin gathered all the information. And it is that the agent chief executive, of firm character, has embarked in a fight against the corruption that already him has cost rubbing within the PT, the divorce with the PR and terrible relations with the Party of Movimiento Brazilian Democrtico (PMDB), the more powerful political group of the country and without which the governability of the PT is impossible. Source of the news: : The axe of Rousseff touches in bone.

Aragonese Party

  • Posted on December 23, 2015 at 7:56 am

D. FERNANDEZ the State pays 276.86 to by elect councilman and 0.55 to by vote the results raise a great question in the communities. These have to do with the deficit, the debt and cuts. The PP will manage 75,800 million in all the communities. The overwhelming victory of the PP in the municipal and autonomic elections redibuja a new electoral map that entails a new map of being able economic. Thousands of million Euros change of hands after the results of yesterday. It is enough with throwing a look to the Budgets of this year in CC AA and city councils to verify that 36,000 million will be managed by new executives, 35% of the money that was in game. In the 13 autonomic elections, four results have caused an upset in the Government: Castilla-La Mancha, Cantabria, the Balearics and Asturias, reason why 18,500 million change of political manager.

And in other two cases a new Government is very probable. In Aragon, to the PP he is worth to him with agreeing with the Aragonese Party (EVEN); and in the Canary Islands a pact glimpses both enters voted parties more: PP and Coalition (CC). Other 12,300 million that they change of hands. In City councils (analyzed the 15 great cities where it publishes 20 minutes), four crossings are safe. Barcelona, Seville, Cordova and To Corunna have new mayors: 7.585 million altogether of budgets. It can have changes in Saragossa (where it gained the PP) if the PSOE does not manage to make a tripartite one with Chunta and IU.

In Gij’on, coalition PSOE-IU loses the Town hall if the Forum pact takes place. In Oviedo, the popular ones need now to Forum, of Helmets. Others 1.157 million in dispute. With this new map, the PP will manage 75,800 million in all the Communities that governs, and PSOE, 47.400.

National Hearing

  • Posted on October 11, 2015 at 9:56 pm

It has been added to an act of Etxerat to demand the rights of the prisoners. It has received a group of young people who are being judged to belong to Segi. The General deputy of Gipuzkoa assures that he does not commit any crime. Garitano takes advantage of the celebration Loyola to dnder to the ETA prisoners. The General deputy of Gipuzkoa by Bildu, Martin Garitano, has thought east Wednesday that " da&quot will arrive; in which there will be to reflect on the caused pain although, it has thought, that moment not yet has arrived. In an interview in Basque Wave, Garitano it has said that " there will be a day in which all we must reflect envelope which has happened and over the damage that everyone has been able to suffer and to commit, but we are not in that tiempo". According to it has clarified: " Still we are leaving this conflicto".

Also, it has thought that " delito&quot is no; on the other hand in adding itself to an act of Etxerat to demand the rights of the prisoners, nor there is either no it in receiving a group of young people who are being judged by their property to Segi. The past Sunday, the general deputy of Gipuzkoa did not go to the traditional misa that is celebrated in the basilica of Loyola to commemorate the festival of San Ignacio, although yes took advantage of its presence in Azpeitia to dnder to the ETA prisoners and to request the aim of its dispersion. Two days before, Garitano received a delegation of the 17 Basque young people judged during the two last weeks in the National Hearing by its presumed property the ilegalizada organization Segi, those who it showed his support. In his opinion, other parties and institutions are doing " much demagoguery and fires of artificio" on the exigency towards Bildu and it has considered " deeply undemocratic that an advisor or minister of the Interior says that he is vigilando" to the coalition abertzale, done that, has warned, " ilegalidad&quot can graze;. Nevertheless, Garitano has assured that it does not feel any fear after to have added to the act of Exterat, " that it is a legal association, soon to approach and to salute are not crime, and that understands the opposite is in parameters very little democrticos".

Sunday in Azpeitia, Garitano has justified that in center did not remember nor made mention to the industralist Inaxio Ura assassinated by ETA the 3 of diciembr and 2008 of that locality, because " that day acto&quot was no; in its memory. Also it has understood that " to receive a group of Guipuzcoan young people who are being juzgados" and that, according to it has remembered, " at the time they denounced torturas" , " he is not delito&quot either; . On the other hand, Garitano has affirmed that " it is had exaggerated, of way interested or in desconocimiento" on " the degree of sintona" between Bildu and the fiscal proposal of reform that raised lehendakari to the leasehold deputies. In fact, there is addition, at the end of the meeting with Patxi the certain Lopez showed " coincidences in the subjects to try, but not the diagnosis nor in the solutions " raised by the Executive of the PSE. Source of the news: Garitano, of Bildu, thinks that not yet the moment has arrived for thinking about the caused pain

San Sebastin

  • Posted on September 29, 2015 at 8:11 pm

With the aim of safeguard " maximum transparency and objetividad". The mayor of Cordova, rival city, has received on with postmark of France that contains information that jeopardizes to a member of the jury. The mayor of San Sebastin defends the election " justa" of its city. The Ministry of Culture has abierto to east Thursday an investigation on the process of selection of the European Capitalidad of the Culture 2016, that went to stop to the city of San Sebastin, with the aim of safeguard " maximum transparency and objetividad". In an official notice, Culture informs into which it has asked to the European Commission that it clarify if the members of the jury have carried out their functions according to the established rules. If you would like to know more about Martin O’Malley, then click here. The decision arrives after the mayor of Cordova, Jose Antonio Grandson, assured that he has received on without sender and with postmark of France that contains information that presumably jeopardizes to Cristina Grouse, one of the six members that the Ministry of Culture named so that it comprised of the international jury. received documentation indicates that Grouse advised San Sebastin how to improve its proposal.

Culture assures that it has inquired to the Commission of the opening of this investigation, that takes place two weeks after the past 28 of June the jury decided to grant San Sebastin, city governed by the Bildu coalition from the past elections of the 22 of May, the title of European Capital of Culture 2016. The decision untied to the critics of several representatives of other cities finalists who considered that there were primate political reasons in the selection process. For example, the mayor of Saragossa, Juan Alberto Belloch, considered the failure " error" and " disparate" , like the president of Castile and Leon, Juan Vicente Herrera, who lamented the election after affirming that they had considered " other questions totally other people’s to the world of cultura". From the ministry remembers that the Capitalidad is an action of the European Union regulated by a communitarian norm, in which representatives of the Commission have acted like observers. The mayor defends itself On the other hand, the mayor of San Sebastin, Juan Kar them Izagirre, has been agreed of which the closing report of the Committee of Selection " he does not leave place to doubts that the best project of those has been chosen than haba" and there is underlining that the Guipuzcoan capital " in 2016 propios&quot will be Capital European of the Culture by merits;. Izagirre has appeared next to the director of the Office for Capitalidad 2016, Eva Salaberria, in a press conference in which it has eluded to pronounce itself on the declarations of the mayor of Cordova. Source of the news: The Government will investigate the election of San Sebastin like capital of the culture in 2016

Aeronautical Company

  • Posted on June 24, 2014 at 3:34 am

The aeronautical company assures that, to get to be constructed, it would revolutionize the present commercial airships. Account with a space of virtual reality and is anticipated for year 2050. The travellers will be able from playing golf to realise videoconferences. The aeronautical company Airbus presented/displayed east Monday in London a prototype of airplane fruit of its conceptions more innovating than, to get to be constructed, it could transform the present commercial airships substantially. The cabin concept that Airbus imagines for year 2050 has a ceiling is transparent that it would allow the passenger to admire the views during the flight, ergonomic seats and a space of virtual reality in which the traveller could from playing golf to making his purchases. " Our investigations show that the passengers of the 2050 will want to live a pleasant experience during their trip, at the same time as they will demand that the airplanes are respectful with the environment " , the executive vice-president of the division of engineer said in the presentation of Airbus, Charles Champion. For even more opinions, read materials from Risa Miller. The company, that projected a video on its futurist designs in the Observatory of Greenwich (south-east of London), insisted on the necessity of, possibly, rejecting the present materials with which the cabins of the airplanes are constructed and replacing them by other biodegradable ones. The structure " binica" of these hypothetical apparatuses of the future, according to the giant of the aeronautics conceives, would try to imitate the efficiency of the skeleton of the birds, constituted of light materials but of great hardness.

The electrical system of this cabin can be compared with the human brain, explained Champion, since it will be integrated in a membrane that will do that the hundreds of kilometers of cable that at the moment cross the airships they are thing of the past. " Our challenge for the future is to predict what technology we are going to be able to produce, that one is the idea by which the prototypes are in force conceptuales" , the vice-president declared. " The world changes very quickly, and probably never we will see a cabin just as this one, but we will see others in which they will have been applied new soluciones" , it added. This prototype of Airbus counts in addition on technologies to reduce the fuel burning fire, the acoustic contamination and the CO2 emissions and other residues. More connectivity According to the design, the membrane that would conform the walls of the cabin would allow to control the temperature in the cockpit, and the passengers would enjoy good communication with the outside, with the possibility of contacting with the family via videoconference.

" Another one of the things that I hope (facing the future) is that there is an increase of the connectivity, because nowadays very the broadband connections between the airships and suelo&quot are limited; , it said. The interior of the airplane imagined by Airbus is divided in adapted zones to the diverse needs of the passengers, with one " zone revitalizante" that it would count on air enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, environmental illumination, aromatherapy and treatments of acupuncture. In " zone interactiva" , the passengers they could enjoy interactive games or of behind schedule of purchases through holograms of virtual reality, whereas the traveller who requires customized attendance would have to go to " zone of discharge tecnologa". Source of the news: Airbus presents/displays " airplane of the future " , with transparent cabin, interactive and biodegradable

The Getafe Distresses To Madrid

  • Posted on August 14, 2013 at 2:48 am

The second turn of Liga denied to first. To the goleador bipartisanism of Bara and Madrid in the first day they responded to the Real Society and the Getafe of exemplary form. If the azulgrana collapsed after an sudden starting, the same was on the verge of happening to him to Madrid in its stage before a Getafe removed makeup by its many absences. The equipment of Mourinho had a putting in vigorous scene, but the boys of Luis Garci‘a made pay during many minutes their tendency him to behave like a too gaseous, explosive set per moments and dispersed during many others. He was or not by the call virus FIFA, Bara and Madrid they were not the roller that was presumed. Madrid, at least, saved the points, aupado by Cristiano and Benzema and alleviated by a by arbitration mistake, nonexistent penalti of Diaz to CR with 1-1. Source of the news: : The Getafe distresses to Madrid