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Accommodation – Choose The Best Option For You

  • Posted on July 22, 2017 at 9:26 am

When you think of your language course abroad, you should think seriously about the type you choose. This aspect will surely affect your experience in one way or another, so it always helps to hit from the beginning. Just the thought of being with a family will cause confusion, but it could become just the thing that you need for your English studies abroad to become the greatest experience you had. Most schools offer different types of accommodation and are usually: host family, shared apartment or dormitory. All these vary depending on the school and location you choose, like the preconceived idea that you can have of each.

Here is a brief explanation of each type: People often think that by living with a family will be forced to endure a horrible diet and limited to the daily routine of the family and therefore lose the freedom that you would feel by choosing another type of accommodation . But the reality could not be more different! Many hosts cook very well and the same can lead to interesting conversations, as well as learn from each culture, for example, cooking a dish from your country to your hosts? This is not just a fun way to make friends but also to practice your English. Schools do an excellent job of families seeking support for each student, we recommend we do know the most information about your preferences when booking. For example, do you smoke?, Do you prefer a family with or without children?, Do you like pets?, Would you like to be with one person, a couple or family?, Do you prefer to also have other students?, What are your interests and tastes?, do you need Internet or your own bathroom? Many of these requests may be within your reach because schools have a wide range of hosts.