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Mr Klimmek

  • Posted on September 19, 2017 at 9:02 am

At its special shopping offers the customer specifies in addition also the respective shops to to buying goods, where Mr Klimmek shall purchase the goods. The special shopping offers purchases in organic food shops, pastries from the bakery, meat and sausages from the butcher, fresh fruit and vegetables from the weekly market (if a weekly market takes place on this day), supply of drinks in boxes or small of the beverage trade, all services of a standard purchase, in addition such as shopping at the grocer of choice. Other errands, pick up the clothes from the cleaning, the cobbler shoe repair or supply of drugs by prescription from the pharmacy are possible for this offer. Express shopping is intended for very urgent. “If it once again later” become a shopping or a completion of particularly in a hurry is, customers appreciate the offer express purchase. One is done at the customer’s request Delivery after 21: 00. His delivery area sees the owner Udo Klimmek in all parts of the city of Iserlohn and Hagen. The personal contact to our customers is very important to him.

The binding of a clientele is aspired. To his delivery, Mr Klimmek like personally answered questions. 10% opening discount for all orders up to September 30, 2009 on the occasion of the opening of its business offers shopping help Udo Klimmek all customers who take his services up to September 30, 2009, at a discount of 10% for its delivery service. Company portrait: The delivery service with its service delivery of articles of daily use after previous order by its customers in Iserlohn and Hagen offers. In the foreground is the relief of workers and the older people restricted in mobility. But also family managers who are charged as a result of increasing challenges, Mr Klimmek engages emerging problems with the supply of the budget, helpful, the arms. Orders delivered just on the phone, by fax or given by E-Mail the day before and fast, reliable and on time at the desired location, such as home, to the place of celebration or the job. Press contact: delivery service Udo Klimmek Pillingser way 8 57644 Iserlohn phone: 0 23 74-923 628 fax: 0 23 74-923 627 email:

Stepbystep Advice

  • Posted on May 17, 2015 at 5:04 pm

You can not rely on your Lotto winnings. You can not rely on your Lotto winnings. But necessarily on the gradual construction of assets. Especially when this goes back to a consultation by the Deutsche Vermogensberatung DVAG. Finally an advisors of the DVAG draws on over 30 years of consulting experience and can make a competent range. A good advice, care should be taken that all financial areas can be covered. One wrong generally with sectoral advice of the DVAG. Here, all relevant sectors will be included in the planning.

The result is such as starting points for a secure retirement, information about current mortgages and cheap products from the areas of health, investment or insurance. Through the broad diversification, game rooms, which can be individually used according to the respective objectives and opportunities arise. So the financial advisers of the DVAG can guarantee that his customer is secured across. The asset consultant and his client find the right solutions in every field of advising. Thus arises a wealth planning that is precisely adapted to the objectives of the client and with the financial future can be built before the respective personal background. That works best if the early starts and the customer sets the required staying power on the day. The road to the assets is often long, but he must be not Rocky, because the financial advisers of the Deutsche Vermogensberatung accompany their customers pleasure on their way to the destination of their desires.

Event: A Phoenix Like Out Of Nowhere

  • Posted on February 4, 2015 at 4:37 pm

A virtuosic staging of logo enthusiasts during the kick-off event of the manufacturer of the medical technology employees and customers alike. The stage of the hotels Ritz Carlton in the financial center in Dubai is eclipsed. Suddenly, a figure is to see. But only the veins and heart. It’s like an angiography representing human blood vessels. Many of the about 250 present employees and customers of a renowned medical technology manufacturer won’t believe their eyes that almost unbelievable things play on the stage wrapped in black light.

The three performers twirl vibrant clubs through the air, rods suspended as if by magic on the stage, the boundary between reality and fantasy blurs a red orange pink colored Phoenix to life suddenly awakened. The staging of the new logo in the UV light fascinated all present, persistent. Also the event Manager is excited and very happy. Because he had hired Petra Quednau’s team for the staging of the new logo, the crew according to the Fusion of two divisions from the beginning on the future company to whip up. “And succeeded so much in advance, perfect, because: the symbolization of our new logo, a Phoenix, each of our teams very emotionally addressed, what is due much to the extraordinary choreography by Petra Quednau and the rousing show”, the Manager praised the three actresses.

So that every detail of the show exactly could be coordinated, Petra Quednau, chairwoman of the event company had informed, just project PQ in advance, which the new company covers what messages should be transported would be like the framework conditions during the event. After the customer had agreed to the staging concept drawn up by us, choreographed, the music chosen, as well as the costumes suitable for the presentation of designed and produced”, Petra Quednau reported. Thus it all came from a single source. This was for the client a central reason why he is for the project-PQ offer had decided. Due to the high professionalism of the artists the show despite a limited preparation time managed perfectly”, added the Manager. A core element of the program was the black light, which results in completely new and surprising effects and generates strong emotions in the Viewer. However, the black light places high demands on the artist, who must ensure extremely correct postures and movements, to produce the desired effects. Because of the particularly high requirement, providing such shows to the ensemble work for us”only experienced dancers, reported Petra Quednau. And this competence was also needed at the show, because the artists in addition to the professional stage dance had to master the hardest swinging juggling tricks. After the three dancers had the logo colors costume, dance, and light elements in the show, the Phoenix out of nowhere could appear as final highlight. This raised two actresses a more dancer on her shoulders. When the formation was the top dancer unfolded nearly three meters wide seemingly floating Phoenix-logo. Engaging, motivating, almost already prosaic”present then described the show with the Phoenix presentation. “The business leaders therefore agreed and up: the performance of this logo production motivated our crew for the upcoming challenges.” “And addressed to Petra Quednau: mission accomplished!”

Translation Service Skrivanek Expands Translation

  • Posted on October 20, 2014 at 2:12 am

Translation service Skrivanek translated Berlin from the Bulgarian and Bulgarian, April 15, 2009. The translation service Skrivanek expands its range of Eastern European languages and offers professionally-made Bulgarian translations in numerous disciplines (economics, technology, communication, medicine). With the establishment of additional branches in Bulgaria, the translation service Skrivanek has many qualified Bulgarian translators with appropriate training on many areas of expertise. Our experienced staff find a suitable translator for every translation job in Bulgarian or from the Bulgarian, who is familiar with the subject of the text to be translated. In the selection, we rely solely on native speakers, who live and work in Bulgaria and thus note the country-specific, linguistic peculiarities in the translation. Skrivanek’s customers benefit from our well structured and local network of Bulgarian translators and the usage of Translators with a university degree and professional training. To ensure a high quality of Bulgarian translation is corrected by a second expert who has technical knowledge and the necessary accuracy.

Via the website can businesses and individuals who need a Bulgarian translation, via our contact form the document upload and send us. It get an individually customized, free and non-binding offer by our staff for translation into Bulgarian and from Bulgarian. The price for a translation from Bulgarian or into Bulgarian is composed of several factors: new customer, customer, complexity of the text, scope and language combination. In addition the translation service Skrivanek new customers offers a free test translation, so that they can convince yourself of our service and the quality of the translations. About Skrivanek The Skrivanek translation service represents a global and innovative company with quality-oriented and trendsetting concept. Through an international branch network, the translation service Skrivanek can draw on highly skilled and experienced Bulgarian translator, who meet our high quality standards according to ISO 9001:2001.