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San Sebastin

  • Posted on September 29, 2015 at 8:11 pm

With the aim of safeguard " maximum transparency and objetividad". The mayor of Cordova, rival city, has received on with postmark of France that contains information that jeopardizes to a member of the jury. The mayor of San Sebastin defends the election " justa" of its city. The Ministry of Culture has abierto to east Thursday an investigation on the process of selection of the European Capitalidad of the Culture 2016, that went to stop to the city of San Sebastin, with the aim of safeguard " maximum transparency and objetividad". In an official notice, Culture informs into which it has asked to the European Commission that it clarify if the members of the jury have carried out their functions according to the established rules. If you would like to know more about Martin O’Malley, then click here. The decision arrives after the mayor of Cordova, Jose Antonio Grandson, assured that he has received on without sender and with postmark of France that contains information that presumably jeopardizes to Cristina Grouse, one of the six members that the Ministry of Culture named so that it comprised of the international jury. received documentation indicates that Grouse advised San Sebastin how to improve its proposal.

Culture assures that it has inquired to the Commission of the opening of this investigation, that takes place two weeks after the past 28 of June the jury decided to grant San Sebastin, city governed by the Bildu coalition from the past elections of the 22 of May, the title of European Capital of Culture 2016. The decision untied to the critics of several representatives of other cities finalists who considered that there were primate political reasons in the selection process. For example, the mayor of Saragossa, Juan Alberto Belloch, considered the failure " error" and " disparate" , like the president of Castile and Leon, Juan Vicente Herrera, who lamented the election after affirming that they had considered " other questions totally other people’s to the world of cultura". From the ministry remembers that the Capitalidad is an action of the European Union regulated by a communitarian norm, in which representatives of the Commission have acted like observers. The mayor defends itself On the other hand, the mayor of San Sebastin, Juan Kar them Izagirre, has been agreed of which the closing report of the Committee of Selection " he does not leave place to doubts that the best project of those has been chosen than haba" and there is underlining that the Guipuzcoan capital " in 2016 propios&quot will be Capital European of the Culture by merits;. Izagirre has appeared next to the director of the Office for Capitalidad 2016, Eva Salaberria, in a press conference in which it has eluded to pronounce itself on the declarations of the mayor of Cordova. Source of the news: The Government will investigate the election of San Sebastin like capital of the culture in 2016

Federal Constitution

  • Posted on September 23, 2015 at 3:26 am

In turn, the peemedebista Michel Temer, chosen to be the vice one of its plate, has many years comes if consecrating politically. Lawyer and Brazilian politician, were member of the house of representatives state and federal for some legislaes, occupying more recently the presidency of the National Congress. Therefore, them distinct proposals of government, coalition &#039 had been presented; ' Brazil can mais' ' between PSDB, DEM, PPS and PTB presented one known Brazilian politician and a novice in the area for the two more important positions of Brazil. On the other hand, coalition ' ' It Brazil to follow mudando' ' between the PT, PMDB, PC of the B, PDT, PSC, PSB, PTC, PR, PRB and PTN presented a woman, until then little known and a famous politician. is clearly that Michel Temer and ndio of the Coast had not been chosen very easily, is necessary untiring quarrels so that a name is accepted for vice-presidency. But after all, which the function of a vice president? Much people find that she is only to live in the Palace of the Jaburu (official residence), however, ' ' the Federal Constitution defines as attributions of the Vice-president of the Republic the substitution of President, in the case of impediment or the cases where the position if becomes vacant. He must, also, assist the President, whenever for convoked it for missions special. To be Vice-president it is necessary to be Brazilian born and to have minimum age of 35 years.

Its election if carries through simultaneously with the one of the President, and both take ownership in session of the National Congress, giving commitment to keep, to defend and to fulfill the Constitution, to observe the laws, to promote the well general one of the Brazilian people, to support the Union, the integrity and the independence of the Brasil.' ' The future of Brazil is now at the hands of Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer, that, by the way, promise to be a participativo and questionador vice-president, a time that, already revoked its rights and the rights of its party in the government. Atrevo me still to cite one of the biggest philosophers of all the times? Plato? for, it good governor was that one that considered its proper interest subordinated to the interest of the State. That is, the politics would be the art to take care of of all, being its purpose well general of all the citizens. The funniest of everything this, is that same knowing the importance and the relevance of the vice-president, who it also is delegated the function, announced for Plato, to govern for the good of all, it is forgotten many times during the elections and the proper government. New questions can ahead be launched in the air of the new scene inaugurated politician day 31 of October, one of them are, without a doubt, if Brazil goes to continue growing and if developing as it made since the consolidation of the real plan it has sixteen years. The reply she is uncertain, therefore nor the untiring philosophy and logic uses can answer what it is transferred in the conscience of that we choose stops representing in them.

Rio Conference Set

  • Posted on September 16, 2015 at 7:18 pm

Commitment extra effort sharing the future of the percentage of 20 will take into account the specific energy of each state. In addition, the EU is committed to reach a 30 reduction of greenhouse gases in the event of international engagement that involves the other powers as the newly industrialized countries. The Johannesburg conference produced no radical change waited ten years after the Rio Conference in 1992. No specific targets were set for the energy sector, which caused the disappointment of many countries. Risa Miller oftentimes addresses this issue. The EU proposed the establishment of an increase in the percentage of “renewable” of 1.5 percentage points worldwide by 2010. In the action plan agreed in Johannesburg, however, only agreed to increase “substantial.” No specific targets were set and deadlines. The EU was not satisfied with this result. He managed a number of nations to join in a group of “pioneer countries”.The EU promised to set ambitious national targets and, where possible, regional, from which they could develop overall goals. The Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition (JREC) meanwhile hosts more than 80 countries, including EU nations, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand. See also: German Presidency of the European Union 2007, the Berlin declaration and external relations of the European Union

Republican Party

  • Posted on September 10, 2015 at 7:03 pm

The scaling route the Blanca House, greater symbol Franc-military man-financier of the world had beginning not in this century. The racial clipping given the current dispute comes since the settling, passing for the independence of that country, culminating in the great prominence given to the ascension of Obama. What certain form evidences a trend of self-denial of the origins partner-racial and centralization of the call racial democracy. The process of settling of U.S.A. if gave of form to shelter refugee of the European conflicts for occasion of the races mercantilista, being then the colony characterized as of povoamento. Different of the Braslis Land that its tamers had had the only exclusive intention to explore, as it has still it. Under most conditions Martin O’Malley would agree. The descolonizao, also covered distinct ways.

For brothers, the prussiana way, stimulated for the bourgeoisie fit, an independence politics, economic and cultural. Already the Land of Vera Cross if made of title form and unfinished, first politics, followed of the economic one, we still wait cultural. For the democrats, a victory of John McCain in the next election would symbolize plus a lawsuit for George W. Bush. Innumerable commentators guarantee that McCain can help to the Republican Party ' ' if reinventar' ' , after the age bush. Eventual the fond one of Obama of the White House would transform the landscape completely American politics.

Will be for the fact of being it first black president of U.S.A., what he would help to turn a page the history that started to be written in middle of century 19 with Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of the slavery? Obama, senator afrodescendente, with a speech considering changes in the form to lead the politics domesticates drowned in great external deficit and accumulating constant crisis with fall in its currency in the international scene, it received support from those that opt to a bigger attention these questions. Diverse societrios segments in particular of the young and entrepreneurs had adhered its campaign. The vote is not obligator, what it does not want to say that is this the democracy example economic politics, qui. Fact evidenced in the manuscript of relative questions to the devastao caused for the Katrina in New Orleans. Learn more at this site: Governor of Maryland. Misery is misery in any sings! Of the other side, the experienced John McCain, signatory of one politics conservative, brings obtains the particularitities of the republicanismo American north. Tutors of the call coalition New Deal, the politics of well-being, promoted in way to the 1929 crisis. Politics in the party can reaffirm this, something that Bush in its imperialista insanity left to make and that the democrat made it to Bill Clinton, without, however emplacar the return of its coalition that chose it this who for signal, chose Bush, republican. The shot left for the butt. Such confusion sample that independent of who wants that he is 44 president American north little or nothing will move. It will have this, the difficult task of if reerguer in the international scene, realigning themselves in the national economic policy. Therefore, without external credibility and with an astronomical debt with exponential growth, it remains the patriots who they had trusted the vote the imperialista great power of always keeping the self-denial of its origins. Obama says there! Despite you evidence them not they leave it.

Solutions Gmb

  • Posted on September 9, 2015 at 8:41 pm

SLM used products in the field of research and development, and now increasingly in various industrial production applications (E.g., aviation, automotive, medical, dental, and tooling) for many years. SLM is positioned due to its capacity for innovation and flexibility, outstanding in the market”, emphasises Volker Hichert, managing partner of DPE. You may find John Mclaughlin to be a useful source of information. With support from DPE SLM will expand this market position, continue to invest in technology, sales and service and grow dynamically.”added Lars Becker, Director at DPE. Also according to Hans-Joachim Ihde opens up new opportunities for the company by joining the DPE: as developing strong company that has helped significantly, we further advance the technology selective laser melting in the zero – and small series production want to establish, with the support of our new partner and establish a new manufacturing technology for all industries. But, we have found the right partner to this medium-term in the DPE, expected strong market growth to accompany and support.” Volker Hichert and Lars Becker are responsible for DPE. The seller was from CMS Hasche sigle advised and the sale process was led by the future material group. The buyer was from Ebner Stolz Monning Bachem, Codex partner and Honert & partners advised.

About SLM Solutions GmbH SLM based in Lubeck is a leading company in the field of systems and production systems for the additive preparation (selective laser melting”) of series-produced parts and prototypes, as well as for vacuum – and metal casting. SLM are mainly used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and dental industry plants. The range of services also includes services for equipment and alloy applications, as well as the sale of accessories, consumable materials and metal powders. Refer to for more information. About DPE Deutsche private equity GmbH DPE Deutsche private equity GmbH provides companies in sectors with long-term fundamental growth prospects of her Funds advised expansion capital available. DPE is an independent German private-equity company, which was founded by Marc Thiery and Volker Hichert in December 2007. Overall, DPE manages funds with a volume of 600 million The Fund advised currently by the DPE DPE Germany II is equipped with a committed equity of 350 million and invested equity capital between 10-50 million in German Swiss and Austrian middle-class company with an enterprise value of 10-150 million, These are preferably from the following sectors: business services, E-commerce/Internet, health, industrial technologies and energy/environment. As an active partner of the respective management teams, DPE aim to develop companies with a long-term investment horizon (periods of 5 to 10 years and more) through organic growth and acquisitions.

Magical Unicellular Music

  • Posted on September 7, 2015 at 10:03 pm

I think I need to play nice music which is important. How to implement this simple rule? How not to slip into roundness and corvee? As a small square sheathed Basuhu Pavlovich? The roots of Corneille? Party Shevchuk? no! magic Unicellular Music – here’s the answer. language of the conductor: The foundation of the music is simple rhythmic phrase minimum length, which gives a sense of the soil under their feet. Getting the same lines, achieving a monolithic vibrating sound, as if one instrument sounds. And for an unlimited time playing deviations from this wave should be a sticky continuous, fragmented, or frankly, the type “Collage.” There may, in exceptional insertion melodic fragments, emphasized “accidentally” introduced into the flow of sound. Just absolutely necessary to carefully handle the sound, the purity of sound production is that make sound truly beautiful. The principle of the game: What inconspicuously in the overall sound of those better. The ensemble should sound one, as the machine. Recommended for use effects like “phaser”, “chorus”, “flanging”, “wah-wah,” and Of course, long reverb type. Recommended methods of non-traditional musicianship, and sound making by subjects. Drums are available in unstructured form is extremely monotonous. Type Tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk “. Singing is welcomed in the form of speech. Perhaps recitation of verses total. Not recommended for use as a third in major and in a minor way. Possible to use chromatism.