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Microsoft Web

  • Posted on January 18, 2018 at 9:56 pm

So you can achieve top positions in all search engines with a specially developed software to virtual Besuchertraffic can be generated, which is registered by the Alexa ranking system helps improve rank within a very short time the so-called Alexa Web traffic. This Web traffic rank reflects the flow of visitors of a Web site and will be shown in the Alexa toolbar. That means, the more visitors to a website surfing, the better – say lower – Web traffic rank. Google, for example, has the Alexa traffic rank #1, Microsoft comes as the automaker BMW on 21st, and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is angela with their website the Alexa charts on place 487.043. This value could be improved, certainly quite… Star Guitarist can provide more clarity in the matter.

(The Web page by coalition partner Guido Westerwelle has no rank, but at all, and when the call to the 1.Juli 2010 came the terse message: maintenance work… Please have some patience!) Thank you for your understanding!) The software of, the by the way must not be installed on your own PC, but after logging in to the Memberarea online works, created using many different IP addresses visitor traffic for the requested Web page or URL. This in turn has a positive effect on the position of this site in the various search engines. Search engines evaluate a page according to many different criteria and have developed a highly complicated range of techniques and methods for this purpose. All one thing in common but again here: sites with much traffic are naturally better valued than pages that have 3 visitors straight times once a month. Therefore get pages with much visitor traffic of course a better placement and finally lands on the top positions in the search engines… It takes so all mesh. Already many large companies and Internet professionals use the system with considerable success and can say so on the top places on Google, Yahoo & co.. The system better to learn, can see free an eBook be requested, which the backgrounds and functioning very well explained.

Memory Artists Internet

  • Posted on December 26, 2017 at 9:41 pm

Privacy expert advises careful dealing with communities and search engines, communities are booming. Just portals such as StudiVZ, XING and Facebook are hardly to imagine the life of the young generation. Many users bypass but dangerously careless with their personal data. At least the data protection expert Rainer Bohme finds from the Technical University of Dresden. In an interview, he was the news portal answer. It is particularly serious that users enter their information directly into categories, such as date of birth, E-Mail address, or relationship status. Star Guitarist may find this interesting as well.

This would significantly facilitate an automated analysis of data. Although according to Bohme is hard to say to what extent the collected data are used by the operator of the respective site. But behind every community is ultimately a for-profit business. And a flourishing trade with address and account data is now fact. For other areas Badawi pointed out in an interview with the editors of technology risks.

Many are, for example, aren’t aware that Google every single search request stores. In this way will determine who is currently working on which patents. John Mclaughlin addresses the importance of the matter here. Because at some point, every developer on the Internet search if there is not already his invention. Cookie cooker be a way to trick the search engine. This is a program that exchanges the cookies of different users with each other. So be disarmed”the data saved by Google. In dealing with embarrassing party photos, and the like, Rainer Bohme, however, advises to the serenity. Because the Internet never forgets. Also indulge yourself into unhurried attempting to get rid of embarrassing, is stored as often for all time. A targeted media education is useful. It could contribute to more conscious dealing with the Internet and prevent the emergence of embarrassment. More information: article/442 /-you-must-not paranoid be contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59 the University of first media GmbH markets successful German-language media portals such as,. also cross-industry for,, and provide consumer information in the travel field for and the financial and insurance sector.

Hamburg Declaration

  • Posted on September 13, 2017 at 7:18 pm

The presence of publishers in Google search results is significantly lower than previously expected. In the Hamburg Declaration in June published 166 international publishers have opposed Google an economic exploitation of their content by the search engine giant. Among the signatories are also 148 German publishers. TRG – the reach Group GmbH has taken this as an opportunity and analyzes the results of more than one million Google searches. This was particular attention on the first Google result pages of search queries.

Visits and monetization run almost exclusively on the results page. To give weight to the contents of the Hamburg Declaration, TRG has eliminated all results of a total of almost 1,000 signatories domains from the Google index. The central question was: how would empty Google be the first 10 result pages if there is no object of the 148 German publishers more would find in the index? The result of the analysis of surprised: The publishing activities include just over five percent of the top-10 finishes. Put it another way: 95% of all German search queries include already any results by publishing pages on page one. The economic importance of the Publisher content for Google seems so very low. The realization that many found publishing results involved only brand which is still sobering and have also only a manageable Monetarisierbarkeit. The start and search pages of important for publishers Trafficquelle Google News ( are so far completely ad-free in Germany.

Google’s business model relies on, as the Hamburg Declaration therefore currently significantly less on publishers’ suggests. “Would be compared to these findings alone the strong domain from Google’s index can be removed, however, over 13% of search hits alone on position one escaped Google and its users”, adds TRG Managing Director Christoph Burseg. How big is the untapped potential is clear, if it is not the search results, but the proportion of all Unterzeichnerdomains in the Google index pages looks at. Four percent of the pages on the German Google index are among the Verlagsdomains. This is the 250-fache of pages, Google from the German Wikipedia knows. These contents are beaten off in Google but verboren back result pages. These results are reflected in the statements made by Google-Europe-chef Philip Schindler. He admits in an interview with Manager magazine of August 17, 2009, that Google could not help build of a digital business model of the publishers. This and the visibility in the search results would take the publishers into their own hands, Schindler. Charts and more information about this study can see Hamburg Declaration / downloaded. Press contact: Christoph Burseg telephone: 030 920 383 3300 email:

V Max Is Presented

  • Posted on October 7, 2014 at 11:59 pm

A3 system relaunches website of sales specialists since June 2012 is the society for maximum sales performance V-max mbH, Bad Homburg, under with a new Internet presence online. The company deploys to the maintenance of the content for the first time a content management system, the dante 4.6 cms. The project was realized by the Saarland software vendors and IT service provider a3 system. V-max is a consultancy for sales organizations. The sales experts support customers such as IBM, Audi, seat, and Toyota with individual solutions since 2005, when it comes to sustainable qualify and fast performance in sales.

We decided early in 2012, to expand the Internet as an information channel to the client. Visitors to our website to get a well structured and up-to-date overview of performance”, Gerard explained Bongart, V Max the effort for updates to minimize the Managing Director of the we use now a content management system”, added Monika Haack, the responsible Project Manager. The technical basis of the new Internet presence is the dante’s content management system cms 4.6 system manufactured by a3. “Our decision easy for the dante was cms and the attractive total price for software and designer position”, as h. The dante cms 4.6 offers a comfortable editing technology with publication workflow. The functionality of the system was tailored to exactly the requirements of V-max.

A3 a3 system is a solution provider for demanding business applications and integration projects system ( A3 systems designs, develops, and tests software solutions based on accepted industry standards and best practice approaches. Project-specifically put together teams of experts accompany the projects through all stages of the analysis and specification through design, implementation, and integration to introduction, maintenance and operation. A3 provides standard products for the areas of content management (, E-business and E-commerce system (Shop goods business partner).