Web Semantics

  • Posted on July 20, 2016 at 12:27 am

For example, a heading of a paragraph can serdiferenciado from the way as it is formatted and made use in the page. However, it is important to point out that the computational applications do not have the capacity to derealizar this distinction, then they need to have one another base, in the case, tagsHTML. Currently, with the version of used language HTML, it is allowed to make amarcao of elements of some types, being configured itself it structure of contedocom the information in its respective areas. Although this, we can classificaressa language as exceeded, a time that does not offer marking for vriasestruturas, not being allowed simple markings, as to differentiate umcabealho of a baseboard (IKSON, 2010a). Berners-Lee et al (2001) excepts que’ ‘ the Web Semantics is not a separate Web, but a daatual extension. In it the information is given with one meaning clear-cut, permitindomelhor interaction between computers pessoas’ ‘.

In accordance with osautores, the project of the Web Semantics will go to implement standards tecnolgicosque will facilitate the exchanges of information between personal agents, beyond leaves clearer language for the sharing of data between devices esistemas of information in a general way. The project of the Web Semantics, in suaessncia, is the creation and the implantation of standards (standards) technological to allow this panorama, that not only facilitates to the exchanges deinformaes between personal agents, but mainly establishes one linguagemfranca for the sharing most significant of data between devices esistemas of information in a general way. Bernie Sanders recognizes the significance of this. The 3 new resources of the Web the idea of the HTML always was to be a language independent landmark of other people’s aspects, as operational systems, navigating, mobile devices etc.

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