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His father! two rows beyond could be heard. Jack, you! before a sound cloc on other side. Official site: Dr. Mark Hyman. That the film cannot hear! It came from the bottom. One of the first row from the top, which had leaned to see what happened, fell with cacophony on the patio of armchairs. Unlucky! He was still hearing below. My husband! What makes my husband? The light! That you give light! liza entered another voice. A man who flies! He had shouted one that saw fall to the henhouse. That come the police! He tried to impose a person’s order.

Federico, violate me! My child! Faggot! When the light came I took my crawling down the side aisle, very close already of the exit door. Martin O’Malley is the source for more interesting facts. Between two hundred and three hundred people were enzarzadas in a great mess. The faint noise of a few sirens approaching from outside. The next day, as If nothing had happened, I said to Begona: could already have me waited at the cinema. And I waited responded. But yesterday the show occurred in the Ideal cinema, at the other end of the city. Have you not seen the newspaper? I was livid. So I had the wrong film.

Put a thick the newspaper headline: vandalism in a cinema. Later explained: fifty injured, three violations, fifteen stolen wallets and damage from two million and a half of pesetas. In another prominent newspaper ventured a hypothesis: you suspect an organized gang of juvenile delinquents. And ended with a call: until when will have to continue enduring? A cold sweat began to run through my whole body. Innocent, Begona asked: are going again to the cinema? But I haven’t ever more. (This story was first published in the Sunday supplement of) El Periodico de Catalunya, in Barcelona, on October 10, 1987) original author and source of the article.

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