National Hearing

  • Posted on October 11, 2015 at 9:56 pm

It has been added to an act of Etxerat to demand the rights of the prisoners. It has received a group of young people who are being judged to belong to Segi. The General deputy of Gipuzkoa assures that he does not commit any crime. Garitano takes advantage of the celebration Loyola to dnder to the ETA prisoners. The General deputy of Gipuzkoa by Bildu, Martin Garitano, has thought east Wednesday that " da&quot will arrive; in which there will be to reflect on the caused pain although, it has thought, that moment not yet has arrived. In an interview in Basque Wave, Garitano it has said that " there will be a day in which all we must reflect envelope which has happened and over the damage that everyone has been able to suffer and to commit, but we are not in that tiempo". According to it has clarified: " Still we are leaving this conflicto".

Also, it has thought that " delito&quot is no; on the other hand in adding itself to an act of Etxerat to demand the rights of the prisoners, nor there is either no it in receiving a group of young people who are being judged by their property to Segi. The past Sunday, the general deputy of Gipuzkoa did not go to the traditional misa that is celebrated in the basilica of Loyola to commemorate the festival of San Ignacio, although yes took advantage of its presence in Azpeitia to dnder to the ETA prisoners and to request the aim of its dispersion. Two days before, Garitano received a delegation of the 17 Basque young people judged during the two last weeks in the National Hearing by its presumed property the ilegalizada organization Segi, those who it showed his support. In his opinion, other parties and institutions are doing " much demagoguery and fires of artificio" on the exigency towards Bildu and it has considered " deeply undemocratic that an advisor or minister of the Interior says that he is vigilando" to the coalition abertzale, done that, has warned, " ilegalidad&quot can graze;. Nevertheless, Garitano has assured that it does not feel any fear after to have added to the act of Exterat, " that it is a legal association, soon to approach and to salute are not crime, and that understands the opposite is in parameters very little democrticos".

Sunday in Azpeitia, Garitano has justified that in center did not remember nor made mention to the industralist Inaxio Ura assassinated by ETA the 3 of diciembr and 2008 of that locality, because " that day acto&quot was no; in its memory. Also it has understood that " to receive a group of Guipuzcoan young people who are being juzgados" and that, according to it has remembered, " at the time they denounced torturas" , " he is not delito&quot either; . On the other hand, Garitano has affirmed that " it is had exaggerated, of way interested or in desconocimiento" on " the degree of sintona" between Bildu and the fiscal proposal of reform that raised lehendakari to the leasehold deputies. In fact, there is addition, at the end of the meeting with Patxi the certain Lopez showed " coincidences in the subjects to try, but not the diagnosis nor in the solutions " raised by the Executive of the PSE. Source of the news: Garitano, of Bildu, thinks that not yet the moment has arrived for thinking about the caused pain

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