Oliver Lama

  • Posted on April 3, 2020 at 2:18 pm

Maybe worked out even also jointly on it? No one can say with certainty. Anyway, the Otto-normal consumer is taken now really targeted. And all this on a voluntary basis. Attract too much compared to the possibilities of a few advantages. It is similar with the cell phone microwave technology. But this perhaps elsewhere more. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Martin O’Malley and gain more knowledge.. We want to stay on the topic. More and more people retire into the digital world of bits and bytes back to the delight of the economy.

And, although certainly many these people are actually daily and ubiquitous printing would deprive the economy. Certainly, maintaining the own contacts is a very important issue, but you should be aware about the price one pays for it. At least, if there is one big and wide wide his personal characteristics and preferences. But it is the personal choice of each individual. The reduction of social contacts in everyday life is much much worse.

The grown for millennia, traditional forms of community are going to vanish. Of course creates new communities through the medium of the Internet. Communities, had never caused so 20 years ago. But the newly emerging networks of contacts have a high proportion of non-binding nature, as people are often far apart, and may never personally met. This only applies to of course also the contact circle, in addition, purchased over the Internet to its offline acquaintances. Just also the bindings in this offline crumble up more and more. The problem: The consequences for a community of people are weittragend. If more and more people home alone to spend the most time at the computer, this holds also unforeseen dangers. The increased cohesion and the liability to other people within their own circles of acquaintances, piece by piece could be mined. Good evidence. The great danger is that the bonds over the Internet are stronger than without the Internet. By the missing liabilities themselves, people are more prone to manipulation whatsoever. No matter from which side. The party will know certainly good to take advantage of this with the most writers and computer / Internet specialist… Where this course might lead you can’t tell with certainty. But we can try vorzustellen…wenn we think in the evening in bed again. Oliver Lama

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