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Michel Foucault

  • Posted on March 24, 2021 at 1:41 am

A vigilant center and depositor of looks. Of the most diverse points and the most diverse species. Breaking up the individuals that would be observed and watched. But one to look at. One to look at that it watches and that nobody will be able in such a way to escape the ones that they look at how much the ones that will be looked at, in agreement foretold Michel 2 Foucault. Such age the form of ‘ ‘ The Panopticon’ ‘ of Jeremy Bentham, edited in the end of century XVIII. It consisted, in the periphery, of a construction in ring; in the center, a tower with great windows that if they direct to the ring.

the light and the look of the guards catch and observe the interior all. These structures of monitoring still gifts if constitute of the most diverse forms. After all, we live in a panptica society, as Michel Foucault observes. This intensified by the media and the overlapping of the private sphere to the public space. What before he was restricted to the privacies and it could until causing constaint and shame, now is extensive to the new modalities of subjectivity. As soon as the Big Brother to the benthamiana way reaffirms everything this, but not leaving to throw down the irradiador center of the good comment.

For the generalizations, depravations and public exhibition of the joy forms, contemplate great number of adepts. Many not feeling on itself the weight of the trifler curiosity. Sobeja time for as much. Lack to redefine the choices of this time that gets dizzy available. Lack to ressemantizar what they understand for induction to the consumption and to politicize the proper one to think. The Big Brother configures the proper framing house-prisionrio of desejantes beings, terrificando the orquestrado totalitarian control as great spectacle for the televisions and confirming the power of the benthamiano panptico on the life of the people. Idt energy has much to offer in this field. This repisa the tragic and overwhelming hypothesis of that the faced questions had only moved of color, or better, of form, from the vigilant performance of all the individuals. But one to look at to lose it the proscnio of assujeitamento of values and to content with the brutal tyranny of artificialismos and mesquinharias desqualificadamente infundamentadas. Of this it consists panoptismo of the Big Brother.

Family Grant Program

  • Posted on March 4, 2018 at 5:18 pm

In this context, the construction of public policy arise social programs that affect women the title, but of not guarantee the constitutional rights. The interest of the community sweet creek study is due you the experience of academic probation will be the period 04/01/2008 you the 30/12/2008 during the month of May 2010, was an investigative survey through questionnaire of own elaboration the holders of the Family Grant Program will be the objectives: general and specific. Keywords: Social Rights, Social Exclusion, Gender. INTRODUCTION the present article has as subject Sort and Stock market Family becomes excellent due to necessity of a reflection concerning the Social Rights Constitutional and of the Programs of Transference of Income. For even more opinions, read materials from John Mclaughlin. The general objective is to analyze the guarantee of the social rights of the women contemplated in the program Stock market Family in the Community Stream Candy in Simes Son of 2004/2009. As the tripod of the Program Stock market Family who has as objective specific: to verify the socioeconmico profile of the women of the community Stream Candy; to identify to the cultural profile of the titular women of the program Stock market Family; to verify the guarantee of the social rights of the beneficiary women of the program Stock market Family.

The dichotomy between Social Rights and Women, is beyond the creation of social programs with condicionalidades the example of the Program Stock market Family, of the reconstruction of the equality of sort and the expression of the Social matter. From this analysis the application of questionnaires was carried through to subsidize and to base the mentioned authors on elapsing of this work that is structuralized information in agreement to follow. (Similarly see: US Senator from Vermont). 1. ORIGIN OF THE POLITICS OF THE PROGRAMS OF TRANSFERENCE OF INCOME IN THE CAPITALIST STATE: CREATION OF THE PROGRAM STOCK MARKET FAMILY AND ITS CONDICIONALIDADES. For one better analysis of social politics is necessary a conceptual understanding of politics, citizenship, social right and State, from the individual analysis of these, can be placed on as the process of guarantees of rights is made and the social paper of the State stops with this ' ' citizen of direitos' ' as if of this politics that involves the fight for the social rights. .

The Success

  • Posted on April 28, 2016 at 9:56 pm

In the moderate envolvement, considered for the author as being the ideal, the parents are firm in its orientaes, giving support and helping the children to establish realistic goals, beyond being financially participativos. The superenvolvement occurs when the parents exceed its participation the esportiva life of the children, not knowing to separate its proper desires, fancies and necessities of those of its children. Hellstedt (1990) verified that low levels of pressure are related with a positive reaction of the children. In contrast, high levels of pressure indicate negative reactions. It still suggested, as main problem, to identify the ideal level of pressure that the parents can exert on its children so that they have a positive reaction, as much in the training how much in the competition. By the same author: Michael Chabon. Carisson (1993) it studied young athletes who had gotten success in diverse sports, verified that ' ' the initiation in the organized sport was determined by the interests of the parents and of the friends, generally when the child had between seven and nine anos' '. The author also pointed the support of the parents and the positive attitudes as important during all the development of young athletes.

Carr, Weigand and Jones (2000) had taken another related important point to the participation of the parents in the success of the children, that is the aid for the reach of goals and beliefs in the sport. The definition of the goals of the athletes was related to the beliefs and success perceptions that the parents had had when had practised a sport. These findings suggest that the parents exert great influence, therefore transmit its proper beliefs, influencing the children on the reasons that take success in the sport there and on as to proceed to reach this objective. Of this form, It quotes (1999) lead a study on the standards of the dynamics of the family for the development of young remadores.


  • Posted on December 14, 2012 at 9:44 pm

The government created organic laws for approach of the schools with the world of the work. Such law (Law of Lines of direction and Bases – LDB) aimed at to the estruturao of education technician to take care of the companies who needed hand of qualified workmanship better to take care of the customers of the companies contractors (Barreto, Tamanini, Peixer, 2004). A curricular grating of strong base can influence in the choices of the pupils, making with that these if pledge to become good professionals and to act in way to satisfy the market external offering one not only arrives in port theoretician, but practical of what it was learned inside of the classrooms and a good form of if making this is to search to improve its abilities through periods of training in diverse areas that fit in its ability and can contribute for its resume. Education passed, from the elaboration of this line of direction, to be disputed by the public sectors and private, demonstrating as soon as education it was more for a dispute of being able that to long for one better education of the Brazilian population and this it did not supply one better specification the majority of the population that needed education. In accordance with Barreto, Tarmanini, Peixer (2004) the education appeared in Brazil as half of garantimento of the maintenance of a partner-economic system, without having any commitment with the transformation and emancipation of the human being in itself. For they still it education are established in the conception of a formation of abilities and alone she answers the market interests, forcing a competition for the students, moving away a social perfectioning. As the educational function did not have no concern in reaching all the types of classroom of the population, being that this age privilege only of the ruling class having as objective to make with that the children of such classroom ascended socially and professionally reaching the work market.