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Developed A Draft Law Guaranteeing The Privileges And Free Agroforestry Education

  • Posted on April 23, 2016 at 3:35 am

Prepared a legislative initiative designed to protect the rights of people serving in the armed forces. Designed spravedlivorossami bill benefits to go to university for demobilized conscripts, according to a member of the Central Council of the Just Russia Marina Smirnova, guarantees enlisted a real opportunity to make use of facilities, including a free form learning. On Today demobilized conscripts have formal rights to non-competitive admission to universities. This right is enshrined in the three federal laws – “On education” from 10.07.1992, “On Higher and postgraduate education “from 22.08.1996 and” On Status of Servicemen “on 05/27/1998. But despite this, a detailed study of the question turns out that in practice the effective management of university treats legislation is not in favor of demobilized soldiers.

Past have come to educational institutions in general practice. In addition, current legislation does not guarantee the demobilized conscripts free training. Taking into account the numerous regulations and bureaucratic procedures for this category of people actually lose their preferential advantage over other applicants. In connection with this party “Fair Russia” has prepared a draft implementation of legislative initiative “BENEFITS enter universities Discharged enlisted. – This initiative, in our opinion, solves some problems, “says one initiators of the bill, the President of the regional branch of the Justice Party, RUSSIAN in the Vologda region, Marina Smirnova. – First and foremost, is to attract to the service in the Armed Forces of young people aspiring to obtain higher education, but do not go to college for whatever reason. Thus, we can provide to enhance the prestige of military service and intellectual level recruits. It’s no secret that the bulk of troops military service today – it came from the poor, parts of Russia, unable to “otmazatsya” unlike their peers from wealthier families. There is a glaring social injustice, and we intend to fix it. The authors of the new law believe that military service should be in the eyes of young people is not a meaningless waste of time, but a real springboard for the achievement of life purposes. In addition, they argue, the existing facilities at admission, to attract into the ranks of Russia’s armed forces not only of immigrants from the provinces, but residents of cities, the middle class, which will undoubtedly have a positive influence both the level of training the army, and on the improvement of the moral situation in the army.