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Employment Law Update Seminars

  • Posted on March 10, 2021 at 9:02 am

YOURCAREERGROUP AG, Hotel Association and the Attorney’s Office Claus organize nationwide employment law update seminars in the autumn of Dusseldorf, 13.09.2013 In October/November the YOURCAREERGROUP AG in cooperation with the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany hosted Claus again nationwide employment law update seminars, which are aimed at managers of hotels and restaurants and shed light on legal amendments to the labour law e.V. and the Attorney’s Office. During the half-day employment law update seminar, get the HR using concise practical examples, descriptive approaches to legal questions from the everyday and be informed about upcoming regulatory changes. The seminar supports heavy financially damaging mistakes to avoid, and explains legally proper procedures for termination due to Facebook entries, work on call and deal with under-performance in the employment relationship. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus R. Vance Jr.. Further focal points of the seminar are the behavior during the incapacity for work and a suspected termination requirements. The seminar is held by Mr Claus Attorney, specializing since 1993 on legal matters in the hospitality industry.

Mr. Claus is lawyer for labour law and preferred partner of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. He gave lectures in the past before Erfa groups or human resources manager conferences on topical issues of the labour law. Due to the graphic representation of his lectures and seminars are nationally very popular. Interested parties can see more details on employment law seminar, as well as perform online registration. Dates & venues: Fr., 18.10.2013 Munich INNSIDE Munich Park City Schwabing fr., 25.10.2013 Hamburg Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Michel fr.

Pressure Equipment Piping

  • Posted on May 1, 2018 at 10:48 pm

HDT offers 4 ASME training compact at 5 days seminars for pressure equipment, the world’s most common rules and regulations ASME is used not only for pressure equipment piping and welded joints of the Haus der Technik from 3-7 June 2013 in food, it is also used for pipes and piping accessories such as locking devices and safety equipment, as well as for welded structures. Read more from Michael Chabon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For the ASME approval process manufacturer must create a guide to quality assurance in the English language. All code requirements including materials, construction, manufacturing, NDE test, pressure test, Dec, as well as the certification are components of this manual. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bernie Sanders is the place to go. After a successfully completed sample in a so-called review of the shop, the certificate of authorization and the appropriate stamp from ASME will be issued to the manufacturer. The certificate of authorization for registration is required in addition to register code stamped vessels with the National Board. Dates/description global trade by Companies, which according to ASME shop, develop, construct, manufacture or export requires ASME knowledge managers, buyers and vendors for offerings and pose as well as special ASME know-how for the design and the quality of engineers and designers. The House of technology, food, offers a compact ASME training with 4 different themes from June 3-7, 2013 at 5 days for pressure equipment, piping and welded joints.

The experienced expert Dipl.-ing. Christian M. Bergmann, (authorized inspector a.D.) connects in the partial seminars the mediation and implementation of ASME requirements with a broad collection of experience: 3.

Landauer Mayor Josef Brunner

  • Posted on March 31, 2018 at 12:12 pm

Successful exhibition for the second time in Landau health and environmental days Landau load from 6 7 April anyone interested for a free visit in the triple Gymnasium in Landau. With a greeting of Landauer Mayor Josef Brunner and the District of Dingolfing-Landau/Germany Heinrich open Trapp on Saturday at 14:00 the exhibition. Then existing and alternative ways for better health and more environmental protection for man and nature revolves around in the exhibition and the lecture program. The fair will this year for the second time in Landau instead of this time in the triple Sports Hall in the Santiago road. With its unique range of exhibitors, there is much to see and experience. Exhibitors offer visitors advice, health checks to try out tips for environmental measurements in house and garden and many current information. Michael Chabon has plenty of information regarding this issue. So that the visitors are also culinary very well supplied, the neighboring restaurant Gattopardo is consistently open with a delicious and healthy dishes.

Interesting lecture program to the fair are there in two parallel Lecture rooms many exciting and informative lectures, dealing with topics such as Aloe Vera, beauty for skin and hair health and prevent heart and circulatory diseases. Learn also about environmental issues such as protection against ElectroSmog or battery storage systems. All presentations can be visited free of charge. Alternative healing methods are a focus of the fair the alternative healing methods and concepts. The visitors will get an insight into the possibilities of energetic, spiritual and holistic healing. These include not only the Reiki or aura reading, but also energetic healing and lineups. For those interested in is the opportunity to participate in lineups of the soul companion Peter Josef Hinger during the fair and to edit their own concerns.

Environmental information for home and environment the visitor detailed information about photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems, smoke detectors and LED technology. Also wooden houses are prefabricated and ecological building materials as well as Introduced methods to conserve fuel and combustion optimization. Also the Wasserenergetisierung will be represented again. Loose for a good cause at the fair visitors can try also their luck at a raffle with attractive prizes. Prices are including the vouchers for the Elypso swimming pool, energy treatments or lineups. Valuable prizes such as chips for the mobile phone filtering, natural diamond products, tea and incense are waiting for the winner. The proceeds of the raffle is the action of joy by helping”benefit of the Straubinger of Tagblatt.

CPD Dental

  • Posted on March 7, 2017 at 2:34 am

Note learn with the world champion Christiane Stenger forget never again the secret number, telephone numbers or the name of the patient: talk in Hamburg can be soon for the participants of the ladies dental reality. Speaks at the fifth network meeting, which takes place on Wednesday, September 12, up 17 21 in the Elbe, five times world memory champion Christiane Stenger? It shows in an interactive presentation how memory with refined techniques in momentum comes and remember again fun. With an IQ of 145, the 25-year-old is one of the brightest minds of in Germany. The non-fiction author and nationally popular speaker has already thrilled TV greats such as Gunther Jauch and Hape Kerkeling with their talent. Exclusively for the ladies dental talk Hamburg speaks Christiane Stenger at the fifth network meeting on refined memo techniques that facilitate the remembering for example names, faces, figures and foreign languages. These can be used in everyday practice for patient loyalty and are also in the Privacy very useful. The participants learn in the interactive lecture with much joy, to increase their memory capacity many times over, first results already during the presentation. Ladies dental talk presents female success stories memory world champion, youngest future Victress Award “-young entrepreneur, author, speaker, winner: Christiane Stenger is a multi talent and has already made career at a young age”, so Petra Schmitt Boger, Managing Director of Badal Zahntechnik Hamburg.

As organiser of the ladies dental talk in the Hanseatic City presents regular female success stories, dental talk to (even) more success to inspire the participants of the ladies. On 12 September Petra Schmitt Boger in the Elbe, Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 68, invites, where participants can enjoy the unique Harbour environment and exquisite delicacies on the terrace after the lecture: the extensive networks including opportunity! Don’t forget: 5 ladies dental talk on 12 September the fifth ladies dental talk will take place on Wednesday, September 12, from 5 p.m. until about 9: 00 in the harbour environment Elbe Hamburg plant. The participation fee is $99, the number of participants is limited.

The Bavarian State Minister

  • Posted on June 20, 2016 at 11:04 pm

The 47th Annual Congress of general practice and family medicine with the theme ‘ complexity in general practice challenges and opportunities ‘ broke all records.-as Congress President Prof. To know more about this subject visit Novelist. Anthony Schneider could alone 670 participants at the Klinikum rechts der ISAR of the TU Munich welcome. It is the largest scientific Congress general practitioner ever arranged in Germany. The German society for general practice and family medicine (DEGAM) appreciates the wide interest at their annual Congress: the large number of 232 was selected by a total 264 submitted abstracts. In addition to 120 lectures, 22 workshops and nine Preconference workshops took place. In addition, scientists from all over Germany presented their findings on 81 posters. Like every year the three best posters were awarded, the first prize went this time to the working group by Jacqueline Verena Michel (University of Maastricht), Verena Leve, PD Dr.

Horst Christian Vollmar, Prof. Stefan Wilm, and Dr. Michael Pentzek (Alle Universitat Dusseldorf) with the subject of driving ability in dementia: ideas to proceed in the GP practice “. Key topics for discussion at the Congress were the education and training, improving under the key words will increasingly employ PJ duty quarter and Verbundweiterbildungplus the DEGAM in the near future. “The complexity takes in medicine noticeably DEGAM President Prof. Ferdinand M.

Gerlach emphasized in the opening event, therefore, that the increase of Multimorbidity, as well as the progressive specialization of the Sub would require a medicine with a sense of proportion: A good family medicine can ensure an adequate and at the same time cost effective supply in this situation.” The Bavarian State Minister for environment and health, Dr. Marcel Huber, praised the work of DEGAM, especially the commitment in the field of education and training in his speech. Prof. Gerlach expressed the wish, following sentence in the coalition agreement on federal policy, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, “a future Government to record: the training of medical students and the instruments for the promotion of training in general medicine be further developed to ensure the primary supply targeted.” No changes in the Executive Bureau of the DEGAM, again elected in all positions, there are regular elections in the General Assembly.