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Reducing Fuel Consumption

  • Posted on April 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm

All this with the purpose of reducing fuel consumption as an engine out of outboard consumes twenty gallons of gasoline while a vehicle only used one gallon working with same revolutions per minute of a boat. This innovative idea is part of the curiosity of Jairo Fernandez Forero, a country that has always drawn attention the world of engineering and mechanics and self-taught you know everything you need to know as he says, about the world of cars, machines and engines. This initiative led him to seek counseling with instructors and Magdalena Regional Sena apprentices, since a year ago he made a preliminary test, but failed in the revolutions of the engine. It is as well as today it enjoys the support of Freddy Restrepo Mogollon, instructor of the technologist in agricultural mechanics and Leonardo Acuna Rios, apprentice of this same program, who has high knowledge on marine engines; Cullen Padilla vines, accompanies it in the management of the tools; Jeison Roldan Castro in the process of cleaning the engine and Luis Alberto Espitia Rivera, leader of the team for their high interest, dedication and knowledge of the project. This process is innovative in Santa Marta and at the same time I felt privileged to be in the group to learn more every day and put into practice the knowledge acquired in this work indicated Luis Alberto Espitia Rivera, leader of the Working Group apprentice. Do so far have invested two billion pesos, all the project creator’s own resources and stipulates that it will be three months of arranging and changing parts, testing and other mounts for siren 2? begins to navigate the seas of the city.

Salon Low

  • Posted on April 6, 2013 at 7:08 am

Ideas for separating the entrance hall and the living room of your House. The vestibule or entrance hall are not always separated the taste of the inhabitants of the House. There are many possible solutions depending on the light that between up to the hall, the size of room and, above all, taste of the inhabitants. An optimal solution for a small space is a glass division, which does not remove visual in absolute amplitude to separate environments. Also for not too spacious lounges is the possibility of using sliding doors. An easier way of separating the distributor of salon is to put a piece of furniture low and accessible by both sides, such as a library of work that serve to place books or plants.

Furniture of the same colour, but different styles can be used for large halls. It should take into account the size of spaces, color and type and the luminosity of the walls the color of soil. For example, the clear walls reflect light, while the dark absorb it. It is also important that the consumption of electricity is adequate and sustainable. Use bulbs of low consumption, which last much longer, has the disadvantage that, being white lights, cool environment. However, already there with warm colourings, which are very nice and decorative.