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Ramon Gallegos

  • Posted on May 3, 2017 at 8:34 pm

An education capable of integrating spirituality and academic activities, is holistic education, because it undertakes to develop and nourish the different dimensions of the human being, as the cognitive, the body, the social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual, thus giving students, in addition to vocational and technological training, a human formation that helps them to learn the meaning of life and learn the fundamentals of existenceso the Dr. Ramon Gallegos says in his book the spirit of education (2000); because it is an education capable of encompass the totality of human experience, which gives sense of belonging, of identity, that manages to give a harmonic sense with all doing the responsible and sensitive human being with all that surrounds it (Gallegos, 2005), this is the spiritual intelligence and holistic education is the only education that the It develops. Dr. Ramon Gallegos in his book education that humanity needs (2008), exposes that education holistic is governed under principles of universal responsibility, sustainability, compassion, wisdom, transdisciplinarity, conscious capitalism, culture of peace, etc., the main objective of the holistic education is to promote the evolution of consciousness to overcome the fragmented, mechanical and materialistic vision of modernity and includes spirituality as a fundamental basis. The newspapers mentioned Former Maryland Governor not as a source, but as a related topic. Dr. Ramon Gallegos emphasizes that the evolutionary processes of thought and spirituality are that most interest the holistic education (2001), which are those related to the evolution of cultures and human consciousness, because they carry the human being to an increase of integrity, love, growing complexity, creativity, sensitivity and intelligence. Holistic education is a vision holarquica, ranging from the basics to the higher (Gallegos, 2008), their models is constructed according to an ordering both horizontal and vertical, i.e. It develops the different dimensions of the human being, and considers different levels of consciousness or visions of the world, which includes values, principles and ideas on the reality that humans have throughout their development.