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Gay Vs. Gay – New Titles And More Content

  • Posted on February 26, 2021 at 12:18 am

The new book by Holger I dedicate this book foot all people, a suffering to those in different situations, no matter whether on the Internet, in real life, or wherever else. A related site: Martin O’Malley mentions similar findings. If injustice is done to for you, defend you, but is not on the same level with your tormentor. There are enough organizations for all walks of life who provide assistance. Turn on them and take the law in their own hands. I wrote this book, because I am tired, just because it looks somehow different, or not in the typical gay picture fits, because one is perhaps slightly wider than the norm, a disability, or has a disease, mocks, bullied or insulted to be. I get sent the experiences and stories of other people and processes them in the book to cast a vote once.

This book was carried out with comments and stories of me and excerpts from Wikipedia. I hope that this book somewhat helps that many people try to deal with each other differently. Gays are just as “normal” as straight people, they go only with the same sex in the bed. But even in the gay world with each other wrong may be related to the blessing that some of the reports here. It is a book in which people come to Word, who otherwise not would dare, what to say. There are reports, stories and experiences from some fellow human beings who have experienced so much just because they are little different than the norm. Release date will be in soon be. You will get it at Amazon, Libri and other dealers. There are review copies for the press at: index.php? id = 272 Holger foot

Good Luck With Your Event!

  • Posted on January 7, 2021 at 8:56 pm

Manual memo-media 8 offers 240 pages with over 7,000, ideas, suggestions, and addresses for event planners Waldbrol, June 13, 2008 – the eighth edition of the manual memo media helps you plan for your summer party and all other event ideas. Who wants to impress his guests sustainably, is suitable for the next event under offerings such as molecular gastronomy, Mentalism and modern lounge furniture rental safely. For high-quality event technology – from the projector to the mobile voting system – there are the addresses of over 600 distributors. Diverse offering party decorators: If dishes and cutlery for a big event or just a provider in its immediate vicinity heat shields for the balmy summer night party at memo media everyone finds, because everything is sorted by postcode. 240 pages, artists, agents, distributors and service providers are present around the theme event, exhibition, media and marketing.

The manual offers more than 7,000 deals for every budget, and from the entire German-speaking world. Whether company party, summer party, round birthday, or customer event can events with the aid of this wealth of information and contacts relaxed and organized successfully also by industry newcomers. To order the DIN A-4 is great vierfrabige manual memo-media 8 24.90 euros at Tel: + 49 (0) 2296-900946, via or from bookshops (ISBN: 978-3-9807840-4-7). The manual is complemented by the industry Portal In addition to the provider & artist contacts a daily updated news, a nationwide Festival calendar, a seminar database that presents information and deadlines relating to education & training industry and a job market with offerings from the entire event scene can be found. Since summer 2007, Verlag publishes the memo-media also showcases, the artist magazine for corporate communications. The magazine reported artists once in the quarter, to integrate in the communication of brand worlds and other events are.

UN Security Council

  • Posted on August 2, 2020 at 10:56 am

“The GERM of fear” – political thriller author and elderly care nurse, Steffen Bartl, has on the Torgauer class with his 3rd book, the GERM of fear”, written a political thriller, which will be available from August in the book stores and online. During the research I could develop a sense for real events that happened during my writing or only after finishing my novel. This ghostly reflection of reality placed the fictional stories, the German Ambassador and later UN observer, Andre Hartmann, in one, almost. THE GERM of fear”further told the story to a sympathetic hero, Andre Hartmann as he travels as new UN observers to Ethiopia and Somalia, to gather background information for a further UN deployment. But the attacks on UN auxiliaries fall the peacekeeping mission into chaos. Finally Hartmann stumbles into the risk of a mass rebellion in Mogadishu which is dominated by force of arms.Inevitably reminds this Doomsday scenarios seen in Cairo and Lebanon here. As well, yet currently, raids on UN tanker in Afghanistan remained in memory. “And at the end even the to indicate that Germany has a seat in the UN Security Council in 2011 and 2012 in the current section 3 the GERM of fear” occurs.

The final manuscript is at the projects-Verlag Cornelius GmbH. Press specimens can be pre-ordered at. Questions related to the book, the trilogy or my person, I’m always available. If interviews are desired, please send questions to. All interested parties can come and get more information on. by Steffen Bartl (author)

Andre Times, Andre Dragon – A Cultural History Of The Dragon

  • Posted on April 5, 2020 at 3:18 pm

New release from the Berlin past Publishing House after its debut, the fantasy novel “The Dragon guardian” (March 2010 AAVAA-Verlag), is now also his non-fiction book on the subject of cultural history of the Dragon, published past Publisher of the small but fine Berlin, available in bookstores everywhere. The past Verlag is based of the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin a 2008 as a spin off audience Publisher historical non-fiction. Michael Chabon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Wolfgang Schwerdt is one of the most prominent German Dracologen (cultural and historical research of the Dragon). He published his studies in the cultural history of the Dragon and others in the journal of DRACON”(1999-2002) as well as in the form of lectures and seminars. The book: for at least 5,000 years the Dragon include the ideology of human cultures almost everywhere on Earth.

Today especially the fantasy world appears to us in all its various forms as a Habitat of the mythological Monster. Dragon research deals with the history of human culture, which not only includes art, but all expressions of human communities, from technology to politics and the economy to the philosophy and the social organization. From the c t: what the hell is a dragon? -Children missratene Marduk of the mother murderer or the origin of the Dragon – the secret of the old serpent – Uranus – Leviathan, Fafnir, and the medieval hero – the discovery of the world and the Dragons of the modern era – the Dragon in the tension between romanticism and science the long 19th century – old dragon in the modern world – what the hell is so a dragon? Wolfgang Schwerdt: Andre times, Andre Dragon, a cultural history of the Dragons. Series: Little culture stories, 1st Edition history publishing 2010 140 pages, flaps. Fig. 20.


  • Posted on July 20, 2018 at 5:41 am

Beyond these personages it also has others that they enroll in this conception dialectic between personage and space-object, Pombinha incarnates this relation of different form, for example: exactly liveing in the tenement house she was seen as the flower-do-tenement house, without badnesses, fragile and pure. … The busy hands with the book of prayers, the handkerchief and the parasol … is same a flower (…) calculating per the eighteen years, did not have pay the nature cruento the tribute of the puberty. … (p 76) However, the personage Leone, the prostitute, makes with that Pombinha if rebels its desires inserts and it in this world.

These the personages, however are not rebelled with the sexual impulsiveneness imposed by the inhabitants of the tenement house; Pombinha and Leone are described as not the vulgarization of the sexual impulses, contrariadamente the description of the other personages of the tenement house, seen as enslaved personages of the sexual impulses. Those, portray plus an ironic form of commercial sex. That is, they deform the way where they live, depriving of characteristics it. However, what it describes the imposition of the way on the Pombinha personage, it is the form as Leone seduces Pombinha describing, thus, the relation dialectic between the personages and the space, generating a conflict of values, therefore after all, the author also describes the homossexualidade as one of the attributes decurrent of this space. The relation dialectic between personage and space in ' ' The Cortio' ' of Aluzio de Azevedo – Peter of the S. Branches Grandson 4 This description of the reality, defines a normalization aspect that, in century XIX, was described with much objetividade, of minute form, with particularismos, kept out of society personages and spaces and the biological vision of the man. Procedures these that if insert under forms that if adaptam the concepts that, in the social scope, mainly in what about the Brazilian culture, if define with dualismos5 dialticos6, described in the assay of Robert Of the Matta7.

Lesser Reverse

  • Posted on July 12, 2018 at 4:41 am

Poem and Escape in Lesser Reverse speed On the piano – roses between the roses blue and the blue one were not blue were red. They touched Bach and was as light that transited in the mystery. All were quiet and in the glow of pupils poisoned for the fear it had a stranger pain of premature death. To broaden your perception, visit Author. My mother arrived it me and said is, to my held me grandfather of the picture, my grandsons waved to me of the future. However I was besieged between the escape and tocata. The cloud loaded me asleep, beached a ship the creation, transposed the limb, when I woke up, my father, already was sky. It is possible to perceive that both the poems possess, as thematic central office, the question of the death? it is initiated, of soon, the universal speech, since the subject death is universal, that is, meets in poems of any place of the world, what it differs, however, is the way as it is faced, felt and demonstrated before each society.

Mia Couto

  • Posted on June 20, 2018 at 7:41 am

As if destination was if constructing through the water and of the time, not being able to change the course, because it could bring some disaster. Mia Couto uses many linguistic resources characterizes that it amongst the many writers of African Literatures of Portuguese Language. Some of these resources are the neologisms and the recriao of sayings. Under most conditions Diamond Book Distributors would agree. We can call these linguistic resources as mark language of Mia Couto. To follow some examples with regard to the neologisms used for Mia Couto: ' ' –We come back before one agorinha, respondia.' ' (p.9), ' ' the day already crepusculando, ' ' (p.9), ' ' The way pressed as me was of a blind person desbengalado' ' (p.9), ' ' The canoe solavanqueava, ensonada' '.

(p.10), ' ' In this place, it does not have pedacitos. All the time, to break daqui, is eternidades.' ' (p.11). The creativity of this Moambicano author is very rich it evidences and it in the literary way for presenting a proper style. The author beyond using differentiated expressions, also it makes in them to cover for the African country, through some elements of the African culture. When reading the story we can perceive the marks of the orality (Ex.' ' Still we gained advantage of a good luck ' ' /' ' jumped for the edge, stealing me the chest in susto.' '), of the vital force (Former: ' ' If it cannot oppose the espritos that fluem' '.), the force of the word (Presentifica a history, makes to happen and that blessing or curse comes), meeting of the new with the old one, that in the case in special he would be the grandson and the grandfather, the animistic vision (the linking of the visible world with the invisible one, of the espritos, ancestor, the nature and the animals), a cyclical time where all the beings are in evolution state, the respect for oldest (' ' I never attend a so wild semblante in my old one.

Book Details – You Know Me (Robbie Williams)

  • Posted on May 2, 2017 at 1:11 am

In addition to numerous photos, we find a lot of the singers anecdotes. All major stations of Robbie Williams career can be found in the book you know me. Here, Rob does not seem to be a wise man, but he is far from the unstable, insecure and hyper-sensitive type who is described in the biography “feel”. Chris Heath always manages to write in a way that you get the feeling you were sitting next to Rob. In addition to numerous photos, we find a lot of the singer’s anecdotes. Ultra Wellness Center has many thoughts on the issue. All major stations of Robbie Williams’ career can be found in the book: the take that era as well as the recent reunion, video shoots and backstage concert photos, at the MTV Movie Awards, as incarnated rock DJ, cover photo shoots, Royal Albert Hall, Knebworth, and much more. Dimension as such are almost “normal” with Robbie Williams in 2003 in Knebworth, England.

Since 1996, he got over 70 prestigious awards for his performances, and he is one of the most successful stars of all times. Of course, the book so sheds light on the elapsed take that time and explains from Robbie’s point of view how it came to the reunion 2010, beginning with Gary Barlow and ‘Shame’. Escapades, withdrawal cures or sexual anecdotes are reported – nothing is concealed in the book, but naturally enriched with a constant breeze of British humor, often in short, succinct lines of text. The book is less text-heavy, although everything important is of course said. Above all, it looks like a family album, by the multitude of photographs from all walks of life. , then click here. Of course we know that today image is made by professionals.

At his side, there are many consultants and marketing professionals who struggle continually to produce and spread a concrete image of the artist primarily for promotional benefits. And despite all this, this book is a great feast for the eyes with memorable text and images such as those about the legendary concert at Knebworth in 2003, which shows how difficult it must be to cope with such a success without totally leaving ground. The book divided into driven and sorted in chronological order, Chris and Rob tell funny anecdotes and adventures, beginning with the solo career up to the reunion with take that. As in every book, you can find a point of criticism: it’s the text that were written into the pictures. I personally would have preferred a separated text. Nevertheless, every page of this book is simply a must have for all Robbie Williams fans just because of the beautiful photographs. You needn’t tell much

Alves Martins Literary

  • Posted on December 1, 2012 at 7:34 pm

' ' In our trajectory while student, not rare, we hear colleagues complaining of the inacessibilidade of the meanings of literature, therefore? they had never obtained to arrive at the conclusions that the professors desired? e, for being thus had aversion for disciplines that enigma&#039 was considered as one; ' (P. 03). Of this form the professors of had been today formed and continue reproducing this form of education where the literary text is understood as static and univocal. As we verify in Alves Martins: In the truth, important it would be, in the literary reading, the attempt not to neglect the ficcional pact that the game of the language and the imaginary one tries to establish with the readers and that these would only be capable to restore, or to ignore, in its participativo behavior. In the same way, important he would be not to treat as informative or instrucional, charging essentially subjective and opened and closed answers, texts objective as the literary ones (MARTINS, 2006, p.1). We observe that the mediaes made for the professors do not consider the literary text as plurissignificativo that allows some readings, being its directions completed for the participation of the readers, in the act of the reading interaction/text. This occurs due to the unfamiliarity of the contributions of the literary theory for the dialogue of the reader with the text that could assist in the teach-learning of literature, making with that the pupils if felt attracted by the aesthetic workmanship and found pleasure in its reading. As it ratifies Martins (2006, P. 84), ' ' if the literary theory had greater penetrabilidade in classroom, the voice of the pupil, in the act of the literal reception, would not be stressed by the interpretation scripts, for the fiches of readings, the exercises considered for didactic books and the reading already instructed by professor' '.