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The Meaning Of the Tarot

  • Posted on May 31, 2013 at 11:11 am

In the Tarot questions may arise which may affect the final result is therefore important to explain the arcana of the tarot meaning of The Star. This is a letter in a Tarot conveys, as well as beauty, good wishes and indicates a very positive future. It is an excellent time to find new people to renew our spirit. If you have a partner, the letter indicates a favorable moment to deepen and leave that to the heart, the tarot card, announces the bearing forces of good luck. This arcane tarot tells us with its power and global dominance with Neptune, the astrological correspondence, and this planet reflects emotional energy, opening the magic of inspiration and cosmic light. The Star is always a gift from heaven, and therefore, when it appears in the pulling of tarot his description is as beautiful as their predictions. . Now all the doors open to us and where we are not able to reach, the arcana of the Tarot The Star we will be lighting the way, receiving the necessary energy to that our journey is guided by its light divine forces.

As in other arcana of the tarot, LA Estrella conveys wisdom and common sense, since all the cast a meditative message When this card is not invested in a Tarot tells of joie de vivre and creativity. If you leave the deck upside down, tells of shattered hopes and obstinacy, indicating that return to the past would be negative and invites us to a reflection on this: The past is the school where the lessons learned and we must not forget, as part of our wisdom. Open up to the light of the soul that can and will guide you on your way, allowing your flash flood your soul. Visit us at Berta de la Torre Master Cartomancy

ACE Fish

  • Posted on May 3, 2013 at 2:59 am

Their fish dishes are absolutely exquisite and the menu is inventive, seductive and in perfect harmony with the scenery. No doubt you will enjoy true culinary delights in its large shaded patio, where the refreshing swimming pool and elegant decoration multicultural safe that you will delight them. Chef Ahmed Handour managers Moussa Benani & M Barek Amalhenna A LA carte 650-700 dhs. 4. LE PATIO (fish) 28 bis, Rue Moulay Rachid Este charming and seductive restaurant is distinguished by its young and festive atmosphere as well as its excellent menu of fish and its elegant and original decoration. In addition, the menu varies according to fishing in the morning, which guarantees both the freshness and quality of products as creativity and innovation of gastronomy, it changes daily to keep them constantly seduced / ACE.

Chef Abdelghani Aarab owners Marie Lombard & Antoine Cart to the letter 250-300 dhs. 5 DORIENT ET DAILLEURS (Moroccan and French cuisine) 67 bis, calle Touahen (near the North Skala) in an environment of charm and refinement, Liliana, Lawrence and his team welcome them warmly and propose French specialties and Moroccans, with a wide variety of numerous recipes of meat and fish of high quality, and exquisite vegetarian options and delicious homemade desserts prepared with the greatest care. A pleasant and varied musical will transport them and lovers will be conquered by the intimate atmosphere decorated in French style, without forgetting an oriental touch that makes this restaurant a unique place. 80 Dhs 130 DHS menu. To the letter 250-300 dhs. Managers Liliana Iaquinta & Lawrence Quammu Chef Liliana Iaquinta come to Essaouira and enjoy the impressive quality, variety and elegance of its kitchen. This fantastic city by the Sea also offers a very rich culture and fascinating tradition, monuments and countless tourist attractions. In addition, hotels in Essaouira are of great quality and very economical, especially the typical riads in Essaouira, full of charm and very affordable. You can also stay in the nearby ochre town, in one of the magnificent riads of Marrakech, to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.