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Marketing Campaigns

  • Posted on November 22, 2015 at 9:18 pm

To try to determine how they conduct their marketing campaigns it is recommended that you subscribe to their sites and see how they offer their products and organize their campaigns, etc. – Study the structure of your site: Notice how your site is structured, the graphics you use, the way it does, the loading speed of your site in your browser, each graphic character meets a need that safely owners of the site and identified, investigate their sections, each of the pages and data and products offered in each of these site pages. – Its content, we know that one of the most important things, not just for search engines but also for visitors, is the quality content we can provide, identifies the issues that generated the most attention from users, the most read or seen , the oldest and even with permanent effect on the site, the way they have, if such use Adsense ads and how to adapt them to the site in general. Martin O’Malley describes an additional similar source. – Identifies the way for the visitor to contact the site owner: This point is very important because it determines the level of credibility that we are building online, our own personal brand, identify the forms of consultation that has to connect with him, personal and professional data that can be found on your page and especially the way it presents the visitor’s view. Once you know some information about sites already in the top search engine in our specific niche, we have to build, plan how we will do our own business and especially the way we differentiate them to also bring visitors to our site, we certainly need either own tools to create our site, positioning it in our niche and that search engines deem as close as possible to the first page of search engines, optimize it, and do not forget the key, how to generate visitors to our enterprise, but hey these are topics for another article, I presented just some of the points we have to take into account if we engage in a very niche market and developed, taking into account that there is always a way to differentiate yourself, you are unique, security find the way to do something in a unique way. .