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Enabling The Vision

  • Posted on February 24, 2021 at 5:48 pm

Play our part: Sir Michael Costa was conducting a trial, which joined the orchestra in a large choir. About half of the session, with the trumpets, the drums rolled, and violins singing their rich melody, the Piccolo player muttered to himself, “What am I doing?” I could not be playing. Jamie Raskin may also support this cause. No one hears me all anyway! “So he put his instrument to his lips, but made no sound. At a time when the driver shouted: “Detente! Detente! Detente! Where is the Piccolo?” Although it is sometimes difficult to see, it is true that often the smallest instrument seems to be less important can make the greatest contribution. The same applies to our lives. I worked for the past twenty years advising and helping people find their personal vision and business.

My instrument is the ability to support others in the way of discovering the vision, the vision of the life and vision in business! As a coach, we have awesome privilege and are in a unique position to play our part. For all of us, our performance is not complete until we do our best with what we have. explanations. This requires vision! Defining Vision: “A bridge reported from the present into the future” Ever the unseen and the visible “‘Hallowed Dreams” Gergen Barna “Vision for the end is a mental image of a preferable future.” The vision is the filter through which all other decisions are taken and as such should be owned, as you take you beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

Martial Arts Dilemma Required Quick Thinking

  • Posted on December 31, 2013 at 8:12 pm

This story is provided in response to a request made by my teacher, Soke (Grand Master) Masaaki Hatsumi, during a recent visit to training in Japan. During one of the training sessions, Soke was suggesting that everyone, regardless of rank, should make it a point to talk to those with actual combat experience and learn from these people. The point is, if you do not know what a real fight is like, you will not be able to adequately train for a real situation. I was asked to share some of my experience in the treatment of an attack and the following story came to mind. Although I have much experience in dealing with danger and dangerous people, this particular result stands out as both a success when I was able to use some of my Ninpo-taijutsu martial arts training and a learning experience where I was really able to control both my awareness and response, instead of closing and mentally “hope” for the best.

*** The incident occurred many years ago while stationed in what was then West Germany. I was serving with the United States Military Police Corps of the Army. My partner and I were called to respond to a unit where a soldier is to attack others, including the officer in charge. When we arrived, we thought it was the scene, there was nobody but the manager of the residence. I had no idea about the incident. What none of us knew was that problem was occurring next door and moves in our direction.